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  1. Interesting data for MSN...hard to believe the -37 on 1/30/1951. Their 2nd coldest temp on record is "only" -30 on 1/15/1963. A few days have come close in the (somewhat) modern era...such as -29 on 2/3/1996; -28 on 1/16/1979 & 2/1/1985; -27 on 1/20/1994; -26 on 1/31/2019. This makes the -29 on 3/1/1962 even more impressive.
  2. Yeah, I thought about the -25 and -27. The one thing that 12/24/1983 had going for it was that it's nearly the shortest day of the year. But I agree a case could be made for it being #1 on the list. EDIT: I made a couple updates to the ORD list.
  3. While we're in a boring weather period before the cold season gets underway, I thought it would be interesting to list out the temperature records at ORD that are easiest and most difficult to break. I'm only focusing on the cold & low-solar season, NDJF. Feel free to add other locations too. I may add low max and high min records later. A more detailed statistical analysis would probably look at all daily temps, to calculate the standard deviation assuming a normal distribution...then look at departures on a z-score (# of SD) basis. That way, it would account for the fact that a -20F daily departure in summer is probably equivalent to a -35F daily departure in winter temps are more variable. But a simpler way of doing this is to just see which records seem out of place relative to surrounding days and/or time of year. What I found interesting is that there doesn't really seem to be a correlation between the easiest records to break vs. how old the record is. For example, some of the easiest records to break are from the 1800s. It just seems to be a coincidence that certain days just haven't had extreme cold or heat...probably a feature of small sample size. Even with records going back to 1870, only 150 max/min observations exist for a given day at ORD. Also, the most difficult record low temps to break are mainly focused on the absolute coldest temps on records, not so much time of year. This is due to UHI worsening over time. Regardless of early-season or late-season, I think the all-time low temp of -27 on 1/20/1985 is almost impossible to break. We saw what happened on January 30-31, 2019... ORD - daily MAX temp records 10 easiest to break (1) 58 on 2/16/1921 (2) 52 on 2/2/2020 (3) 55 on 1/30/1988 (4) 56 on 1/5/1890 (5) 57 on 12/22/1957 - only December day with a record high lower than 60 (6) 61 on 12/11/1949 (7) 70 on 11/12/1949 (8) 62 on 2/28/2016 (9) 60 on 12/17/1977 (10) 60 on 12/16/1984 10 most difficult to break (1) 67 on 1/25/1950 (2) 69 on 12/28/1984 (3) 68 on 12/31/1875 (4) 70 on 2/11/1999 (5) 78 on 11/14/1971 (6) 75 on 11/19/1930 (7) 71 on 12/3/1970 (8) 65 on 1/1/1876 (9) 65 on 1/7/2008 (10) 75 on 2/27/1976 ORD - daily MIN temp records 10 easiest to break (1) -9 on 1/13/1929 - only January day with a record low higher than -10 (2) -10 on 1/27/1955 (3) 21 on 11/1/1879 (4) 19 on 11/6/1991 (5) 4 on 12/5/2005 (6) -10 on 2/7/1875 (7) -7 on 12/30/1909 (8) 14 on 11/14/1916 (9) -7 on 12/17/1951 (10) -1 on 2/26/1963 10 most difficult to break (1) -25 on 12/24/1983 (2) -27 on 1/20/1985 (3) -26 on 1/10/1982 (4) -25 on 1/16/1982 (5) -1 on 11/23/1950 (6) -2 on 11/24/1950 (7) -14 on 12/9/1876 (8) 7 on 11/12/2019 (9) 3 on 11/17/1959 (10) -23 on 1/30/2019
  4. It always amazes me how places in northern MN radiate, even if they're not in a valley or other drainage location. All that's needed is dry air and not being in a UHI setting - imagine that. The winds were fairly light at INL last night, but by no means calm. And, obviously, no snow cover. But it still dropped from 50F at 6 PM, to 32F at 10 PM.
  5. Gotta love wikipedia Obscuration FU Smoke (French: Fumée)
  6. A lot of obs in the Pacific NW with smoke, due to the wildfires. Air Quality warnings over almost the entire NW. Here is Spokane WA, 1 mile visibility: METAR KGEG 151953Z 00000KT 1SM R21/6000VP6000FT FU SCT001 OVC025 22/07 A3018 RMK AO2 SLP212 FU SCT001 FU OVC025 T02170072
  7. Maybe 1995-96? Chicago had its earliest freeze on record (ORD hit 32F on 9/22/1995)...then the next day was even more impressive with a low of 29F on 9/23/1995. Or, 1993-94? September 1993 was Chicago's coldest September on record, 59.2F vs. the 1981-2010 normal of 64.6F. Could have been lingering effects of Pinatubo?
  8. ^ Very impressive for Eau Claire...a 74-year-old record broken by 6 degrees. And it looks like Rockford IL will shatter the record low max for 9/9. Record is 63 set in 1924, but it will probably only hit 59-60 today.
  9. Not saying it’s “fake”, I just don’t like how humans are artificially warming and modifying the environment around us. And it’s not good that the suburbs keep expanding. It’s not natural. Not saying humans should strive for a prehistoric utopia, but there needs to be a balance between long-term planning for the good of the earth vs. the individual freedoms that individuals and companies have to make short-term decisions at the expense of long-term considerations. Communities over individuals.
  10. As much as we're talking about Denver, it has been and will be even crazier in Laramie WY. High of 91F yesterday after it was in the 40s during the AM with haze/smoke from wildfires, then winds gusted out of the NW and it hit 90/3 at an hourly ob, RH 3%. Laramie is around 7,200 feet elevation. Expecting 4-8" of snow Mon-Tues, with a low near 0F on Tuesday night.
  11. The 2-day temp drop at DEN later this weekend could be around 63 degrees, from 91F On Labor Day to the upper 20s at some point on Tuesday. So, probably won’t make the top 10, but very impressive for September, and early in the month at that. It hit 101F today, a new all-time September record high. There have been 10 occurrences of a 66+ degree 2-day temp drop at DEN, but none have occurred in September. They were all Oct-Feb. Largest 2-day temp drop on record is 76 degrees, from 58F on 12/13/2008 to -18F on 12/14/2008.
  12. Earliest first measurable snow: 9/3/1961 (4.2”) Average first measurable snow: 10/18 Warmest temp on the day before a measurable snow: 92F on 9/12/1993
  13. 61-day streak of consecutive 100+ days ended today in Las Vegas. 2nd longest streak on record.