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  1. Don was that 36 the lowest you could find for our area? I couldn't find anywhere on Long Island that dipped into the 30s. Or Mt Pocono or Toms River for that matter, which are usual cold spots for our region. Don, if we have a warm and dry fall, isn't that a strong indicator for a mild winter with little snowfall? I'm thinking along the lines of 2001-02. I dont see any similarities here with either 2002-03 or 2010-11, which were both big blocking winters, although one was an el nino and the other a la nina.
  2. LibertyBell

    guess the date of knyc's first freeze

    Wow that beat the 37 at Newburgh! That's frost weather. Do you think Marthas Vineyard, Westhampton Beach, Toms River or Mt Pocono got lower than this?
  3. What was the lowest temp in our area? I saw a 37 at Newburgh (frost?) and a 38 at Monticello. I wonder if Toms River or Westhampton Beach got lower?
  4. Think we beat August 1995 for dryness? That was a perfectly dry month right until the last day..... and notable for its heat and widespread forest fires!
  5. Thats weird- thats the first time I've seen the 1988 heatwave mentioned on a list like this! We didn't hit 100 in 1988 though did we? I remember that the strongest heat in 1988 was off to our west. edit- I saw that was for Newark- I bet the city and long island didn't have that long a streak in 1988.
  6. definitely looks very 1983 esque
  7. its amazing that it was the longest heat wave and yet occurred so late in the season!
  8. thanks, Chris, was 1983 their latest 90 and 100 degree days?
  9. LibertyBell

    Memory Lane

    Dec 1992 caused a lot more damage because it lasted for 3 days. March 2010 had stronger winds here, but was of much shorter duration.
  10. LibertyBell

    Memory Lane

    and we haven't since, that thing lasted for 3 days!
  11. LibertyBell

    Memory Lane

    On this solemn day, one of my early weather memories was the extreme heat on 9/11/83..... I think JFK hit 100 that day? Was that their latest 100 on record? NYC hit 99, and I think that was their latest 99?
  12. central park lagging behind, I dont think JFK even got out of the low-mid 80s, but it was really humid and uncomfortable here, I had the a/c on
  13. LibertyBell

    My Summer Outlook 2019 VERIFICATION

    we probably wont have another historically hot summer until 2021 (you know why), what I mean is dry heat with rainfall under 3" for each summer month, like 2010.
  14. I love these storms, it's just like having a noreaster! This is a lot better than what happened (or didn't happen) on Wednesday!