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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous and is evidence of how misplaced our priorities are. I knew Gilbert well when I was a student at NIU in the 1990s. Great person with unmatched passion and work ethic who has done so much for the university.
  2. After the horror show of the past two winters, I was poking around Chicago's monthly F-6 climo pages for 2013-14, just to remember what cold and snow look like. While 2013-14 was a good winter relative to the typical crappy winter in Chicago, my review of the numbers reminded me why Chicago's climo is so frustrating for those who enjoy winter. In particular: looking at the technical numbers, January 2014 had all of the good attributes relative to normal (-8.1F temp departure, 33.7" of snow which is about 3x normal). On paper, it looks great. However, January 2014 only had 10 days with a snow depth of 6" or greater. That is just shocking to me. If you go north up to 45N, you'll find that even the worst Januaries have 6" on the ground for most of the month...much less 10 of the 31 days. ORD is close to 42N...not very far from 45N as the crow flies. What point am I trying to make? Even the best winters at 42N can't compete with 90% of the winters at 45N. It's tough to be on the wrong side of the Midwest "winter gradient". Another example...parts of southern IA only had about 6" of snowfall for the entire 2016-17 winter...whereas northern IA had around 50" (still nothing to write home about...but at least they salvaged decent snowfall in an incredibly mild winter). Here's to Winter 2017-18.
  3. Yeah...it was a shockingly bad winter over much of the central & southern Midwest. Portions of southern Iowa had less than 6" of snow for the season. While Chicago somehow ended up with around 26" (about 2/3 of normal), the "boots on the ground" reality was much more tame due to the extremely mild temps. The 83-day period from December 19 - March 11 saw a whopping 0.7" of snowfall. And, there were only 21 days in NDJFM with 1"+ snow depth...just ridiculous.
  4. Agree. Waterloo broke the old record of 1 set in 1925. Mason City dropped to -6, breaking the record of -5 set in 1979. Normal lows are in the mid-20's.
  5. LOT The main challenge with lake effect snow events such as this is forecasting snowfall accumulations over a broader area. Because the heaviest snow showers are likely to be in a band only about around 15 miles wide, there is likely to be considerable variability in snowfall amounts over short distances. Some of this large variably is likely to occur over the Chicago area. Areas falling under the heaviest band of snow, which at the present time looks to favor portions of Cook...eastern Dupage and at least southern Lake county Illinois, a good 5 to 10 inches with isolated higher amounts appear likely. The main band of heavy lake effect snow appears that it may gradually shift southward or waver across Cook and Dupage counties through the night. This would suggest that the lake effect showers will begin to impact portions of Will and Lake county Indiana, especially later tonight into Tuesday. Additional heavy bands of snow may then shift back over far northeastern Illinois by Tuesday morning. For this reason, it appears that there could be a prolonged period or two of heavy lake effect snow over portions of the warned area, and this could result in isolated higher amounts than currently forecast. Lake effect showers will be possible through Tuesday for northeastern Illinois, before the main focus for lake effect begins to shift over northwestern Indiana. Additional headlines for lake effect may be needed for more counties in Indiana, but since most of these areas will not get in on most of the lake effect snow until either later Tuesday or Tuesday night, we have opted to hold off on this for now. Its even possible that the current advisory in effect for Lake county Indiana may need to be upgraded to a warning if it becomes apparent that heavier snow will fall there on Tuesday.
  6. MKX calling for totals of 16" in Milwaukee and 15" in Kenosha:
  7. And MKX calling for 9-15" total, including overnight snowfall. MKE has had 0.30" of liquid in the past 3 hours, currently SN+ with 8" on the ground. KMKE 131452Z 15008KT 1/4SM +SN BKN005 OVC010 M02/M04 A3023 RMK AO2 SLP246 SNINCR 1/8 P0009 60030 T10171039 53003 RVRNO Milwaukee-Racine-Kenosha- Including the cities of West Allis, Wauwatosa, Greenfield, Franklin, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Racine, and Kenosha 943 AM CDT Mon Mar 13 2017 ...LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 1 PM CDT TUESDAY... The National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan has issued a Lake Effect Snow Warning...which is in effect until 1 PM CDT Tuesday. The Winter Weather Advisory is no longer in effect. * TIMING...Periods of snow, heavy at times today into Tuesday morning. * SNOW ACCUMULATIONS...An additional 5 to 8 inches is expected, bringing the storm total to 9 to 15 inches by Tuesday afternoon. The snow will be dry and powdery inland, possibly a bit wetter toward the lake. * WINDS / VISIBILITIES...East winds 10 to 15 mph becoming northeast this afternoon. Gusts up to 20 to 25 mph near Lake Michigan. Areas of blowing snow and drifting snow especially near Lake Michigan. Significant reductions in visibility will occur in the heavier lake effect snow showers. * IMPACTS...Plan on very difficult driving conditions today into Tuesday morning.
  8. Wichita KS was 75/55 at 6 PM yesterday...then an hour later it was 63/11. A nice 44-degree drop in the dew point in one hour. High temp yesterday was 79, low this morning was 27. Right now (2 PM central), it's 63/-3, RH 7%.
  9. Check this out: Record Cold in Arctic Canada http://ak-wx.blogspot.com/2017/03/record-cold-in-arctic-canada.html
  10. This is very interesting: Record Cold in Arctic Canada http://ak-wx.blogspot.com/2017/03/record-cold-in-arctic-canada.html#comment-form
  11. This is very interesting: Record Cold in Arctic Canada http://ak-wx.blogspot.com/2017/03/record-cold-in-arctic-canada.html#comment-form
  12. Yes - exactly.
  13. By northern WI, I mean the Minocqua/Eagle River area...where the avg. DJF temp is about 12 degrees colder than ORD.
  14. Correct...but why bother trying to add perspective? All it does is reinforce how bad Chicago's winter climo is...which we already know way too well. This post isn't directed at you Josh (or anyone else in particular) - just a general statement of frustration. I wish people would just admit how bad the winter has been, instead of trying to come up with silver linings with respect to prior winters. There aren't any. As for what Hoosier posted above - there really have been 20 winters with two or fewer days with 1"+ snowfall?? That seals it once and for all - Chicago does not have winter, period. Yes, Chicago has decent winters every so often (such as 2013-14 and 1978-79)...but you can never count on them. Send all of our ridiculous warm-mongering media and public to the UP for a winter, and see what happens to them. Even our cold Feb 2015 was normal for northern WI - people make it sound like that month was as cold as the North Pole. It's amusing. Prior to seeing all of these statistics about past winters, I figured we could easily explain away the horrid nature of the last 2 winters, i.e., "A, B, and C came together from a meteorological standpoint...and the odds of that occurring again are essentially zero." But then you see statistics which show that several past winters have been just as horrible...and you just throw your hands up. What's the point of trying to rationalize things anymore? None of the old stand-bys matter, i.e. "at least it will be wintry in mid-Dec to mid-Feb", "let the seasonal transition play itself out...good snow cover to the north will help keep things cold here", "storms won't cut after Christmas", "the shorter days will help us", etc. I should know better not to buy into these myths...especially when you consider that, for every nice wintry day in January with a high of 20 and a low of 5 (nothing extraordinary in the dead of winter), there needs to be a 40/25 day (an absolutely non-wintry day) to balance things out from a climo perspective. And it's even worse in Dec or Feb.