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  1. I can see it now! But it's out of totality and no more red in it! I can see it through the clouds it looks hazy and like a crescent moon
  2. How high up is it? I can't see it! hey midpoint of the eclipse is soon let me know if you see it
  3. it's so sunny here I have some hope for the eclipse tonight!
  4. I'm not sure how many understand the whole concept of a runaway greenhouse effect or how a chain reaction works. That's basically what's going to happen here. Think of nuclear meltdown-- even if we somehow "boomerang" from that, the damage is already done, and in this case it's actually worse than a nuclear meltdown because on the scale of the planet, things will keep getting worse even after the meltdown stops.... It also reminds me of the chemical industry and Dow and the pesticide chlorpyrifos which damages developing brains. Dow asked California to let them use more of it than regulations allowed, promising they would use less the following year and it would all even out in the end. In typical corrupt corporate form, they never used less....and it had to be outright banned in CA (it's banned here in NY too.)
  5. That makes me wonder are there actually storms that just keep circling the earth over and over again?
  6. there will be hell to pay if that eclipse doesn't work out tomorrow night, the clouds can go away forever
  7. how long does it take for a cutoff low to disintegrate on its own if it doesn't go anywhere? It has to sometime right-- eventually high pressure will fill up the low and it will dissipate.
  8. its lot rainier and crapper than it was in the 80s and 90s
  9. for me clear and dry air gets rid of all pollen, the rain and humidity makes it much worse
  10. it better be clear tomorrow night, these clouds can go away now
  11. I want a device to be invented to suck the clouds into space and get rid of them forever I hope we get to see the eclipse tonight but if we don't you can be sure I'm going to find a way to make all the clouds go away forever
  12. I remember that-- it turned out to be the hottest day of the entire year and it only hit 90 once more that year after May, and that was on the last day of August! We went through almost the entirety of summer without a single 90 degree day! It was very humid too! I remember one day was overcast with a temp of 80 and humidity of 100%! I believe Islip hit 98 or 99 too. Question-- why is it that none of the local forecasts have this kind of heat predicted-- they all say we're going to be in the 70s next Saturday? I see 1992 up there too! I don't remember that heat at all! Wasn't 1992 the year without a summer-- Pinatubo made that summer very cold-- it was another one without any 90s!
  13. Looks like the highest positive anomalies will be near the coast? Maybe we can get close to 90 here too.
  14. Plenty of birds singing here, I even yelled at them to stop because they're just so damn loud. They even woke me up one night around 2:30 am....what on Earth could possess birds to sing in the middle of the night and what kind of birds could they possibly be?
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