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  1. 1996 was amazingly cold on this date....what a wonderful winter it was, had the big blizzard then a big thaw and then winter came right back in February and lasted through early April. Was NYC in the single digits back then too? I see JFK and EWR were.
  2. Mt Washington is interesting and I didn't know the stratosphere could get that low. I find the Himalayas far more interesting though, with the possibility of yeti running around up there lmao ;-) and huge mountains that are the stuff of legends.
  3. Wild how cold Dec 1989 was at MPO-- I can extrapolate that Jan 1994 must have been -30 or colder based on that. What is their lowest ever temp and when was it? Thanks!
  4. But maybe cold enough for some snow in the last week of February and beyond? Just not arctic level cold? I doubt we get anything before that too.
  5. Thanks, was Jan 1994 the coldest for MPO and Scranton too? I think it was near -25 at both locations-- colder than either Jan 1985 or Jan 1977?
  6. I noticed that both 1989-90 and 2001-02 stand out as temperature analogs for NYC and Boston,. (you bolded it in the NYC list too). 1942-43 was a wild winter too....that was the coldest since 1933-34 at both Boston and NYC....did 1942-43 also have direct Arctic shots coming right down the Hudson? I think NYC went below -5 a couple of different times that winter. 1917-18, 1933-34 and 1942-43 are the three cold winters that really stand out before the current era.
  7. Don do you think we could have another single digit day towards the later part of February? We had one in 2015 on the last day of the month (almost March). It must have been decades since we've had a single digit low in March.
  8. Wow, that's amazing! I think that was the coldest for the Poconos too (MPO/ABE). Add that it was a historic snowfall season for that region too. So for that area, this outbreak was colder than either Jan 1977 or Jan 1985? Snowcover must have been part of why.
  9. Allentown at -15 woah, the Poconos must've been like -25 or -30. 1994 was also Allentown's snowiest winter on record. The cold and snow that winter was somewhat well predicted after how historically hot summer 1993 was (still had the greatest heatwave I've ever seen-- 10 straight days of 90+, three straight days of 100+ at NYC and 5 straight days of 100+ at Newark with 9 days of 100+ overall!)
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