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  1. Snow and sleet mixing here in CC.
  2. Is this 2020 census? When I looked it up HoCo was 5th.
  3. I'm seriously considering moving already lol.
  4. Seems like a total roast job right around 850 reported around 7PM. But what you said would still stand right? Could formation be shallow enough to 'bypass' that layer? Sounds kind of outlandish since it would be like, fog drizzle, but I'm not really familiar and might be reading this all wrong.
  5. Took my dogs out to pee before bed. They slipped everywhere. It was kind of cute but also scary because of the porch steps. There icing is worse than the ice storm the other day. This warrants a WSW far more than the sleet from this morning. It's outright treacherous. 28 in Chevy Chase, and it feels very cold with the mist.
  6. Just took the pups out for a very long walk. Still some slush, especially in the deeper puddles, but shallower pools are freezing fast. If I hadn't been wearing my hiking boots which have good grip it would've been a back breaker. One guy was shoveling his sidewalk, and I don't think he realized he was only making it worse; there was already a significant layer of ice forming in place of the sleet.
  7. And you're incapable of critical thinking if you think that's what I mean.
  8. Nah it's clearly been just about two or three of you. You've chosen to ignore the others who have corroborated my feelings.
  9. All true this will be the last post on it. Internet brings out the worst in us sometimes. Appreciate the understanding though.
  10. I appreciate it, but as mentioned don't care about being right. Just that some people are silenced/treated as inferiors here and I find it frustrating. But I understand if I'm posting too much. I'll rein it in.
  11. Very true. My biggest flaw is not being able to tolerate hypocritical behavior and people who only try to protect their own interests. And to @mappy 's credit, I do take it too seriously (which is quite the opposite of taking myself too seriously).
  12. And you're constantly hostile to everyone but a select few. We all have our faults. I'm just trying to politely point out how I've been treated unfairly, because it happens to far more people than the number that speaks up. Membership numbers speak for themselves.
  13. Again, you're not done. More sarcasm and bitterness. I've been sincere and thoughtful.
  14. Okay show me the repeated posts. More baseless accusations, and a total disregard for the malignances I point out. I'll try to post less if it's not insightful enough for you. But again, you're totally ignoring the problem and extremely biased. I don't really take this seriously because no one has acknowledged a single thing I've laid out clearly and thoughtfully.
  15. You want to say you're over it, then attack me again. I couldn't care less about my popularity, nor whether I'm right. I've made this painfully clear yet you keep weaponizing it, evading the entire point I was getting across. It's frankly depressing.