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  1. You aren't far from me and I have all grass covered and driveway and road starting to.
  2. mscott

    Aug Banter Thread

    OES or Piney Orchard? We are waiting to hear if our son got in to the program at OES.
  3. They can be a pain. They are attracted to light so be careful if sitting on the deck with a porch light on. If the hive is in direct view of the light you can get a swarm of 50- 100 bees very quickly. I find they are not overly aggressive but the sting packs a punch.
  4. This is the best I've seen in years. I will never see ice like I saw in 94 in my lifetime.
  5. in 94 I got 2 inches of ice. This is nice but it is nowhere near that.
  6. Looking for a good radar app for android. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. The roads aren't horrible but this has been the most impressive ice event I have seen here in years.
  8. Surly coffee bender now. May be my last if rates don't pick up, I still may have to work at some point.
  9. I have hadEvil twin Molotov lite Bells hopslam Surly abrasive Lagunitas night time And I'm about to crack a Sierra Nevada hop hunter. I am going to hold on to the abyss for now as the snow has yet been good enough for top shelf.
  10. Snow has stopped in odenton at this point.
  11. Nothing heavy here yet. Would love to get under a band.
  12. DD is awesome fresh. I have 2 bottles left of nighttime. I feel it was better this year than last.
  13. Drinking some Bells Hopslam now with Surly Abrasive on deck. If it gets really good later I may crack open a bottle of the Abyss.
  14. This is to a tee of what happened here.