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  1. Think we can get to 90 tomorrow too or will we be too close to the backdoor front?
  2. Yes I believe EWR is the most accurate now, but no one will use it for the city because it's in NJ lol.
  3. Yes I am claiming 2010 as my hottest summer on record based on how extreme the heat at JFK was- 11 days of 95+! 31 days of 90+! 3 days of 100+! The 10 yr anniversary of that streak is coming up. And the streak from 1966 too.
  4. oh I missed it, must have happened just for a second lol
  5. yeah but EWR has the rep of being unusually hot, as does LGA, no one outside of our forum takes it seriously unless foliage plagued Central Park does it
  6. forecasts for tomorrow are a bit lower because of a front nearby and incoming storms?
  7. you wanna make plans to wreck Central Park foliage? we should get a team together and make it happen
  8. The heat looks like it's centered in the midwest, we're mostly in the upper 80s and touching low 90s here and there.
  9. Everyone hits 90 but Long Island, how is it that JFK cant hit 90 on a northerly wind? It's only 82 here!
  10. Today we had a northerly wind and it still didn't hit 90 at JFK- we're only at 82- what's going on?
  11. with all the plastic now in the ocean, it's not a surprise. microplastic is even being found in the bloodstream.
  12. in the videos I saw it actually looked like blowing and drifting snow haha
  13. too bad we didn't get another one like yesterday's north to south moving system that would have hit anyone in its path regardless of geographic location