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  1. I believe it was Dec 30th of 2019 when PSU made his famous post. It was a doozy, and it turned out to be 100% accurate. I have bad dreams about that post.
  2. Do I sense it's getting close to a "towel time" post?
  3. @WxWatcher007 Need to come out of retirement for a special event.
  4. The GEFS just got mean today. The "Alaskan Ridge" signal greatly diminished since yesterday. A majority of the members banking on continued domination of the "Arctic Low" regime, which is the mess we are in right now. https://simonleewx.com/gefs-35-day-north-american-regimes/
  5. Only the Sith deal in absolutes. With the exception of @H2O. We can all be certain that he will never see snow again.
  6. Latest MJO update from CPC is out and it fits in disturbingly well PSU's concern. See slide 2 last bullet • While West Pacific MJO events typically favor colder than normal conditions across the CONUS, extended range model guidance continues to mimic more of an amplified negative Pacific North American pattern, suggestive of La Niña dominating the extratropical response over North America.
  7. Maybe that's where we are now? Everything has to be exactly perfect, or no shot. That's not just being a random downer. Its a possibility that should be kept in mind.
  8. Been reading several items about wanting a Pacific jet extension to help shake up the NPac ridge. I was thinking wasn't it last year that we were desperately hoping for the jet to retract so we could shake off the Pac puke? So an extended jet is sometimes good and sometimes bad? Anyone with more knowledge have any insight?
  9. Well Chuck nailed the super ----------------- PNA weeks in advance, so maybe he's on to something here?
  10. I was bad this year so I go a North Pacific ridge in my stocking.
  11. We can start a GoFundMe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratospheric_aerosol_injection
  12. All it would take is some minor geoengineering. If we want more snow, maybe w can all chip in and buy a few trillion tons of sulfur dioxide to throw into the atmosphere or seed the ocean with iron.
  13. Thank you for the info. I see that really nice EPO ridge almost to the pole. So I know that is generally positive as far as cold. I have heard it doesn't really help if the troughiness is tended to the west.
  14. Haven't seen much mention of the EPS lately. I was assuming it was degrading the same way.
  15. Learning moment for me. All I see is a full-latitude ridge. How does that get us (or at least you guys) in a better place.
  16. Just curious why you are not favoring the 6/7 death possibility at this time.
  17. Also got 1.04 in the bucket at my PWS. 2.35 MTD. Going into church today it was still pretty mild, but rainy. Coming out it was much colder.
  18. The Southeastern forum has been essentially dead for the last two years at least, which is why I hang out here. I've learned a lot here, and I hate to see it declining as well. I wish I had more to offer. I have also come to realize that it takes a LOT of work to learn enough for one to make meaningful contribution, so my respect for all those that do.
  19. Luckily he still has a substantial snow pack left from last year.
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