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  1. never forget the 16" in Cedar Rapids on the last storm!
  2. this thread is the biggest train wreck I have ever seen
  3. So climo for those west of the lakes?! Its ass isn’t it!
  4. UK/CMC/Euro all have a similar system at FH126. GFS has a clipper in the UP.
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this and there isn't really a place for it, but seeing as Stewart has been around since 1999 and is well known by those who read the discussions, I figured it was newsworthy enough to warrant its own (albeit small) thread. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/pdf/stewart_retirement_010122.pdf
  6. please dont encourage them, they're better off in quarantine
  7. Pattern after about day 7 or so looking mighty mediocre. Looks like a seasonably stagnant pattern dominated by pacific air.
  8. I busted low! Somehow. Not really sure how. looking at 6” outside rn
  9. I will say I cant really remember a time where the dry air on the north side of a system was overmodeled. Big dry slot coming in and eating at the southern side of snow band sure. But even early this morning higher res guidance had the dry air holding on far longer than it actually did.
  10. Yea haven't seen many others from the CR area so far so figured I'd throw mine in for once.
  11. Just measured 5.5". Talk about a weenie band right up against the northward cut off of snow totals.
  12. Just dumping. Maybe even 2”/hr right now. Visibility subjectively 1/8mi.
  13. Parachutes right now in Hiawatha. Probably 1-1.5”/hr. getting extremely lucky with the placement of the northward edge of snow and this weenie band that’s been over Linn County basically all day.
  14. It is snowing here currently. DAB+ so far. Should be just on the right side of the cut off? Time will tell. Flake size is very small at my location.
  15. Now this, this would be quite something. My apt in IC gets 10" while my house in CR (where I am now) gets nothing.
  16. idk about yall but im all in on the SREF
  17. This thing is falling apart hard on HRRR/RAP for what that's worth.
  18. The 18z GFS/RGEM are in and the NAM stands alone. 4" call here looking money.
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