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  1. Right and I find that our big heat summers typically see the big heat start around or just after July 4th! It's all a bit delayed this summer.
  2. LibertyBell

    90 Degree Days

    Glad we hit 90, 89 degree days are really annoying, if it's going to be hot it might as well hit 90
  3. LibertyBell

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    current society would disintegrate without its technology, it's so dependent on it! at least if the power outage had happened at night we would finally be able to see stars (the real ones!) lessen that light pollution! I think the 1977 black out gave people the wrong idea that less light means more crime.... there wasn't a significant increase in crime during the August 2004 major black out nor was there such last night either.... not to mention that light pollution causes health problems including a higher risk of cancer (breast and prostate) because of melatonin repression.
  4. LibertyBell

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    what kind of "pests" are they trying to kill? If we kill off the pollinators, the pest that will eventually go extinct is humanity ;-) and the rest of the planet will celebrate our demise!
  5. My 3.8 year old self had faint memories of it being really dark and being really scared lol. I have brighter memories of what the Yankees did then and the following year and the winter that followed that summer......
  6. Do you buy this idea of the most extreme heat coming after the tropical rains? Typically, after we get a heavy rain, we have a tough time getting that hot. Also, I hear analogs like 1993 being thrown around, that was an amazingly prolonged summer- do you think we could have something of that magnitude? The flooding rains in the Mississippi Valley also happened that year.
  7. 73,000 customers without power so that would be close to 300K people!
  8. I even saw fireflies the other night when it was raining hard- I've never seen that before!
  9. We also had a big black out in August, I think it was 2003?
  10. or 1993, 1999 or 2010 Don may have to revise his prediction of no 100 degrees until August ;-)
  11. With our warming climate just hope you dont see the super nests that have become commonplace in Alabama- those super nests are the size of SUVs and can hold up to 15,000 wasps!
  12. 1993 was amazing, we had 39 days of 90+ (tied 1991) and three straight days of 100 and above! The records for that summer were easily broken in 2010 though (despite what the Central Park badly sited equipment might say.) btw there was a half Manhattanhenge yesterday!
  13. and yet Bill Corbell of News 12 keeps yapping about how the north shore areas are the only ones that have a chance of reaching 90..... do these guys not understand local climatology and what a NW/WNW wind does? It's like the people who say "more snow N and W" all the time!
  14. still no idea why the instruments were relocated.....
  15. The most memorable event that year was the Feb 1983 blizzard (2 feet of snow here) although we did have our latest snow event in April, around 2" on the 20th! That made it back to back Aprils with measurable snows, as we had the April blizzard the year prior.