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  1. I was definitely one of those who kinda thought the winds would be meh. I wasn't overly vocal about it, but still. Might be a nice surprise with this one.
  2. That map looks like one of us took a map and superimposed a huge fake hurricane over it
  3. Somebody needs to tell LWX .NEAR TERM /THROUGH TUESDAY/... Multiple bands of showers and strong thunderstorms have developed south of I-66 and along and east of I-81. Hail and damaging winds, along with flooding rainfall, will be the main concerns through the remainder of the afternoon. This activity will slide northward but then should be joined by additional convection from a PRE (Precursor Rain Event) well ahead of Isaias this evening. Isolated incidences of flooding will be the main concern as we transition into the evening.
  4. If this was winter, we'd be the Pittsburg of this storm.
  5. I can honestly say, this is the most excited I've been in a long time...for rain.
  6. Hmmm, Tough decision here
  7. The black guy has been here! Well, there are two of us now. Find 3 more of us and we could give the Jackson 5 a run for the money.