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  1. Thunder in haymarket just now?looks like it’s going to be a graze on rain though.
  2. No we are rebounding from the worse year in recorded history with "not the worse year again". Only up from here.
  3. why 8? you're cherry picking. rolling averages is better or same-state weather patterns or or or ... Just picking bad periods to make your math works is an exercise in exclusion.
  4. Rolling average. The ten years ending with the year in question. Otherwise it's just arbitrary 10 years. Look at the attached pic. That's snow totals by year ranked 1 to 132. notice we are getting BETTER with big total years to the right side (lowest points, most recent) compared to the left side where there is nothing in the circled area (highest ranking space). Also notice the bad years are getting more frequent. What does that tell us? I don't know but I would rather live in the odds on the right side than that horrible period in the center/right without any big snows. (Which is in fact 68-77 roughly , just went and looked at the data)
  5. 1968-1977 I accidentally closed the source window to check, but it was ~13.1" average. where I got source: https://www.extremeweatherwatch.com/cities/baltimore/most-yearly-snow
  6. But it's also not 68" needed in the next two years to avoid being the worse 10 year period ever. it's 56", and 57" makes us the second worse. We do need 69" to make it up to the third worse 10 year streak though (from second worse). More random facts : if you average our "place" in winters for 10 years as well (the worst being last year at 132nd), we are average 80.8. If you look at the year before the #1 (1996) we were 81.3 average (1995).
  7. Last year screws with that rolling 8 year average. Prior to last year we were ~15" average, those single digit years hurt no matter when they hit. If we got 15" next year (the average prior to the shut out year) we would be up 10.3 (almost a full inch up) on your eight year rolling average. Edit: I think your math might be off. 56" in 2024+ 2025 would bring us to 1968-1977 on a rolling ten year average (meaning average snow per year over a ten year period) and ~132" total over each of the ten year periods.
  8. Thunder and lightning no rain yet as the very edge of the storm seems to be approaching Haymarket.
  9. Bus driver shortages enable this. my Kids bus was substituted and almost an hour late today.
  10. Even my phone was saying rain as the snow ripped overhead. this may not be 2014 (10 years not 6) but this forum truly didn’t give up on this. This was a win because of that.
  11. The snow build up on my ev from haymarket to Reston was amazing. I got a “forward collision camera blocked” and when I got here there was a good 1/4” or more caked across the whole front of the car
  12. I am. I honestly get exceptionally depressed when there is no cold or snow, and rain is the only thing that kind'a makes that better. I know I live in exactly the wrong place on this planet where we get teased with perfection (feb 2010) and then usually trend more towards last winter. If I can't have three feet of snow on the ground at all times, I want no stop drizzle for months on end.
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