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  1. https://www.mlive.com/weather/2023/09/today-in-michigan-weather-history-this-up-town-had-a-record-snowfall.html Ironwood MI in 1995 got over 6 inches of snow
  2. I go up to Whitefish Point next week so I’m fine with a big ass ridge keeping the cold away while I do some fishing with my girls.
  3. Vast majority of us are laid back like a dead fly
  4. We definitely had our share of storms and rain though for sure
  5. Came back scorching hot sir welcome back!
  6. I was coming home Friday and drove over the river on 475. Definitely very low. Down in Columbus the Scioto and Olentangy are getting on the low side aswell
  7. Of course when it’s going to rain the ILN radar is out. Good ole fashioned watch the sky today. Probably get rained on at work today
  8. That’s why I can’t go on that app. I feel like my brain cells are lining up one by one to off themselves
  9. Lee is the main and Jova is the side piece
  10. Should create a website called WeatherBets. Get your over/under based off storms
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