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  1. The only difference is, there's always a higher league when it comes to weather ;-) Like Portland vs Boston, or Bangor vs Boston, etc. I wonder if there is a certain latitude where the difference is the most if you're north of it vs south of it? I know it's different every year, but on an average climate basis? Maybe it's 40 N?
  2. Yessss, I hate it when it's raining here and snowing to our east that just seems like bizarro world lol
  3. Thanks, just saw it. Still snowing there?
  4. Any 6" reports? Looks like an amazing day with all day snowfall there! Here in the Poconos we had 1-2 inches of snow from 7 am to 11 am before it ended and it was all melted an hour after that lol.
  5. Yea, last year was like 11-12 minus the October snow, so if this is 12-13 compared to last year's 11-12 I dont think anyone will mind.
  6. they're destroying the forests there? In the Age of Nature series they were showing how Bhutan became the first carbon negative nation on the planet by preserving their forests and building dams by hand to stop flooding from ice melt.
  7. I'm happy with my 1-2 inches of slop that I saw beginning at 7 am and ending at 11 am. An hour after it ended there were no signs of it left....that's how quickly it melted.
  8. What was the furthest south that had accumulating snows and snows of 1"+?
  9. I'm not sure, based on what I've been reading this is going to be a latitude based winter and it's best to be north of the CT shore to get good snows. I'd expect less than 20 inches of snow this season and anything more would be a bonus.
  10. I hate these Boston vs NYC comparisons, people have to understand they're in a different league. It's like comparing a major league baseball team vs a minor league team lol. Of course the major league team is going to win 90% of the time. That all day snow in October must've been amazing though, how much did they get? I heard 6" just SW of Boston?
  11. in the "good ole days" before the internet, Poughkeepsie might as well as have been Greenland. If it didn't snow here, as far as I knew, snow didn't exist lol. Never knew what was going on in New England either.
  12. Also at least in this era we can have above normal snowfall with above normal temps, I'd rather have that then below normal snowfall with below normal temps lol.
  13. Interesting similarities between this event and the one last May.
  14. it looks like the snow is winding down and the storm is starting to end here. What is all that blue showing up on radar in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and Western to Central Long Island- is it actually snowing in these places?