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  1. Actually, that initial wave left over .2" - surprising, but they were big raindrops.
  2. Just a few puddles with this one. More later, I'm sure.
  3. HA, that line is looming and booming right to my west right now. Always appreciate your maps! ADD: Fast mover for sure.
  4. With all of the rain that fell locally, the tree frogs sound happy. I'd thought that they were through for the season, but it isn't so.
  5. Sky News Australia. Enough said.
  6. nothing much here so far light rain. no thunder.
  7. Those rain gods gave me about 0.5". Enough to keep things green a little longer.
  8. Not too cold, or the critters don't sing.
  9. 2.3" here. All quiet at last. Just tree frogs and crickets.
  10. All Hell is loose here in Princeton too. Storm is fast moving. Tornado warning is now a Watch, so maybe that's good news locally. Hamilton is just S of here.
  11. All Hell is loose here in Princeton too. Storm is fast moving. Tornado warning is now a Watch, so maybe that's good news.
  12. The North Cascades looks to be ablaze now, too.
  13. Sheesh! Central Park is a great place. But that blows my mind. Probably economy and budget issues, cum bureaucracy at its worst. Pity the poor Mets who get blamed. No met for 60 miles.
  14. Been hearing katydids in the nearby woods for several days. Tree frogs are silent tonight. Saw a tiny one trying to climb outside wall, thinking that it's a tree no doubt. Cicadas are around, but not noisy. Maybe this will be a quieter year, after their more numerous cousins had the stage here. Waxing moon is appearing spooky in tonight's sky, due to the fires out west, perhaps. Gonna be a good night for sleeping.
  15. I grew up in JC. You always get it late, it seems.
  16. System still looks robust going into NE NJ and NYC. Glad the the timing gives us a night's sleep. Winding down here but still rumbling and raining. close to 2" here tonight.
  17. Some loud thunder is back. Must be the round from Philly. Maybe after this, I can get some sleep.
  18. was out briefly. the tree frogs are singing happily. Bring it on.
  19. Round two looks appalling on radar. After all the mayhem, got just over 1" on my deck. More coming of course. BTW Lauren Bacall was great. I hated Johnny Rocco. Glad he got his in the end. First saw that as a kid. I was rootin for the old man to hit him one. After what he did to his poor boozy girlfriend. Edward G didn't want the role but went ahead. Great movie. But I digress...
  20. That's near me. Wadda storm. "Key Largo" redux. Johnny Rocco gettin' nervous. (Great movie about a hurricane, for those who don't know w hat I'm raving about.) Thunder getting a little quieter, waiting for the next round. Had to disconnect my iMac for a while.
  21. Surely you don't mean a female frog - Joking aside, the trees around here are full of frog calls at night. Never paid much attention before, but they were around over in Englishtown/Manalapan NJ too when I visited last Saturday. Must be the high Dewpoints this summer. There were lots of 17 year cicadas around here. Plenty of mosquitos too.
  22. The storms weren't bad around my way. Just a few bangs, and very little rain. Lots of smaller cells around me, though. I hope that the aquifers are well charged. The mosquitos are grateful.
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