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  1. I heard nothing, but did pick up 0.28" this morning.
  2. 0.2" of rain so far. 40 MPH gust.
  3. I never use it, but it looks a lot better. More products including level 2 data. An easy to use mosaic, as well.
  4. 0.58" of rain on the day. 1.57" on the storm. Broke 50 inches on the year; 50.72".
  5. Lots of frost. Hit a low of 31.6F. First sub-freezing temp since April 19, which was also 31.6F. Currently 37.1.
  6. 1.62" of rain yesterday and another 0.56" today for a 2.18" total so far. That's 4.40" on the month. Approaching 50" on the year. Also, just hit the low temp for the day at 41.6F.
  7. 1.38" of rain total on the day. Should get a little more for the storm total with this little rope coming through.
  8. Rained quite a bit this morning, apparently.
  9. 2.08" today. 2.38" in 24 hours. Like August never ended.
  10. 1.26" on the day. 1.56" in 24 hours. Looks to be fairly heavy for a while.
  11. Anyone feel it? There are people down this way that said they felt it, but I felt nothing in my sleep.
  12. More rain from Laura than Fay....and Fay was a direct hit. It's wild how many months have had double the average rainfall, or more, over the last 10 years.
  13. Yep. Looking forward to the dews behind that front.