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  1. Wetbulbs88

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    I hate to say it, but I didn't pay one lick of attention to this until yesterday when the WWA was posted circa noon. Being from Baltimore, I've never seen that much snow before December 1 in my life. Not even close. I even posted on Facebook that this would be a 'very unserious event' just before that advisory went up -- without having done my due diligence -- precisely because, well, mid-Nov. and climo. And it wasn't until around 3-4PM, with temps DROPPING to 28-29, that I truly began to question whether that CAD would get eroded before rush hour. It absolutely dumped up here in Harlem until around 8-9PM. I didn't measure, and not sure what was 'reported' at Central Park, but we easily got 5-6 inches up here.
  2. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    Wow, that looks south. The question may soon become: do I go to my parents' in DC for this?
  3. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    Anyone with access staying up for the Euro?
  4. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    I agree looking at the setup. The thing is, I trust the NAM more than the GFS at this point, especially at this range moving forward. Another crazy storm to track. This winter has taught me to expect the unexpected.
  5. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    It's near the .75 line.
  6. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    Tons more to be sorted. The NAM and GFS are leagues apart.
  7. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    Yeah but Kuchera is trying to account for that. We'll see. NAM definitely took a step in the right direction.
  8. Wetbulbs88

    April 7-8 2018 jinx

    NAM looks better? Only out to 62...
  9. At 4 days out this is certainly not the worst position to be in.
  10. Wetbulbs88

    April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Central Park got 5.5 yesterday.
  11. GFS way south. DC gets a good hit.
  12. Wetbulbs88

    March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Just got back from a walk with the dog and I'd say that's about what we have up here in Harlem.