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  1. In depressing news, here is a graph I made of the long sad story of the 2m temp at 1 pm for one particular gridpoint in central NC according to the GEFS for the days Feb 14 - 16. A tale of opportunities missed.
  2. Well someone earlier was saying they they wish they had a 1044. Ask and ye shall receive. Until the next run taketh away.
  3. Weenie fight between psu and loosetoa6.
  4. If he never enjoys what he accomplishes, what is the point of accomplishing it?
  5. That would be disappointing, concert in Brownsville TX than at RDU. But the models seem to be completely unable to pin the PV down. I wouldn't say we are out of the running yet.
  6. According to which models at which times?
  7. 18Z GEFS was also a bummer. A ~6 F jump in average temperature at 1 pm from the 18Z yesterday in central NC . The big cold was completely lost. So I am assuming that the PV must be in the west this run. That PV is driving me insane.
  8. You have an impressive variety of minced oaths.
  9. The disaster continues unabated in the SE thread as the bodies of those who already jumped are cushioning the fall for the rest of us so we can't even self -reap.
  10. Trying to horn in on our fail cred?
  11. We in the southeast are lining up at the cliff.
  12. Yeah it was 2015. I think it literally hit 80 F in Fayetteville NC where I was. There were merry mosquitos for Christmas.
  13. After you posted that I took a quick peek into the SE forum severe weather thread, but no activity there since Jan 28th. Kind of surprising.
  14. So we have Stormtracker as an administrator and Mappy as a moderator. I also think we have one admin and one mod in my home SE thread. So is this site organized so that there is one of each for each regional form? You'd think I'd know this after hanging out here so long.
  15. I don;t remember anything of note from Feb 2016 so I am guessing this disappeared into nothingness.
  16. The entire SE forum has passed out from that 18z run.
  17. A model run like that just makes it more painful when it goes poof.
  18. Disappointing yes, but I look at it this way. When models show big cold, the probability of it actually verifying is low. When the models DON'T show big cold, the probability of getting big cold is ABSOLUTELY ZERO. Big cold is a possibility for sometime in February. Will it happen? Probably not. But a small chance is better than a zero chance, which is what we have most of the time.
  19. I have been doing a little personal project to keep tabs on the GEFS ensemble mean temperature forecast for my area, using the maps available o Tropical Tidbits. I am using this data point in the "Eastern U.S." region view, as it is closest to me. I am keeping a running log of the 2m temp forecast at 18Z (1 PM) day by day. I just noted very large swing to cold in the long in the day 6 - 16 period between the Jan 31 18Z forecast and the Feb 1 18Z forecast. Of particular note is the Feb 10 - 13 period. Direct comparison is shown below. Jan 31 18Z Feb 1 18Z Delta Feb 10 54 32 -22 Feb 11 65 35 -30 Feb 12 67 29 -38 Feb 13 71 39 -32 Overall, the average forecast 2m Temperature for 18Z dropped by 11 °F in the Day 6 - 10 period and by 17.5 °F for the Day 11 - 15 period. Here is a graph It should go without saying that this forecast will probably moderate but I thought it was a significant signal.
  20. So true, but to be fair the Pacific was various flavors of dumpster fire through 2018-19 and 2019-20. It's not like the Pacific and Atlantic immediately switched places from good to bad. Last year they were both horrible. Right now the Pacific looks the least bad it has all winter so maybe we can make hay while the sun is shining (figuratively speaking).
  21. What kind of beverages do they serve? Bottles of 33 degree rain?
  22. I am really glad BobChill is back, but I have to admit, I miss his old icon. Am I the only one?
  23. Your brethren in the MA look to get a potential mauling starting tomorrow. I am rooting for them.
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