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  1. Not exactly on topic, but just wanted to note that this must be the longest foliage season I've ever seen. I've had decent color from I think the last week of October all the way through the first week of December, probably around 6 weeks in total (~3x longer than usual!). It looks like it's finally winding down now, with a few maples still holding onto some bright leaves. I guess it's been relatively mild, but I didn't think it had been so warm as to impact the foliage this significantly. Foliage definitely started a little later than usual, so I guess I'll just chalk it up to climate change and a long summer. Anyone else notice this or have any explanation?
  2. The schuylkill has totally flooded onto Kelly Drive here in East Falls. We got around 5” but nothing severe, hope the river doesn’t rise too much higher..
  3. Updated: 9” in December 15” from the Jan 31-Feb 2 storm 5.5” Feb 7 2.5” Feb 10-11 12.5" Feb 18 (split the difference between my measurement and the official Conshy measurement from a day later) 3.5" Feb 22 -------------------- 48” total
  4. 3" on the pavement, 4" on elevated surfaces. Call it 3.5" which puts me over 4 feet for the winter
  5. Pretty different amounts depending on the surface but looks like around 2.5” on average. Heaviest snow of the day now
  6. Moderate-heavy snow here for the last half hour or so, nice dusting on top of the glaze of ice from last night
  7. Haha yes, pretty sure. Measured 8.5" on the path in front of the house around 8:15, cleared it, had 3.5" more that I cleared around 9:45, then about 1 additional inch that I cleared an hour ago. Table in the back that I haven't cleared at all also has around 13" and that's with sleet on top so I imagine it compacted at least a little bit For sure, we probably have double the snow the Philly has this winter even though it's only 12 miles to the city for the reasons you mentioned
  8. For those asking where there's a foot--I have been over a foot for a couple hours here in Conshohocken. Maybe half an inch of sleet now on top of 13" of snow
  9. Probably 60% sleet/40% snow here now. Just under an inch since I cleared a little over an hour ago, storm total ~13" so far
  10. Over a foot in Conshy! 3.5" on the driveway since I cleared it about 1.5 hours ago. Already over double what I expected with hopefully a whole day of snow/sleet to go. Really impressive storm here, looks like I must be right in the jackpot so far
  11. I think I under-measured earlier. We are pushing 9" in Conshy, extremely fluffy stuff. Moderate snow atm, mix of small and medium-large flakes
  12. Set my alarm for 7 expecting it to just be getting started. Woke up to over 5” with decent rates still going
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