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  1. Falfurrias TX was 101/82/128 this afternoon.
  2. I suppose...but this early in the season? Any Heat Index above 95F is horrible imo, so yes I'm biased.
  3. And it's even worse today. Brownsville is 102/80/124, and McAllen is 107/74/121...just unbearable.
  4. McAllen TX was 103/77/120 yesterday...that's absurd for any time of the year, but especially so in early May.
  5. Vegas was 90/16/84 yesterday, RH 7%. And even that's nothing, especially in June when the heat really kicks in but it's still before monsoon season. It's not uncommon to see June afternoons around 100/5/92, RH 3%. At 3PM on 7/2/2007, it was 110/-7/99, RH 1%...just insanely dry.
  6. Impressive late-season cold, especially by recent standards. It was 30 here. Some low temps in the LOT area: ARR 24 RFD 26 (record is 24 in 1988) DKB 28 FEP 28 DPA 29
  7. Yeah, I've seen SDDs mentioned fairly often, but mainly in places where there's a reliable snow cover each year. I like it because it brings a lot of important variables together (temperature, cloudiness, snowfall, frequency of thaws) and is a great way to capture the overall tenor of a winter. If one cares about living in a wintry place, it's probably the best/simplest metric to compare winters from one locale to another. Simply using snowfall as a winter metric can be very misleading. I'd much prefer a frontloaded winter with 40" of snow and a -10F temp departure, vs. a winter with 60" of snow and a +5 temp departure. The former would have a lot more SDDs.
  8. Another nice winter in southern Alaska. Anchorage just had their 2nd snowiest winter on record (132.6"). Average is 77", and the record is 134.5" set in 2011-12. Even more impressive is the snow depth days (SDDs) and # of days with snow cover. I'm not sure what those records are for Anchorage, but the final 2023-24 numbers have got to be close...and possibly brand new records: - 3,965 SDDs (the record snow season of 2011-12 had 3,807 SDDs) - 174 days of 1+" snow cover, including 172 consecutive days - 170 days of 6+" snow cover...more than 5.5 months! - 152 days of 12"+ snow cover - Peak snow depth of 38" on 2/5 (record snow depth is 47" on 1/1/1956) - Still 20" snow depth on 4/14, and 10" on 4/21 Warmer temps are on tap, which should allow for a quick snowmelt. Normals for April 15th are still fairly chilly (45/30), but high temps will probably soar well into the 50s later this week. *Edit #1: First 50F of the season on 4/20; the first 50F temp in Anchorage since 10/2/23 (201 days ago) *Edit #2: Updated stats through 4/24/24
  9. Not intending to speak for weather will, but there is probably a reverse psychology component to this. I can relate to it, since unfortunately I do it too. In the northern suburbs of Chicago, we have had 9 consecutive bad winters. 2013-14 was good, 2014-15 was decent (can’t call it good since the first half of winter was almost non-existent that season). The 9 since have been bad, using more meaningful metrics like SDDs (as opposed to snowfall totals). If snow melts after a few days, it ruins the ambience and tenor of winter. After so many years of being let down, one stops getting excited about winter overall (and snowstorms that show up on models) because it has often resulted in being let down. But in March, you feel more open to being excited, since it’s out of the “expected” season so you have less to lose if the threat falls apart. So, I don’t think it’s trolling. It also bothers me when people talk about climo all the time, and keeping expectations in check. If that were really true, there’s really no use getting excited about winter. There are certain absolute standards for winter. If you live in Miami, 1976-77 was a cold winter relative to normal. Does that mean it should get an A grade? Of course not, since there was never snow on the ground. Bing Crosby didn’t sing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…with the caveat and hope that all of the atmospheric indices line up perfectly.” I just want symmetry in the seasons. If you wake up in the heart of winter, it should be reliably cold with snow on the ground. When I look out the window in July, I know it’s going to feel and look like summer. There are no worries. I think a lot of us just want winter to be more consistent and reliable. It doesn’t mean there haven’t been wintry periods IMBY over the past 9 years…but there is no consistency. In late January 2019, we had two mornings in the -20s with nearly a foot of snow on the ground, but then it was in the 40s two days later. That’s unacceptable. Cold snaps seem to flip quickly, instead of more gradual warm ups on the back end of them. End of rant - all of this to say that, for people who really love the tenor of winter and like the harmony of seasons in seasons, it has been a very difficult period. The worst part about this winter is that, even in places where I thought winter was always sacred (like 45N and north in the Midwest), it has been horrendous. I had two snowmobiling trips planned in northern WI, and both were canceled. In fact, many areas never opened trails at all! Usually the season is from 12/15 to 3/15. It’s just horrible. Many areas in far northern WI average near 100”, but have only had 20” this season. Parts of MN have had less than 10” for the season. Obviously I don’t live in your forum area, but I stop by here often for the quality of discussion (same with TN valley). The lakes/Ohio valley forum seems puritanical, like you’re not allowed to be excited about snow and cold. Just wanted to add some context to the frustration and conversation. I hate to admit it, but it seems like we need to wait for the AMO and PDO to flip, in order to even have a reasonable chance at a decent winter. I realize this is a pessimistic view, but unfortunately it seems like a reasonable approach after 9 consecutive warm/bad years.
  10. Make that 77F at Rockford - just ridiculous. Normal high is 38F.
  11. Yeah, I thought it would mix out quite a bit more. It has at Rockford - 77 (!)/40.
  12. Prior to yesterday (records going back to 1893), Rockford's record high temp in DJF was 70F on 2/22/2017 and 2/25/2000. They hit 73F yesterday, and are already up to 73F at noon CST today. Two days in a row of all-time record high temps for met winter, going back 130 years.
  13. All The Climate Changer is doing is shining a light on what a catastrophe this winter has been, and speaking up when everyone else is silent. He's taking the data angle, and I'm taking the emotional angle (I've been doing the latter for years, but 2023-24 is the last straw). Either way, it's horrible...and deserves to be hyped and communicated as much as possible. He's right that the media is basically silent on what is going on this winter. Shockingly, it's even worse than that, because Joe Public is actually happy to have warm and snowless winters. If people are thinking this, then journalists aren't doing their job because the facts aren't getting communicated accordingly. Let's just do what the US does on every environmental issue - just remain silent and complicit. There's a political/justice-related saying from Plato: "silence is consent". And just like bullies do in school, people who have the courage to document and speak out against atrocities are often punished and told to keep quiet. I'm not comparing this winter to various forms of social injustice - just trying to make an analogy for purposes of understanding. This winter has set a new bar for how bad things can be. My go-to place in northern WI (Minocqua) has only had 15" of snow this winter, and 124 (!!) SDDs. They average 100" of snowfall and approximately 1,600 SDDs. And their DJF temp will probably shatter their old record by 3-5F, with records going back to the early 1900s. This is an abomination, and doesn't deserve to be minimized. From both an emotional and data-related standpoint, how can people be ok with this? Why isn't everyone furious and worried? The shocking thing about Winter 2023-24 is how bad it has been across nearly all of the Lower 48. Usually, at least some places have winter while others miss out - but this season, it's across the board. That's what he and I are trying to say - trying to get people to care, and to stop minimizing things. It's not right for winters to be warm like this. People can debate the degree of CC vs. natural variability...but, either way, it's just not right. So, we should say it. And don't even get me started on UHI - a whole other issue which is extremely concerning. If you step back and realize how much humans can impact temps in a city environment, it seems so unnatural...yet everyone just accepts it and moves on. The normal January low at ORD has increased by 4-5F over 40 years - how can that be ok?? We as a society should be doing everything possible to stop this - but no one cares at all. Gee, I wonder why - everything is "individual freedom" - heaven forbid we pool together and take collective action to solve problems. Individual freedom should be A consideration, not THE consideration. And then when a group of people actually does work very hard and summon up the courage to try to change something, it gets stalled because society/government/policy wonks/corporations/etc. don't want anything to change. For people who love winter, it has been hard to suffer through every winter since 2014-15. That's 9 winters in a row. You can have the other 275 days in the year - what's so wrong with letting people have 90 days of consistent winter? Most people on this board love winter, yet they act like bullies and put everyone else down when they express their true thoughts. Why aren't we all in this together? What's the problem with admitting that you love the season, and that the current situation is horrible? It doesn't matter what ENSO and the 5,000 other cyclical indices say; there should be more than 10 "good" days, even in the worst winters. Not expecting 90 days - but at least 50 or 60. The good folks in Minocqua and nearly every other place in the Lower 48 are suffering because of this. No one wants to have a drink at the local watering hole, or get together with friends at a nice restaurant, when there is no snow for skiing, tubing, stargazing, snowshoeing, and other activities. And a true, deep winter-like White Christmas (not just 1-3" of slop at best) has become a pipe dream, even though it's the shortest days of the year and it should just happen because of the calendar and the mystique around it. The winter atmosphere is slipping away, and everyone is just staying silent while it happens. It's catastrophic - so please let people speak up about it without feeling shy about it, and spread the word. There is no need to rationalize something that is so bad - we just need to admit how horrible it is, and stop being in denial. It can't and shouldn't be rationalized. And I'm not saying we'll never have good snowstorms or occasional cold outbreaks again. But that doesn't really matter either way...because winter is a mindset based on duration and consistency simply due to the calendar, not the ups and downs of individual storms and needing to hope for certain patterns to produce anything resembling true winter cold. In summer, we don't worry about warm temps - they just happen. And that's great, for summer. I'm not opposed to summer and any other seasons - just let them fit into their appropriate place on the calendar. One thing I do agree on - there should be a separate thread for climate-related info. But there's no need to jump down people's throats simply because they express genuine concern and frustration. There could be a kind request to start a new thread - very simple. In many aspects of life, it's difficult to deal with situations where you feel alone, like you're the only one experiencing something. One purpose of these forums is to bring people together who have a common interest - so let's get back to that and support each other. It would probably be easier if we knew each other in person, instead of typing keystrokes through a screen. I just want all of us to have good intentions, and do things for the right reasons. If you want to take the "not so serious" angle - that's fine too. For people who love winter, it has just sucked lately - there's no other way around it. So let us complain and vent; I wish others did the same. Stop the bickering - nothing to hide.
  14. You’re all measuring “futility” wrong. Instead of total snowfall, try looking at SDDs, or average temperature, or # of days with snow cover, or # of days with the high temperature below freezing. Those are much more important metrics when determining the grade of a winter. If a 6” snowfall occurs and then melts in a day, it doesn’t really do much. But if a 6” snowfall occurs at the end of November that helps to usher in cold temps and snow cover through the end of December, it makes the winter a lot better.
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