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  1. Happy Harvest Moon everyone!
  2. It would absolutely suck if the rain extended into Saturday
  3. what happened to the WAR keeping rain away and giving us warm and sunny weather like it does in the summer
  4. So we'll go back to warm weather in early October?
  5. hey on the positive side, John, you now have much more material to write about for sci fi!
  6. I wish the NY Times was better with this but for some reason they've been lukewarm.
  7. I think the larger cities will be spending a lot of money (trillions) on sea walls. I think Miami, Charleston and even NYC has that in the works. As well as beach replenishment programs to extend the beach outward for better protection.
  8. That reminds me of an excellent old Twilight Zone when the astronaut came back home, but it was to a parallel earth.....
  9. Yes but will this response include curbing usage of fossil fuels?
  10. I know that with chimpanzees and elephants who lost their mothers when they were young became violent and exhibited symptoms of PTSD and nightmares. It's really sad and why poachers get lifetime prison sentences.
  11. and getting chased by mosquitos I can picture reindeer getting bit by them and dumping Santa right out of the sleigh and him falling head first and getting his head stuck in a chimney with his fat ass sticking out (oops I guess I get no presents this year lol)
  12. I hate college football, all the rednecks come out
  13. whats the fastest way to destroy an upper level low? These things seem to always stall out and ruin an entire week. Maybe we're seeing more of them now, I'm wondering why we get this kind of crap weather more frequently now vs back in the 90s and earlier
  14. It could be 120 every day for all I care, what I actually care about is why have our summers become much less sunny and is there any data that tracks that?
  15. why does this happen so much?! I can understand one day of rain in a week, that's my limit but why is it every time it rains it rains for 3 days straight and we see no sun for half a week? you didn't see this stuff in the 90s, you saw actual summers with heat and sunshine not this crap
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