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  1. Lookin pretty torchy for us in the Ohio Valley as we go into late October and early November. Hopefully winter has something up it's sleeve.
  2. We had one of our largest snowstorms ever in March of 2008. I think it was a fairly dismal winter up until that point. Ended around 46" for the season.
  3. You could live in Ohio. We're always on the outside looking in.
  4. Well yeah, it's theoretically possible. One could see it as being just as possible as snow later in the Spring (which we had this year). My area has only seen measurable snow in October five times since records have been kept. One of those times was from the remnants of Sandy. Early snows seem to be the trend in the last decade. I just don't know how I feel about seeing it this early on.
  5. I just can't... I can't even imagine something like this. I can understand it's possible for stuff like this to happen soon in the Upper Midwest, but I don't recall fantasy storms this early.
  6. They did stifle information about the virus and prosecute, and maybe even kill (can't be proven) those who tried to warn us about the virus. Remember... early on it was Trump who was being overly cautious in handling things. China said it was okay, our doctors said it would be bad. Trump has never been one to bounce back from criticism if he thinks we was "right" the first time.
  7. Dr. Conley clearly had specific instructions from Trump as to what he was allowed to say. Were they downplaying the severity of his status? Probably, but who doesn't? Haven't we all had that initial reaction when we first start feeling sick that it's just nothing? Of course the President is easily the most on display and public person in the world, but it's really not necessary to prod information that really has no impact. What would knowing every single detail really tell us? For example, would him having a cough instead of congestion or fatigue instead of a fever (I understand that the symptoms are not mutually exclusive) tell us that much about his condition? Having been through the virus myself and knowing many with it now, I can say that the condition of someone with the virus can change extremely rapidly. However, we also know that each case can be unique. Sorry to ramble but I think the most important takeaway should be that his carelessness with the virus since the first wave is probably what got him in this mess in the first place. I just really don't like the "trust the science unless it's good news for Trump" narrative that hasn't been adopted yet, but it seems that some are heading there.
  8. This is my first time reading through this thread. In regards to some of the speculation as to why Trump would be taking such aggressive medications and treatments, I'm fairly certain there has long been a plan in place for if (probably when) Trump got the virus. I wouldn't be surprised if doctors had done a thorough investigation as to which treatments would be most effective and what he could handle. After all, they would be quite familiar with his health after 3.5 yers.
  9. I really have no Idea what happened. It was supposed to be this.
  10. Can we just lock this in Nov-Feb?
  11. Pain... but yeah you're probably right. I expect us to cash in on some of the more progressive/weaker systems, but the heavier ones will probably stay north like usual.
  12. 1.52" with maybe more coming overnight. Went from a terrible dry spell to a tornado warning and numerous thunderstorms. Still a few inches in the hole but I will take anything at this point. Still a bit worries about what's going on north of me. Looks like 5+ inches in some spots and tons of flooding.
  13. You are correct, we will never forget March 2008. I think I had about 22 inches from that bad boy. No school for 3 days!
  14. Looks to stay absolutely dry and hot here. UGH!
  15. It really is nuts how "short" this summer has been. Having freezing temps just 17 weeks ago and now seeing that 540 line pop up on the GFS is pretty surreal. I don't think we've ever had September snow around here, maybe some flakes. I've got to wait at least 10 weeks for any of that.
  16. I need to learn to accept that it just doesn't rain in my zip code during the summer. All the storms here either ride up the Bellefontaine ridge, or head into the Scioto Valley. Sigh...
  17. If this is a 2012 type summer, a 2012-2013 winter wouldn't be bad at all.
  18. There's nothing that can stop this dry spell now.
  19. I'm really rooting on the remnants to give us some drought relief. Unfortunately the models keep pushing it south.
  20. There's nothing like 92 on October 2nd. You want summer to leave a bad taste in your mouth? That's how.
  21. Long range models have been hinting at a pretty substantial cool down around this time after the warmer weather in the next few weeks.