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  1. Now you're doing too much. If you add that in there too, we're talking legendary. Our hearts can only handle so much.
  2. There would need to be a Feb 2010 repeat PLUS superstorm of 93 to get this winter to an A.
  3. Euro sends the low flying off the SE Coast in 10 days. This stuff is comical at this point.
  4. There is no .01 mb limit. Perhaps if you didn’t post 1 terabytes of maps without deleting your storage from time to time, you’d have more space?
  5. Yeah, noticed that as well. Not holding out for anything, but it's all we got.
  6. He's overrated. The GFS made that clear.
  7. It's an hour and 10 outside of DC. Just about, in terms of spatial geographic terms.
  8. You might wanna wake up yalls local WFOs down there. lol. Although admittedly, I'd wait for a few more runs of the GFS. We both know how the NAM likes to get precip happy. But looks like everything is bumping up and there is a real good trend for your region.