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  1. A personal favorite for me was a Feb. '95 lake effect event in South Bend. This was probably the most hyped lake effect storm I can remember, as I recall local stations putting out maps with 1-3' expected. We ended up with about 21 in. over 5 days, but the highlight was a Tuesday afternoon snow band that came through and dropped 5 inches in an hour. The darkest, heaviest snow clouds I've ever seen.
  2. 2019...Most notable would probably be the early October heat, with highs of 95, 94, 94 for the first 3 days of the month. For the decade...The year-long monsoon of 2011. The yearly rainfall record was broken in October, and eventually smashed by more than 15 inches. 73.28" was the final total, and while there weren't really any extreme events where we picked up 7 or 8 inches in one storm, it was just relentless bouts of rain, pretty much throughout the entire year. The most memorable single event would have to be the March 2012 tornado outbreak. The Crittenden-Piner EF4 rolled through about 10 miles south of here, and the whole day was just pretty surreal. A once-in-a-decade kind of day, where you just could sense that everything was in place for something pretty extraordinary to take place.
  3. 95 at CVG today... beating the previous all-time monthly high by 4 degrees. Just saw that Lexington finished Sept. with only a trace of precip. Quite a stark contrast to the first several months of the year.
  4. Definitely think someone in the ohio valley is getting very close to, if not reaching, the century mark next Tuesday or Wednesday. Highs are consistently over-performing...93 here today, and I think 95-97 is a definite possibility next week.
  5. 95 yesterday/92 today at CVG. 95 is the hottest of the summer. Lexington airport climbed up to 100 yesterday...pretty surprising, as that is typically not a hot spot.
  6. 2-3 inches fell overnight, and that train in southern IN means business for this afternoon...creeks and streams are going to be going crazy.
  7. C+ here...21.6" so far...which is actually slightly above average. I would downgrade things for such a pathetic December, and also the lack of clippers, which just hold a special place in my heart. But a couple of extra credit points were earned for a pretty decent ice storm, and the Jan 19-20 storm that, for 2-3 hours, brought some of the best snow/wind conditions that we've had in the 13 winters that I've lived here.
  8. This was a really good shot at breaking the all-time record, -22. The wind wasn't off the lake, but it just never went calm. They would have had a real shot at -24/25. I saw that LaPorte made it to -25.
  9. A balmy 2 above down here. However, we did have our first ever Snow Squall Warning, which most definitely delivered...less than an 1/8 mi. visibility for at least 5 minutes.
  10. Saw a -28/21mph for a -59 WC in Park Rapids, MN at last hour.
  11. That lake effect signal following the storm is crazy. Very rarely have seen it that distinct, this far away from the event.
  12. Shelbyville, KY actually got down to -37. Between Lexington and Louisville, and I'm sure some unique topographical effects were in play there.
  13. Might be...I do remember this storm being forecasted for days in advance. Kind of joined Superstorm '93 to fuel the idea that the really big storms are well-modeled.
  14. This is a mixture of storms from growing up in South Bend, and now living in Cincy/Northern KY for the last 12 years: #1 - March 9-11, 1998...SBN picked up 15.8 over the 3 days, most of it on the 9th, with just scattered lake effect the next 2 days. The main show was ferocious, and I remember this being a sneaky one. Like Hoosier said, it came out of nowhere, with nothing significant in the forecast until Sunday night, before the storm hit on a Monday morning. #2 - The Odd Year February Storms...In 3 consecutive odd years ('91, '93, & '95), we picked up a heavy lake effect snow in February. 2/14-2/16/91 was 19.8"...2/22-2/24/93 was 20.1"...and 2/4-2/8/93 was 22.6". My most vivid memory of the 3, was the last one in 1995. The first part actually under-preformed, as the prediction was for up to 3 feet, and we only picked up about a foot. But then the last couple of days, featured an hour of probably the heaviest snow I've ever seen...about 5 inches in an hour on the evening of 2/7. I imagine this was probably some kind of meso-low or something, but back then, I had no clue what that was. #3 - 2/13/2007 Ice Storm...This was looking like a close miss, with much of the Midwest getting hammered, while we picked up an inch of 35 degree rain. Even up to the start of the event, the forecast was for just a cold rain. However, things never warmed up at the surface, and instead, produced about 2/3 to 3/4 in. of ice. Substantial power outages all across the area, this is still the most impactful event in my 12 winters down here. #4 - Blizzard of 2008 (March 7-8)...This was a good one, though not quite the monster it was for central Ohio. 10.7" at CVG, and it was more in the 12-14 inch range, where I lived, just a few miles south of the airport. This is one of only 7 two-day snowfalls over 10 inches, in the history of official Cincinnati reporting sites in the last 125 years, and only the 5th double-digit snow at CVG, since 1948. So yeah, that is pretty significant. #5 - January 15-16, 1997...I just remember this one, cause we got out on an early dismissal, which I think is the only time that ever happened in my life. Windy storm, with about 15 inches, which ushered it some pretty big cold air.
  15. Really going out on a limb there with "Midseason Rain and Snow" along the West Coast, and "Snow" for the northern Rockies. Quite a bold forecast.