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  1. RDU set record low max (57) and record min (37) yesterday.
  2. Just to amuse you guys, our afternoon high was in the low 50's down here in eastern NC. Damp as well. Gotta love treacherous spring.
  3. Did anyone hear it official if RDU set the record for coolest high temp today?
  4. 53 with mist. Raw out there.
  5. Even worse in Wilson, managed to thread the needle and got goose eggs.
  6. At 0.93 for the month. What a difference from this winter.
  7. Yesterday was a straight up mid-January day. Low of 28 F at my house this morning.
  8. Heavy hail last hour in SW Alamance county.
  9. Some sort of frozen... something...fell at my house for a few seconds just a minute ago. Not sure if it was hail or sleet or what. 51 F in my backyard.
  10. Low if 26.2 this morning. Perhaps last hard frost this year?
  11. What is Mt PSU at now? I am rooting for it to hit 60".
  12. Its actually hard to find median data.
  13. Yeah but I think our median is much lower.
  14. No, we confirmed that there was no reverse jinx. We didn't rule out the existence of a jinx.
  15. Not wind chill, but just bone-numbing cold. https://news.agu.org/press-release/coldest-place-on-earth-is-colder-than-scientists-thought/
  16. Wow. Spring has pretty much sprung in SE, so I haven't been checking in much. I just peeked in the banter today and...things got...dark.
  17. My wife went to McDowell. Graduated in 2001.
  18. March 1960 would be an acceptable alternative.
  19. My wife lived in Old Fort at the time. She still has fond memories of loosing power for two weeks and having to basically camp inside part of their house. I don;t have any memories from it in Fayetteville, so I am assuming it was just rain there.
  20. Yes, but I was under the impression that the shortening of wavelengths allows a tendency for -NAOs to be especially potent even without Pacific help.
  21. I get joy out of frost on the ground. I am a cryophile.
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