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  1. Welp, that was underwhelming. Winds gusted into the low to mid 30s and just a little rain. Temp is now in the mid 50s and the sun in shining!
  2. Instability and shear ahead of the front are plentiful (plenty of sun now too - up to 63F already with a 59 dew), and precip on the front is more organized now than the models predict.
  3. Gibson Ridge is the best. Either GRL3 or GRL2. With GRL3, you'll get more products, like radar estimated rainfall. But with GRL2, you'll get level 2 data, a better UI since you can change products without going into menus, and you get volumetric mode (shown below) and cross-section mode. GRL3 is 80 dollars and GRL2 is 250 dollars. First image is GRL3 and second is GRL2 with volumetric mode. Didn't have any good storms to sample right now.
  4. I couldn't even sleep til it was over. lol Didn't get to sleep til after 5 AM.
  5. Tons of IC lightning with these storms. Pretty much non-stop thunder.
  6. lol. Essential for alcoholics since withdrawal can be deadly.
  7. I did see pictures of cops in Delaware waiting at liquor stores to snatch up people from PA. Not sure if Jersey cops are doing the same. No barbers here. Only grocery and liquor stores. lol
  8. Life is pretty damned boring, huh! However, I do have booze and a store right down the street to get more! If I say that you're family and I gifted you the alcohol, would that be legal?
  9. Bring back January. The weather was much warmer and nicer!
  10. No hail here, but it looks like there is a good deal of it near Franklin Township.
  11. Actually, the lightning is really not bad right now. Not much in the way of CG, but IC lightning is pretty good. Hoping for some small hail!
  12. It was meh really. The thunder right now is a bit better actually. If we can get storms this frequently without the warmth, then April and May should be fun.
  13. Just passed through here. A few flashes of lightning and a quick downpour that resulted in about 0.15", which makes for 1.15" on the day.