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  1. Is it unhealthy that I attempted to hire some guys to break that SWs knees? But then I realized that that would just make it fall behind more.
  2. I love the term "grandboss".
  3. I am curious how you extract vorticity consolidation, or lack thereof, from that map.
  4. I agree that the original post could have been interpreted as unnecessary jab at us in the SE, but the mockery of their snow disappointment was poor taste in my opinion. We had a good day today. Let's just enjoy the feeling without trying to poop on other's parade.
  5. I am embarrassed on behalf of the SE board. Not all of us are like that.
  6. Did the reaper wear shoes? I always envisioned him with boney feet.
  7. Luckily, we weren't fooled for a minute, right guys?
  8. March 1-3, 1927 would like to have a word with you. This is from Eric Webb's ridiculously interesting historical archive of NC snow events. http://www.webberweather.com/about.html
  9. No. -NAO means HIGH geopotential heights around Greenland. A storm hanging out over Greenland would mean low heights there and thus a +NAO. That being said, big storms do sometimes hang out in the area around latitude 50 N, longitude 50 W and become what is called a "50/50 low"/ Those can be just as helpful with blocking as well.
  10. Nothing. With no blocking it comes down to absolutely perfect timing to keep a storm that amped from cutting to Denver. That's why its unlikely to go down that way in reality. Still pretty to look at.
  11. So in order to make this happen, we need the models to suppress this off the coast until Friday night and then use the inevitable NW trend to bring it ashore.
  12. I'm gonna say somewhere between 4 - 5 inches here in Wilson, depending on where it was measured. May have started with 5+ before compaction. Best snow in years here.
  13. Except when it actually gets cancelled. I'm looking at you, January 2017.
  14. Last year was pretty blocky was it not? It sucked because all it was blocking in was mild air, but it was still blocky.
  15. Fine, I guess ill go found the Lower Mid-Atlantic firm.
  16. Apparently Connecticut is its own climate zone.
  17. Does this make me an official member if the mid Atlantic crew?
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