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  1. Have frost here and just hit the low of 35.1F for this morning.
  2. 1.57 inches of rain on the day so far.
  3. Only got 1.62 inches of rain yesterday. Haven't really had any impressive storms this year. Some big rain producers, but nothing even close to severe. Suprising considering the severity of so many other storms.
  4. Anybody watch Stranger Things? lol. Was an amazing sunset.
  5. Well, that random strike just took out the power. Loud! Currently have very orange skies and a sunset in one direction and dark skies with lightning crawling in the other. Wild looking.
  6. Have 0.4 inches of rain on the day which pushes the monthly total to just over 8 inches now. Currently 68.2F. A very welcomed temp.
  7. Only measured a 36 MPH gust at my station, but I'll bet there was a 50 MPH gust where I'm currently at. Lots of dirt in my eyes. lol
  8. Currently 83.5, 77 dp, 95 hi. It's actually even worse down the shore right now with a heat index of 100.
  9. Today"s highs: Temp - 92.8F, Dew - 81F, Heat Index - 112 Currently: 91.6F, 79 DP, HI of 108
  10. 1.08 inches of rain on the day. Brings the monthly total to 7.36 inches.
  11. This storm is wild. Torrential rain and so many close strikes.
  12. Had a bit of rain come through and cool things off. Problem is the dew point hasn't budged. So 89% RH at 83 degrees. Wild.
  13. Disgusting. Relative humidity will only drop as the day warms.