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  1. ORD still hasn’t hit the 40s yet this season. Will probably happen Saturday morning, but still…
  2. Yeah…and today’s min was 70 at ORD, the 2nd warmest daily min on record so late in the season.
  3. Right. I don't need it to be very cold this time of year...but some actual fall-like highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s would be nice. ORD hasn't dropped below 50 for the entire season so far, and this should continue through mid-October. That's crazy...it just doesn't feel right. Very little color on trees so far...it's like Mother Nature still thinks it's September 15th.
  4. ORD is up to 99 days with a temp of 80+ so far in 2021. Very backloaded this year, as Aug-Oct has meaningfully more 80+ days (47) than June-July (40). Normally ORD would be done with 80+ days by now, but the warm pattern over the next 10-15 days may lead to a few more. I don't think we'll break the record of 103 in 2005, but it could be close. April - 3 days May - 9 days June - 21 days July - 19 days Aug - 29 days Sep - 16 days Oct - 2 days
  5. Because our 30-year normals keep changing (increasing) so fast, departure #'s aren't very meaningful anymore. I prefer to focus on absolute temps. As you said, 5th warmest September on record (high 79.8, low 60.7). My apologies for being on a soap box...but the normals in Chicago are really getting out of hand. Using the 1961-1990 period, the normal high/low on January 1st was 29/13 (mean 21F). Using 1991-2020, it's 33/21 (mean 27F). So, January 1st is, on average, 6F warmer than 30 years ago. It's really sad and unbelievable...
  6. ORD is up to 97 days with a temp of 80+ so far in 2021. Very backloaded this year, as Aug-Sep had meaningfully more 80+ days (45) than June-July (40). If there is a warm spell in October, ORD could end up with around 100 days of 80+. That may crack the Top 10, as I believe the record for a year is around 105?? April - 3 days May - 9 days June - 21 days July - 19 days Aug - 29 days Sep - 16 days (assumes the high temp will hit 80+ on 9/29 and 9/30, but not on 9/28)
  7. 29 this morning in Hibbing, MN Still hasn't dropped below 50 here during September so far...looks like it could happen tomorrow.
  8. Yeah…I guess my beef is that the criteria are too strict. HI of 100+ should be an advisory, with a warning for 105+. HIs of 100+ feel very uncomfortable and oppressive even during the peak of summer…and especially in late August when it’s a bit rarer. I just use the “reasonability” test. If any day deserved heat headlines here, it’s today. Whether 103 or 106 or 107, it’s still oppressive. It’s a confusing message when part of the CWA is under an advisory and part isn’t…as it’s not a snow/no snow situation like winter, and there’s no lake breeze to make it much cooler in the northern counties. Not a big deal, and of course I am not intending to criticize the NWS. Sometimes I just think simpler is better - heat headlines everywhere. Maybe I’m just getting older and can’t stand the humidity anymore.
  9. Seems like a mistake for LOT to not have a heat advisory (at minimum) over their entire CWA. Currently 95/74/106 here with no heat headlines. Just miserable outside.
  10. Yikes, the evapotranspiration from the corn fields doing its thing. 91/78/106 here.
  11. Yeah…86/79/100 here. So oppressive. I don’t know how people in south FL handle this 6 months out of the year. A few days is bad enough.
  12. Wow...looks like Furnace Creek hit 130F this afternoon, even before the peak heat is expected tomorrow and Sunday. The temp sensor may need to be looked at closely, as it jumped 4F in one hour very late in the afternoon (between 4pm - 5pm local time). Kind of unusual, but I suppose it could happen. Winds went calm, which probably enhanced the heat in the deep valley (near 200' below sea level). Dew is fairly high too, at 48. Heat index 121.
  13. Looks like today will end up with a 116/93 max/min in Las Vegas. The low of 93 is tied for the 6th warmest daily min on record. All of these high min records have occurred in the last 20 years, driven by UHI. Prior to 2002, no daily min above 91 was ever recorded...and mins of 90-91 only occurred 3 times. 95 (7/1/2013; 7/19/2005) 94 (7/12/2020; 7/29/2016; 7/20/2005) 93 (today and 5 other days, all since 2005) The daily average temp of 104.5 is tied for the 2nd highest daily mean temp since 1937. The only higher daily mean temp since 1937 was 7/19/2005 (106.0). That day was actually the hottest day in LV history based on daily average temp - 117/95 max/min.
  14. Note that Furnace Creek is where the official obs are taken for Death Valley. That’s not quite as low elevation as the point & click forecast above. NWS going with 129 on both Sat and Sun for Furnace Creek. What’s interesting to me is there will be some humidity…so overnight mins could be extreme. I could see low temps around 105 over the weekend; could be all-time high mins?
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