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  1. at the Euro verbatim on April 13-14...of course it’s 8 days out.
  2. Not bad for 4PM local time on April 2nd Current conditions at Grand Forks, Grand Forks International Airport (KGFK) Lat: 47.95°NLon: 97.18°WElev: 843ft. Heavy Snow Blowing Snow and Windy 17°F -8°C Humidity 88% Wind Speed N 26 G 35 mph Barometer 30.04 in (1019.0 mb) Dewpoint 14°F (-10°C) Visibility 0.13 mi Wind Chill -2°F (-19°C) Last update 2 Apr 3:53 pm CDT
  3. I think that's right, along with (2) more testing and (3) health-care professionals still needing to work and then unfortunately spreading the virus back into the community or their families due to lack of PPE. Just my thoughts...not saying they are 100% validated and tested.
  4. Not sure if this perspective has been discussed much on here...but if you can get past his angry and egotistical style of writing, it's an interesting hypothesis. Most importantly - if this hypothesis is really true, what is the best solution going forward?
  5. Agree. And, there are income limits.
  6. Agree, although it would also help to have actual weather to discuss. Looking forward to talking about our 40s and 50s, and whether it will be cloudy or rainy or sunny. Very dramatic...rinse and repeat for the next 9 months.
  7. Congrats sir - at least someone is getting something out of this.
  8. First long as the lions share of the snow occurred early in the season, after which the cold would preserve the modest snowpack.
  9. Grade of F- easily. Only 6 “wintry days” at ORD, defined as a day with a high temp in the 20s or colder AND 2”+ of snow cover. Only 53 SDDs so far. It is hard to overstate how bad that is. Max snow depth of 3”. Pathetic on all counts. Total snowfall has 0% weight in the grading, on a stand-alone basis. Of course, all else being equal, more total snowfall would imply more SDDs...but this winter has been so warm that the total snowfall metric is even less important than usual.
  10. Right on...and then the subsequent meltdown, after realizing that this apparent “recovery” on the 0z NAM was just a mirage after all...after seeing today’s 12z NAM. This winter has invented about 10 new ways to fail. No cold air at all, no clippers, no phasing, Christmas which felt like summer, on and on and on and on. It’s a complete abomination.
  11. The 12z 3km NAM still looks “ok” (it’s all relative) for NE IL, but the bleeding has to stop right now. If it doesn’t, it’s game over. Not the best thing to be hanging our hat on, but it’s all we got.
  12. Do you think ratios will be closer to 12:1 like the Euro Kuchera has been showing...or 8:1 like the NAM?
  13. A meltdown is a badge of honor. Need to hold out until 0z tonight when the first wave is fully sampled, then it’s full tilt mode.
  14. I imagine it's best to look at the Euro ensembles at this stage.