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  1. Does anyone have reliable observations from Haymarket for today? Weather Underground insisted it was 100 degrees real (114 feels like) for over an hour today which was significantly hotter than other sites.
  2. Shoveled for the instacart and Thai food deliveries. There was a noticeable amount of snow on the side walk in Haymarket. It probably wasn't quite an inch but impressive for a storm that I dismissed. The more interesting part is the very very thin layer of slush under it was frozen. It's def. not going to be a night to go outside and drive around I think.
  3. If this booms federal workers are out of luck. If you are at work at eight you will have to leave at eight now to hopefully get there by ten during the best part of the storm? this is how you get chaos. If it booms.
  4. Next weekend has been on and off in unrealistically long models for weeks. It wants to snow. This isn't the winter for 7 day lock ins. This is January of snow.
  5. How are the temps verifying against say the Friday model runs for this time?
  6. Pwc called it for Thursday citing widespread power outages for where the staff lives as a primary reason.
  7. The quicker they blow the treatment budgets, the sooner we will have a crippling BCSE (it's been so long since impressive snow of real or digital type, what's the biblical snow abbreviation?)
  8. March 2000 Ft Worth this one caused the Tandy (RadioShack) high rise to be imploded (originally scheduled the day after 9/11 and had to be delayed) because of tornado damage.
  9. That is similar to the Char Broiler Infrared Gas Grill setup I had a few years ago. It's all radiant heat so it should be more even as well.
  10. I have a real question. If everything either had a wild swing leading up to this exact moment or totally overplayed it, why do you have confidence that Monday into Tuesday is a complete loss based on the same models?
  11. Try substituting SOLERNO BLOOD ORANGE LIQUEUR for the Cointreau and adding one of the ANCHO REYES chili liqueur.
  12. I read it as "ready to open - pending a lift of the stay at home order that is currently through the 15th"?
  13. So you run when presented with facts? If you want to debate... let's go... if you want to just continue to spout nonsense would you take it to Facebook where nonsense runs rampant. As of today, 62,406 people have died in America of COVID19 according to the CDC. There is no end in sight, there is no treatment plan (outside traditional treatments for the symptoms that develop along with the COVID19). There is no vaccination. A large percent of the population can carry this and transmit it without knowing. There are 1,063,446 known US cases to date. That is a 5.8% death rate. This isn't the flu. Start your argument over again... why do you think we should sacrifice Americans when this has only gone on two months to date and it's this dire already?
  14. You don't think 60k+ deaths in two months while locked down is concerning enough ? I mean the people in 2008 were worried that the government was ready to form death panels under socialized medicine , but you've already been a one man death panel that above stressed 70+ old people should die so 30 year olds can go to tourist restaurants.
  15. Have you seen Tiger King yet? Do you think our entire country is above the behavior you are talking about? I grew up in Missouri I assure you we are not. We literally got horse in school and squirrel at the baby sitters.
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