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  1. Radar looks excellent. Storm is really cranking.
  2. Snowed heavy for an hour and a half, moderate for a bit, lightening up now. Hoping for another good band before this wraps up.
  3. Haven't seen snow like this since 2016.
  4. Absolutely bombing in Harlem.
  5. I keep looking at this thing develop and imagining if it had blocking. She's a beast.
  6. Where can I find this radar?
  7. It just went from south Jersey to NY in an hour.
  8. Really starting to crank. Look at the storm wind up guys. Borderline heavy snow here now.
  9. Damn it's not that sparse over here. Must really benefit from being away from the ocean.
  10. I think it's coming for real now.
  11. Praying this makes it up here this time.