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  1. Anyone have links for chasers? Looking for a blue shed
  2. frostbite_falls

    January Discobs Thread

    Hi--can anyone give some insight on fog conditions from Baltimore south past DC? I have a daughter planning to head back to college this evening and wondering if a trip delay is advised. Of course tomorrow AM may be problematic too. Thanks!
  3. frostbite_falls

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Take what you need sir (but maybe not all you want)
  4. frostbite_falls

    Jan 4th Coastal Obs/Disc

    Light snow in Jarrettsville...surprised, thought it would be later. Trash can lids lightly covered already.
  5. frostbite_falls

    Holidays 2017-18 Mid-Long Range Disco

    Give it a rest cuarenta. Or provide some data to substantiate that “Significant snowfalls do not occur when in drought.”
  6. frostbite_falls

    Dec 8/9 Obs and discussion (Showme's) Storm

    Narrow band, it’s been west of me all morning. About .5 here, haven’t bothered to measure yet.
  7. frostbite_falls

    December 8/9 wave

    Well said sir. Wishing to be 40 should only be said followed by “again”.
  8. frostbite_falls

    Weekend Zombie Morph Storm Discobs

    Light snow in Blacksburg per my hokie daughter.
  9. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

  10. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

    Question--mods have directed chaser posts to the relevant thread, but I don't see that thread. Maybe there just aren't any posts about chasers (outside of those in the main thread)? Or am I missing something? Just miss the blue shed I guess.
  11. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

    How much for Philly Dang I guess I've arrived or something...never been asked that before. Think I'll drink a beer. And thanks for that!
  12. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

    Yeah I agree re: the poor folks that don't know any better; it's the ones with high post counts that roll in spouting aggressive uninformed nonsense and then upping the belligerence that get me. Wonder why they haven't Storm Moded this?
  13. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

    Makes sense, just venting. Note my post count; I've been lurking here since the beginning, at Easternuswx, and the board before that (forget the name now), and have the good sense to keep my trap shut unless I have something informed and relevant to add. Wish a few others would do the same.
  14. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

    Irma main thread is turning into a sideshow. Wonder if the board powers-that-be have ever considered having a "posters by invitation only" thread for big storms, or some pre-qualification process? Granted it would make for less humor, but it would get rid of the hostile know-nothings like we seem to have in droves ATM.
  15. frostbite_falls

    Tropical Banter Thread

    Sharpener broke on crayon box