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  1. beavis1729

    Lake affect for local climate

    Welcome, and good question. You can find cooler summers in northern WI, even away from the moderating effects of Lake Michigan. Many places north of Wausau have normal highs 75-80 and normal lows in the 50s, even in the heart of summer. This compares to July normals in Chicago of 85/65...and, if anything, downtown is even warmer at night due to UHI and lake temps that are much warmer compared to May/June. Any significant cooling impact from Lake Michigan is generally limited to April through early June. After that, the water temp is high enough where the cooling isn't as noticeable (it's less severe and/or less frequent). As Hoosier said, small lakes don't generally have a significant impact...mainly due to the small size and the fact that smaller bodies of water heat up faster than larger ones. In July and August, there is essentially zero lake cooling, because prevailing winds often come out of the W or SW instead of W/NW/N/NE...and because water temps are warm enough where the lake cooling just isn't very noticeable. And in September/October, there is a warming effect due to the warm lake temps...compared to air temps that are beginning the seasonal decline. Just my 2 cents...although I could be off on some of the details.
  2. beavis1729

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Cheyenne, WY just saw 9.9" of snow over the past 3 days (May 19-21), with a snow depth of 8" this morning. I know they're at 6,000 ft elevation...but that is just shocking to me. The high temp on 5/21 was only 34; normal high is 67. Average annual snowfall is 60", but they've had 82" this season.
  3. beavis1729

    May 2019 Discussion

    Looks like 8-12" in the Cheyenne area...crazy.
  4. beavis1729

    Spring/Summer 2019 Complaint/Banter Thread

    Duluth had 2.4" of snow yesterday (5/19). While this is the heaviest snowfall on record for so late in the season, you could argue that there have been a couple of more impressive snowfalls even later. Here are all calendar day snowfalls of 0.5"+ for DLH, on or after 5/19: 5/19/2019: 2.4" 5/19/1971: 0.6" 5/23/1924: 0.5" 5/27/1932: 2.0" 5/27/1965: 0.6" Latest measurable snowfall is 0.4" on 5/28/1965.
  5. beavis1729

    May 2019 Discussion

    Saturday had a lot of changing/variable sky conditions over N IL and S WI...so it's understandable that temps over the region weren't as uniform as usual. MBY only hit 73, as we only had a few small breaks of sun during the afternoon.
  6. beavis1729

    May 2019 Discussion

    The first day of the arctic outbreak (Jan 30th) was purely advection-driven, given the strong winds and CAA. In that situation, UHI doesn't matter as much. ORD hit -23, and most areas in N IL were similar. And RFD was actually colder, at -25. So, no cold bias there. On the second day (Jan 31st), ORD ended up being much warmer than you'd expect, not colder. Definitely not a cold bias. ORD only hit -21, whereas many areas of N IL were -25 to -30. RFD hit -31, and MLI -33...and Mt. Carroll set a new all-time IL record low at -38. MBY was -27. The details were discussed extensively in the arctic outbreak thread.
  7. beavis1729

    May 2019 Discussion

    Agree that PWK seems to have a warm bias. You’ll see this on low temps too, in addition to highs. It’s as if the jet exhaust at Palwaukee Airport is hitting the thermometer. The UHI around there is bad, but not *that* bad...
  8. beavis1729

    May 2019 Discussion

    Yeah, agree that a bit of snow looks possible for you tomorrow! Have you ever had flakes in the air as late as May 19th? Parts of SW ND actually saw 2-4” of snow today and were under a WWA...crazy.
  9. beavis1729

    May 2019 Discussion

    Wow!! Did you have any snowpack left before today?
  10. That makes it Chicago's heaviest snow on record so late in the season. 2nd place is May 1-2, 1940 (2.2"). Had about 3" here on cold metal surfaces, 2" on grass, and 1" on pavement. At 10 PM Saturday night 4/27 with snow caked on all surfaces and tree branches, it truly looked like a winter wonderland. By 6 AM the next morning, the snow on paved surfaces melted from below, despite temps around 28-30 overnight. By noon, all of the snow was gone.
  11. I will be the first to admit and defend my high standards for winter...but even I must say that today is incredible. Never in my life have I seen a true winter wonderland this late in the season. Currently 32 with twilight fading to darkness at 7:26 PM on April 27th and about 1.5” on grass and trees with moderate snow falling...and a dusting on pavement. Heck, the normal high in Fairbanks AK for today is 52. It really is amazing.
  12. beavis1729

    April 2019 Discussion

    ORD and RFD have a chance for record lows tomorrow. Record is 28, set in 1992 and 1976, respectively.
  13. Magic number for ORD is 2.3”. That would make it Chicago’s largest snowfall on record so late in the season. I think it will fall a bit short, but we’ll see.
  14. Same here...slight increase in rates and temp down to 32. Had been hovering around 34 much of the afternoon. Nearly 1” now in grassy areas, but still nothing on paved surfaces. If this keeps up for 4-5 more hours, we could make a run at 3”.