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  1. Made a screen shot of Delta's tail. Wishing you luck in dealing with this storm.
  2. I had wondered the same thing some months ago when he did not start the Atlantic Tropical thread and I noticed he was not posting much at all lately and wondered if it was the criticism he so often got about the ethics of chasing, so I Googled ICyclone and found a bit of chatter on Facebook of which I do not partake, don't like their politics, don't have time for the drama. I just Googled ICyclone and found the post below at Facebook, Josh is in the Pacific. The Pacific is a lot more fun than the Atlantic whether it is cyclones or surf. Use to live on Oahu, Hawaii back in the 70's so I can appreciate the talk about waves in this thread. Pipeline beach will always be my most favorite place on the Planet. iCyclone 11 mins · Hey from... JAPAN. Yeah. Wasn't gonna go for it, but just couldn't help it-- I have the cyclone itch, I need to scratch it-- so I hopped on a flight from L.A. and here I am. What sold me was Typhoon GONI's structural changes yesterday. The new, huge eye and truck-tire structure make the cyclone's core a large target (good for island chasing) and also more stable. I've noticed over the years that pinhole eyes and tightly-wound eyewalls are sexy, but they can disintegrate in seconds-- that sexiness is fragile-- whereas these fat-core systems are more durable and just built to last. (That having been said, a little dry air has gotten in recently.) So here I am in Tokyo. And now it's time for my favorite game: Island Roulette.