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  1. Really wow I dont remember any wind like this outside of April-May. Is the ocean cooler than normal? By June you'd expect this kind of wind to die down.
  2. This is April-May kind of windy weather. You dont see that kind of ocean jet in the summer.
  3. The 90s were amazingly hot and we saw more 90s temps in that decade than any other before or since. I would extend this period from 1991-2002. 1991, 1993, 1995, 1999 and 2002 were all record setting hot summers with very high numbers of 90 degree days and several 100 degree days right to the coast. The period 2010-2013 was similar but except for 2010, the heat wasn't as prolonged as it was in those earlier super hot summers.
  4. Is Is this wind the reason we saw those two teens die in the Rockaways the other day? That was tragic. Lifeguards should work until sunset and not be allowed to leave at 6 PM
  5. Philly too. JFK's highest index was 117 on back to back days (99 highs-- annoying!) on a weekend a few years ago, I forget which year.
  6. But they really had no problem exceeding 100 degrees in both 2010 and 2011. Do you think the oceans will blunt extreme climate change by regulating how hot the temperatures can get? Maybe our high temperatures will now level off and even go down a little for coastal areas?
  7. Yes this is so true, I remember in 2010 it still felt really good with temps of 101-103 and low humidity and a nice downslope wind.
  8. There were a couple since then which were also very bad but not quite to that level 1993 had nine days of 100+ at Newark including five in a row in that particular heatwave. NYC had three days in a row of 100+ 1999 if I remember correctly had 2 heatwaves of 7+ days as did 2002. Haven't had any 7 day heatwaves at NYC since 2002.
  9. Notice how we're getting left out here, can you make a cosmic blowtorch strong enough to evaporate the Atlantic? Asking for a friend.
  10. southerly flow is very upsetting, what can you do about nuking the Atlantic Ocean? It's polluted anyway let's get rid of it.
  11. why cant we get strong westerly flow anymore? we only got one day of heat here
  12. Friday and Saturday?
  13. That's all they have kept saying in the media, "wait for Tuesday to get a break from the heat and humidity'
  14. we also need to see if we can get away from this southerly flow that keeps Long Island from having consistent 90s, it's very annoying to be the part of the tristate area that is missing out on this.
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