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  1. Eric Webber is usually on top of EAMT and jet extensions. Waiting to see what he has to say.
  2. If Chuck says a +PNA might be coming, I'm ready to listen.
  3. I'm driving up to Fredericksburg the 12th - 14th for business. I expect you guys to show some hospitality for a SE forum visitor with a little bit of the ole white powder.
  4. Difference between GFS op and GEFS lately set me looking for some info about ensembles in gneral. Some interesting info here. https://library.wmo.int/index.php?lvl=notice_display&id=12962#.Y4uYXnbMKUk
  5. Isn't the Buffalo-to-Bermuda express a standard track? Its how Bermuda gets most of their blizzards.
  6. Insert standard "Trust the warmest model" joke that's not really a joke. Normally I would ignore long range op compared to ens, but maybe the higher resolution of the op is allowing it to "see" the super persistent PNA more accurately.
  7. I give that one the SE Visitor Seal of Approval(tm)
  8. You changing your picture would be like my dad getting a nose ring; it would undermine the very foundations of my reality.
  9. I don't know anything about it one way or another, but I am curious why you believe that FIFA would want this? They think its more exciting?
  10. I think you had a debate AGAINST that guy that said the EPO/AO/NAO combo was physically impossible, so I think that is what CAPE is referring to.
  11. Anyone have a translation for "k=1 CHI"?
  12. I'm not sure if that's encouraging or scary.
  13. Asking as someone trying to make a significant effort to understand: isn't that a nasty -PNA signal though?
  14. Someone recently made the claim that the EPS has a bias towards killing MJO waves. Is that a known thing?
  15. 2 weeks is ok, would rather not be 4. That takes us to right before Xmas.
  16. The long range does not look awful at this time. That is all.
  17. I lurk and learn. What info are we able to gather from 50 hPa? I'm familiar with the 10 hPa stratospheric charts, but not with 50 hPa.
  18. Eric Webb was calling this guy out on Twitter today. Pointing out that this is showing the SPV instead of the TPV, so of much less interest,
  19. Exactly 3.00 yesterday from Ian. Mostly light winds.
  20. I just mentally deduct 4-5 degrees from their high on warm sunny days. The gave full-on UHI in effect.
  21. Yes. And it took decades of patient effort and billions of dollars/euros to get that good. Predicting weather is just inherently difficult.
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