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  1. 0.79 today. Measurable rain for four straight days, totaling 2.02. 3.89 for the month. Grass green. Tomatoes split.
  2. Drove back from Holden beach today. Ran into some torrential rain and beautiful dark skies. Had 0.66 in the gauge when we got home. Not bad but would like more after a hot dry week.
  3. Have had measurable rainfall on 5 of 7 days so far this month. Not a huge amount any one day but enough to keep things green and lush. 0.95 so far for today. 2.66 for the month.
  4. Visiting my wife's family in west-central PA. It not really that far as the crow flies from NC but the climate is completely different. Mid 70s today with a brisk N wind. Back home my PWS registered 2.64 inches today. I have been having troubles with it lately so not sure if that is real. Can anyone in east-central NC confirm that there was some heavy rain in the area between 2 and 4 pm?
  5. My rain gauge is malfunctioning so no idea what I got last night and today.
  6. In the winter we just get cutoff highs.
  7. Rained like four or five separate times today. Mostly light/brief but did have one good cell to drop 0.40. Daily total was 0.46.
  8. Had an unexpected 0.34 today. Always nice. Up to 7.00 for the month. Vegetation appears mostly recovered from the desert that was spring.
  9. Got 1.06 yesterday, up to 5.46 for the month. The recovery continues apace.
  10. .20 last night. Hoping for a good soaking today and tomorrow to finish off recovery from the incredibly dry spring.
  11. The last few days alot of strange moisture fell from the sky. Now the brown spikey stuff on the ground has gotten softer and turned green. I wonder if there is a connection.
  12. Had 3.02 through thus morning, thought it was over, but got another 0.74 from a nice cell this evening. The vegetation already looks much better.
  13. Oh that is painful, I hate that for you.
  14. I've had more the last two days (2.90 so far), than I had all April and May (2.01).
  15. 1.34 last time I checked. First inch-plus day in forever.
  16. 1.34'' for the day so far. First Inch plus day in forever.
  17. Got some decent scraps of rain the last three days. Total of 0.82 since Friday. Not that impressive but considering that I was at 0.26 for the whole month previously, I'll take it.
  18. Yard is crispy here as have only had 1.18 since the start of April. Besides the generally dry pattern have had bad luck with multiple chances missing by a few miles. Very frustrating.
  19. RDU set record low max (57) and record min (37) yesterday.
  20. Just to amuse you guys, our afternoon high was in the low 50's down here in eastern NC. Damp as well. Gotta love treacherous spring.
  21. Did anyone hear it official if RDU set the record for coolest high temp today?
  22. 53 with mist. Raw out there.
  23. Even worse in Wilson, managed to thread the needle and got goose eggs.
  24. At 0.93 for the month. What a difference from this winter.
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