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  1. The Canadian is the only one that favors the lake county lakeshore not sure how i feel about that haha
  2. Hmm wonder what made my pivotal image disappear Unfortunately the band never set up here just missed KCLE - Precipitation Depiction, 1_37 AM.mp4
  3. dang lol the HRRR is pretty consistent in giving me 8-12 in far north Mentor
  4. Damn lake effect thunder i feel like this is kinda uncommon
  5. If only this was November KCLE - Super-Res Reflectivity Tilt 1, 9_53 AM.mp4
  6. ready for around 90 on Friday and then mid 50s for Sunday haha
  7. the struggle to hit 60 around here this spring when forecasted 70 is real lmao
  8. I mean i'll take whatever the RAP is smoking. (even if it's sleet)
  9. NAM not looking interested for any accumulation.
  10. Orrville is in Wayne County looks kinda close to Orwell tho which is in Ashtabula
  11. this feels like an over-performer. lol models show hours of snow left.
  12. Its already switched over here in mentor
  13. been 41 here forever here in Mentor. just imagine if all this rain also could've been snow.......-_-
  14. Looks like totals going back up lol for north east ohio anyway
  15. Wish I knew what he was looking at lmao
  16. lol the HRRR has near 60 in southern Ohio later this afternoon...
  17. Canadian finally came back south some haha
  18. by tomorrow EURO will have us at a 2-4 inch event.....lmao
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