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  1. Detroit NWS expecting storms to stay along the I94, 96, and 696 corridors. 10-2am going to fun today got tomorrow off too can porch chase tonight.
  2. Pretty neat to get bolts way behind the storm with no rain at least at my house
  3. The lightning frequency to my SW is incredible and not even a severe storm. Really wish that was closer to me can hear faint rumbles. Gets me happy for round 2 while I sleep
  4. More convection in northern Wisconsin I wonder if that may materialize into anything
  5. Don’t look like it will build more into Michigan it seems
  6. I was just looking at that it’s pretty beastly
  7. Damn dude that is mean looking
  8. Take a pic of you can that area is a hell of an area to watch for storms rolling off the lake
  9. Where I am it definitely is overcast I believe the front is near?
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