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  1. Yep! Still have the video of it. Regardless of the May's weather, we're going to pay for it with endless summer humidity. lol Would just like to have May's normal weather for once. Although, it seems like the current weather is the new normal for May.
  2. Another lovely March day. did snow here on this day one year ago, so I guess it could be even more March.
  3. Temp is down to 58. 14 MPH wind gusting to 30 mph.
  4. Had about 30 seconds of pea sized hail. Temp dropped from 72 to 64. Sun is blazing again. Gotta love spring weather! Edit: Temp is back up to 66 and it's windy as hell.
  5. Just reached an inch of rain on the day. 59.7F
  6. Ginormous flakes mixing in the rain. 10 seconds later edit: aaaaand they're all gone.
  7. Made the changeover. Went straight to rain. 0.25" of snow before it did. 33.4F
  8. Yeah, not a fan. lol And now it's telling me the change is 6 miles away.
  9. Here comes that ocean air. 40F in Cape May. 34.8F here after some evap.
  10. Flakes just started. Hopefully we get something before the changeover. 35.9F
  11. After 0.15" of ice today, finishing it off with just enough snow to make everything look good again.
  12. We be pingin again. Ping. Ping. 31.7F
  13. Woke up to everything being locked in ice. Almost broke my ass a couple times. A bit over a tenth of inch of ice accretion. 29.5F
  14. This the worst I've seen the roads with 1 inch of accum. Sleet is nasty stuff.