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  1. This looks likes a classic east coast storm set up. Definitely will track it but every model is locked in on basically New England. Euro and it's ensembles are lock step with each other and both show huge hits. Should be a crazy storm if it panned out like the Euro showed. 959mb low with 3 ft of snow would cripple them. Insane
  2. Yeah we need a lot of help if we want this storm. Honestly give out east the storm instead of coming far enough west to fringe us but not give us anything significant. CMC has a bomb that crushes i95. I'll laugh if the 12z euro shows an inland runner just to troll the Mid-Atlantic and 95 guys.
  3. As expected the models are starting to pull the storm back west. Still need a big tug to hit us but it's something to track.
  4. not to mention two I believe they were 10 inch snow storms last December. For our area that's pretty good. It's very difficult for us to get 12+
  5. Our last 12+ storm was this guy back in march 2018. Still plenty of winter to go
  6. NWS predicted 8-12 and moon recorded 9.1 officially. Just because in your neighborhood you got like 7 or 8 doesn't mean it was a bust.
  7. I'd say if you enjoy winter weather than this was picture perfect day. Snow falling heavy at times during the day. Can't really ask for more. As far as forecasting this was dead on NWS had us 2-3 with Butler country 4 or 5 and that's exactly what happened. Are we really gonna complain over two inches. It's not like 2016 where we got 4 inches and just southeast got 12+.
  8. No you weren't you were forecasted 6-12 and they decided to up it at the last minute to 10-12. Their original 6-12 was fine. You just cry about every single inch of snow.
  9. lol gfs is back to a big bomb storm that destroys the east coast. The ensembles should be fun to look at. Right where we want it this far out.
  10. who knows maybe we get 3? Looks like two light events this week. One thing we haven't had in awhile is an arctic front with white out snow. I've never been more terrified driving than having to drive in one. Amazing though.
  11. seems like Sunday maybe a 1-3 type event then we have the possible juiced up clipper Tuesday and then that mega storm next weekend. May not capitalize on everything bit we should atleast be tracking. off topic I was at work last night bored so I scrolled through our threads from last winter and wow that December period was insane.
  12. Don't worry the 84 hr NAM will shit on everybody's dreams. All kidding aside looks like a big storm is a huge possibility during this time period.
  13. only positive is golf weather but a warm February will probably mean a late comeback for winter
  14. Appreciate the attempt but I'm looking for the hour long documentary and they focus on various aspects like the storms in Florida and then they talk about the kids who were camping in the mountains and then it goes from 60s to 20s in hours.
  15. sitting at work and I wanted to watch that one documentary about the blizzard of 1993 and seems like it was deleted off YouTube. Anybody know where to find it.
  16. 3k NAM and HRRR both trended a little north. We won't be bullseyed but maybe we sneak in an inch somehow.
  17. Hopefully we can sneak out an inch or even a coating to refresh the snowpack from this wave. HRRR trended north somewhat but it's still not enough. There's like a wall at the bottom of AGH County.
  18. Looks boring for a bit What is crazy is that it looks like Norfolk and the Delmarva is gonna get a crippling snowstorm.
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