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  1. Who’s ready for a mid March severe weather event like in 2012
  2. Really feeling and looking like the tundra this morning
  3. I was about to graduate when that happened. I will remember for the bad roads and the fact of how it got down to -17 imby at the time. And in September we had upper 90s and temps where I lived and was quite warm and had some record highs then 4 months later to record cold. That winter I was running out of room in my driveway to shovel snow had mounds over 6’ high. And top it off with it being below 0 in March on my bday was something else. Even that summer was cooler than normal if I remember correctly
  4. Had some nice light snow to start work today was nice to have snowfall and on top of a snowpack. Really felt like winter. Enjoying it before we torch again
  5. That’s currently how I’m feeling. It’s why I laughed when I seen DTX mention rain along and south of 94. I’d be more then happy with 2-4 additional on top of current snow pack.
  6. Seen the morning discussion with DTX kinda funny how they are calling for rain along and south of I94
  7. I agree the sun shined on the dogs ass that time. But that’s what makes this fun
  8. I call a thin layer of angel dandruff on my work truck when I get up in the AM
  9. Sorry for the individual pics file sizes are huge
  10. I feel like a kid working out in the woods right now
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