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  1. Lee Goldberg had a prediction of 0.6" for NYC and Long Island (based on the HRRR I think?) said snow squalls are possible between 7 AM and 11 AM.
  2. it's actually good to see some cutter scenarios in the modeling, it decreases the chances that this storm will miss us. Just take the average
  3. that was a memorable week that came after a big thaw! and yesterday was the anniversary of the -2 recorded in NYC in Jan 1994!
  4. I like that the low centers are both progged to pass about 100 miles south of us, thats a good snow track
  5. awesome to see one of these. time to put the pacific to bed once and for all.
  6. Can you do one of those for 6"+ snowstorms too? Thanks! Wait.....we had 3 12"+ snowstorms between Oct 29 and Nov 15?!
  7. Did you get a load of Bismarck ND average temp anomalies? +10 for December and +20 so far two thirds of the way through January!
  8. that actually looks like an omega block that we see when wavelengths shorten in March. One thing that we haven't discussed yet, since blocking in various regions has become more common now, can climate change result in shortening wavelengths to even occur in January? Perhaps we are seeing that now.
  9. I wonder about our tendency to now get bigger precip bombs, if analogs from 30+ years ago can still be used. a storm that would have given us 4-6 inches of snow 30 years ago may be more likely to give us 8-10 inches now, and likewise a storm that was going to give us half an inch of rain 30 years ago may be more likely to give us an inch.
  10. One storm really stands out to me (aside from the one in January that the Euro got wrong lol), and that was the bowling ball event that took a northerly track and produced a long conveyor belt of snow from the upper midwest straight into central new england. Ever seen anything like that before, Will?
  11. bees do it far better. Their hive intelligence leads to cooperation and their collective intelligence enables them to do complex astronomical calculations and use the sun to determine the direction to fly. They even know meteorology and use the wind to tell their companions how long it will take to fly to the new hive.
  12. Another one for you to read by Asimov. The mob burns down the entire civilization as they go mad when they see the stars once every thousand years. Isaac Asimov - "Nightfall" (1941) If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore, and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God?' EMERSON
  13. That reminds me of a study that was done which showed that people are more receptive to helping others in need when they are by themselves, but in a crowd they stand by and watch bad things happen....