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  1. Cranking up significantly here near Jarrettsville. Heaviest of the storm, and looks like even better incoming per radar.
  2. Watching The Shining on BBC waiting on the Euro...saw it 40 years ago (OMG) when it came out—great movie, but then and now I’m more moved by the snow scenes than the story.
  3. Dumping sleet NE of Jarrettsville after hours of rain on top of 6+ inches of fluffy goodness. Maybe we can top it off with some more fluff before it’s over.
  4. So Ji is being optimistic and Bob Chill is being pessimistic (sorry Bob, I get it) and no one notes it?
  5. I was commenting on Weather Will’s post regarding the potential for 40’s this Christmas, and that that would be tolerable compared to what we had on Christmas 2015...I don’t have record of the temps, but as I recall it was approaching 70.
  6. Afraid I’m not following your question bud.
  7. 40’s for Christmas is tolerable...just never want a repeat of 2015. I had honeybees on my bird feeder Christmas morning.
  8. Grass, mulch and trash can lids caved in the last few minutes. Been all snow for a bit now, even a little stickage on the edges of concrete walk. Lovely!
  9. 30 degrees in mountains of Madison County Va.
  10. How much do you have? Around 4.5-5” here in Jarrettsville (didn’t stay on measuring today, so only a guesstimate—4.25 on trash can lid).
  11. Hopefully we’re ok this time around—he hasn’t posted since his curse -inducing rant on the 17th. Hopefully the snow gods have a short memory
  12. @T. August yeah probably so; last night he claimed he got 4.7” from the last event—I’m a couple miles north of Forest Hill and I had 3.1”. Odd that he disappeared today, huh? I think better times are ahead for us in the “pummeled” zone...hang in there.
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