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  1. Go east of SD and it gets hot fast. During summer El Centro gets into the low 100s regularly.
  2. Tony and I think Chris Martz were going around about BWI having some rogue sidewalk that was setting everything off too warm. I'm not sure if it was really or not but it seemed a bit silly. It was almost a daily thing when other sites were within a degree or two of BWI.
  3. Last year he was frothing at BWI.
  4. The 15:05 ob has 90°. The raw ob has a temp of 32° which would definitely mean it hit 90 then, right? The other obs were 31.
  5. DCA reporting 90° on the 5min obs. Should hit the low 90s here shortly.
  6. Up to 88° and the satellite looks to be going clear shortly!
  7. We need that shift to NW or WNW winds and DCA will cook.
  8. Sun poking back out here in Reisterstown.
  9. Back edge of the mid/upper level clouds are moving NE from DC. We probably have a 2 to 3 hour window for rain in Baltimore metro.
  10. Yea there's definitely a NW bend in the past few frames. Levi Cowan mentioned that was possible last night.
  11. Unconfirmed reports of moderate to significant flooding on the Delware beaches and up into Cape May County. WPC precip disco:
  12. I don't see how any organized precipitation gets west of the Bay/Susquehanna River.
  13. Several mesonet sites reporting solid TS conditions along the MD / DE coasts.