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  1. the extremes of April 6-8 are extremely laughable, look at what happened in 1982 and 2003 on the same date vs what happened in 1991 and 2010 lol 90s and big heat vs an all out cold blizzard and a significant snowstorm
  2. extremes 1991 and 2010 vs 1982....... 90s on the same date vs a true cold blizzard
  3. Looks like this is transmissible to and from (nonhuman) animals too
  4. the new 15 min test is a lot less invasive and much faster
  5. baseball season is still months away lol
  6. Looks like we finally get some warmer and drier weather over the weekend and beyond
  7. I find that with such huge high pressures, we have big warm ups when we get to the other side. looks like that might happen next week?
  8. when do we see hot temps with a -NAO? in the summer?
  9. Thanks! Do you have any data about that year in the 1860s where NYC got between 90-100 inches of snow, it was just before official record keeping started.
  10. I saw a new statistic the other day, which is how long the snow season was. 2001-02 has the record because all the measurable snowfall that season occurred within about 16 days lol. This season ranks #3 (46 days.) Looks like we might have missed only the second time that the last freeze was in February by one day.
  11. The other day the two records were 100 years apart..... 1888 and 1988 lol. Looks like 1888 had multiple record lows in March in the teens and single digits, even well after the big Blizzard. Different world then.....
  12. looks like they wanna be outside! They'd rethink that if they saw a cat staring back at them.
  13. weird that JFK had a foot of snow in March 1993- slightly more than NYC. I wonder what they would have had had it stayed all snow....the heaviest part of the storm was just getting going when we changed over. So Feb 1920 and Feb 1921 had back to back of those mixed monsters?
  14. and thats how April will end up "warmer" than normal.
  15. Looks like the 3-6 inch snowfall predictions didn't work out in the Poconos, all I saw there were 1-3" reports.