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  1. the results are of course mixed, but some of those winters were truly godawful lol.
  2. It's pretty horrifying to see all these wildfires all over the middle of the country.
  3. It's interesting because sunlight makes most people happier, because sunlight increases dopamine levels and makes everyone happier. If I'm hot I simply turn on the a/c, grab a nice cold drink, etc. The driving issue is understandable, but say between 10 AM and and 4 PM is ideal for sunlight.
  4. Yes, it's really becoming like the Gulf coast around here. And a huge increase in nuisance bugs and allergies.
  5. but sun over rain any day unless it's a drought
  6. Maybe something happened to make those things more common back then and whatever was causing it lasted for several years before the pattern flipped? It basically existed from 1944 to 1960. longer heatwaves, more 100 degree temps, more northeast tropical activity, stronger severe weather outbreaks.
  7. why do you love this weather? you don't like to go to the beach huh? Or gardening either?
  8. But would you say that the chances of NYC reaching 10" by the end of the season is at least 30% Don?
  9. I think you mean Feb 6, 2010..... we got 1.5" of snow here near JFK but it should have been a lot more! Toms River got 20"! In January there was another storm that gave them 6" but we got nothing but some clouds in that one.
  10. the 50s were an amazing time, I wonder what was going on then that no matter how many or few total TCs there were, there were always multiple ones (including majors) hitting the NE coast. the heatwaves during the 50s were also very long and we had multiple 100+ degree long heatwaves which we don't see anymore-- from June through September! Worcester even got hit with an F5 tornado during one of those extremely hot years!
  11. Yes I love the site, but sometimes I like to save the data and graph it later or even just see the numbers change every hour as the data is updated
  12. Looks like you guys are getting a lot of weenies, sometimes I wonder why people who get 5 posted dont also get a 5 weenie limit LOL
  13. No one likes rain unless it's a drought, no matter the time of year It should only ever AT MOST rain once a week.
  14. I heard the Bronx might have had up to 3 inches but zero here on the south shore and they were still calling for 6-8 inches for everyone while it was raining lol. Just like in February 1989 they were still calling for 6-8 inches when it was eminently clear that would be a virga storm for us and ACY got close to 20 inches of snow.
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