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  1. So what us the thermodynamic mechanism where clouds cause the nighttime temp to rise? I can understand them slowing the rate of cooling, but how are they warming?
  2. Thunder and lightning to go along with heavy rain in Wilson.
  3. Glad to see something trending well for once for you guys. I now return to my endless CAD rain event here in NC.
  4. You mean they actually had history on the History channel? I thought it was 24 hours-a-day of Alaskan gold prospectors and crab fishing.
  5. Quick question. What the heck is the RDPS?
  6. Winter weather fail lesson #17235: If the HP isn't in the right place, the cold air ain't getting past the mountains, not matter what the models show.
  7. So hypothetically, what would it take to get that arctic air pointed at us instead of just battering helplessly against the mountains. Where should the HP be?
  8. Yeah that was a bit of a gut punch. Its completely reasonable to be negative about our chances now.
  9. After you have had your fill, can you please give it a push to the east? The cold seems to be hung up on the mountains. See if you can unsnag it please.
  10. In depressing news, here is a graph I made of the long sad story of the 2m temp at 1 pm for one particular gridpoint in central NC according to the GEFS for the days Feb 14 - 16. A tale of opportunities missed.
  11. Well someone earlier was saying they they wish they had a 1044. Ask and ye shall receive. Until the next run taketh away.
  12. Weenie fight between psu and loosetoa6.
  13. If he never enjoys what he accomplishes, what is the point of accomplishing it?
  14. That would be disappointing, concert in Brownsville TX than at RDU. But the models seem to be completely unable to pin the PV down. I wouldn't say we are out of the running yet.
  15. According to which models at which times?
  16. 18Z GEFS was also a bummer. A ~6 F jump in average temperature at 1 pm from the 18Z yesterday in central NC . The big cold was completely lost. So I am assuming that the PV must be in the west this run. That PV is driving me insane.
  17. You have an impressive variety of minced oaths.
  18. The disaster continues unabated in the SE thread as the bodies of those who already jumped are cushioning the fall for the rest of us so we can't even self -reap.
  19. Trying to horn in on our fail cred?
  20. We in the southeast are lining up at the cliff.
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