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  1. Good luck to everyone on the Eastern Shore. Hoping it is not as bad as expected.
  2. We gonna rock this afternoon?
  3. I'm wondering the same thing. The airport is only a few miles away from me so it's cool to have an ob station so close. Thinking it's new...
  4. WSW says 3-6" and we've blown past that down here.
  5. What's everyones guess on totals down here before the changeover? Already 7+ in St Mary's and many more hrs to go. Only updated forecast amount I've seen so far if Channel 4 at 6-10".
  6. What does everyone have so far?? Reports of at least 6" in many parts of St Mary's.
  7. Assuming you mean Southern MD, no nothing falling in St Mary's county and sun is peeking out from time to time.
  8. Woke up to a covering on all non-paved surfaces.
  9. Heavy snow wording in the point and click for Tuesday night for St. Mary's. Looking forward to some SnowTV.
  10. Wow looks like we are close to something decent! Hope you guys in the Eastern Shore cash in at the least!
  11. Thank you for your thoughts sir! Always much appreciated!
  12. What are your thoughts on the system on Thursday? NWS has us in St. Mary's in the 30-40% range. Looks like we are on the northern edge..
  13. No we are about right in the middle of the county...
  14. Sleet in Hollywood since 10.
  15. Started here at about 12:30. Game on!