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  1. LibertyBell

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Yes, I really dont think it had time to intensify far beyond 140 kt. Still below Camille but about equivalent in intensity to Andrew. I dont know why Andrew feels like it was much more intense- perhaps because of how long ago it happened?
  2. That was worse than the late 90s/early 90s for us wasn't it? Although it didn't feel as bad because we had 93-94 and 95-96 to reminisce about lol.
  3. It doesnt feel so warm this month because of how much its been raining and I found the nights to be cold enough where I've had the heat on the entire time lol.
  4. Don is that from the lows only or from the highs included also?
  5. That was our first streak of great winters! We really revved it up in the 2010s though. I remember 2001-02 for seeing roses blooming a week before Christmas and crocoses coming out in the last week of February! Who would have thought the epic pattern that would begin in 2002-03-- or that we would see an 8 inch snowstorm in April 2003, a year after the April heatwave!
  6. Wow thats amazing and unlike 1976, the heat extended all the way through the summer and even early fall! On Long Island we haven't had the really high temps because of all the southerly flow, I associate warm Aprils with frequent highs in the 70s with a few spikes into the 80s.
  7. LibertyBell

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Wow, 152?! Maybe that 182 mph report wasn't so far-fetched! Reading between the lines, do you think this was stronger than Andrew? Closer to Camille in intensity?
  8. LibertyBell

    Major Hurricane Michael

    The upgrade to Cat 5 made sense in terms of what was going on with the storm just prior to landfall. 160 is much more reasonable than 182 lol.
  9. I'm not even sure we've reached 70 here this month, it was close.
  10. Nothing like a truly warm April, like what we had back in 2002 around this time ;-) Honestly, this month doesn't feel warm at all with how much I've had the heat on lol.
  11. It doesn't feel like a warm April though- nothing like 2002 when we were just completing a big heat wave! I've had the heat on most nights this month.
  12. LibertyBell

    4/14 - 4/15 Heavy Rain and Squall Line Thread

    We had some small hail here. F2 120 mph tornado down in Delaware!
  13. Don do you think we make it through April without the city hitting 80?
  14. LibertyBell

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    So we should expect more winters like this until further notice lol.
  15. LibertyBell

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    BTW we had a Mag 3 earthquake this morning (7:22 am) just south of the Hamptons (33 miles SE of Southampton, 4.4 miles deep.) It was felt over Long Island, parts of the city and all the way to Albany. Maybe that decision to allow offshore drilling wasn't such a good idea.....