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  1. Different radar radii, mile-wise, are saying completely different things about the back edge of precip. Guessing that it's just lighter stuff behind the storms.
  2. Heavy rain finally moving into Harlem
  3. Still at 44 in the city.
  4. Precip running into a dry wall near the shore.
  5. That makes sense. As a thought experiment I was thinking, if this were late Jan or Feb, what it would take for this to trend toward a bigger hit, even if not all frozen. I'm just beginning to dig into the deeper science of this after a short lifetime of basically model-watching. I can better parse where there might be amplified vorticity as a result of sheer/curve/gradients, but it's only really a start and reading the maps is still very new and difficult for me.
  6. Because of the Low placement/cold high sliding off the coast?
  7. What would it take to lessen the Pacific's impact? If its energy were to be slower to come ashore? Could the Euro be overplaying its kicker effect?
  8. Manhattan has all-or-nothing wind microclimates. Walking south or east generally protects you from N/W winds on these cold days. But walking west or (particularly) North, and you're in trouble. Serious gusts increased by wind-tunneling between buildings.
  9. Very much miss those December storms of the 2000's. For a few years there, when I was in high school, I could count on a storm right around December 5-8; it was odd how often that time frame came through. On the other hand, my desire for snow pack/preservation has decreased a bit since moving into the city. Perhaps that's only natural considering much of the existing snow just gets sooty and gross. I miss the snow pack in the idylls.
  10. Yeah that late Feb storm made up for 2/5 up here. I remember being greedily miffed by that one haha.
  11. Feb 2010 was just around 50 for Ellicott City. ~32 for the first blizz, 15 for the second and a few more here and there. For the winter we went past 80 inches, what with the December blizzard (~18 inches) and a few other significant events, particularly that southeastern storm that crept up on us too in late Jan I believe it was. Feb 2003 was memorable because it had the first full-on blizzard in our area since '96, and I was only 7 in '96. (Though Jan 2000 was pretty big in my area, we got around 14 inches with that 'surprise' storm.) It certainly didn't compare to 2009-2010 in terms of frequency and magnitude. Other than PDII, we didn't have anything resembling a MECS. Nothing will compare to seeing two bona fide blizzards within the span of five days in Feb 2010. What made '09-10 all the more special was that we got New-England type snows, but mainly concentrated into three or four events of a magnitude anomalous not only for our area, but for the entire coastal plain. I've posted elsewhere that I'm reading Kocin-Uccenelli's NE Snowstorms book now; I just wish they'd update it for that year. I'd love to see what they have to say about it.
  12. Just ordered Kocin-Uccellini's NE Snowstorms books, and I gotta love that inverted damming trough starting at 174hrs out!!
  13. That whole depiction looks funky. But I guess it is ~200 hrs out. Just gimme a chance and I'll take it.
  14. I don't think the 2009-2010 pattern will ever be repeated in my lifetime. Strong negative AO and very warm Pacific. I was home sick from school (U of Maryland) in Ellicott City, just W of Baltimore, for the back-to-back blizzards in early Feb. Best week of my life (not to mention wee'd had the December Miller A blizz already). I know it might be blasphemous to talk about up in these parts, but that block during Feb. 5-6 was pure bliss to see in a place where I experienced so much heartbreak from a lifetime of battling marginal temps and Miller B's jumping the coast. We got almost 32 inches in Ellicott City and then another 15 during that Feb 9-10 blizzard that looked like a napalm hose on radar. A pattern that executes to perfection is once in a lifetime.