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  1. Thanks Don! Do you have one for MJX (Toms River) too?
  2. Thanks, pretty close to what I had in the Poconos. I wonder if any of that snow from the midwest will make it to over there?
  3. This April/May period is what we need to monitor to see if this trend of extreme MJO and temperature variability continues. It's particularly damaging to plants when you have this kind of pattern.
  4. Chicago is going to get the snow this time around.
  5. Might that make it to the Poconos at 2000 ft in NE PA, Chris?
  6. What about places like Westhampton and Toms River and Marthas Vineyard, Don? And Mt Pocono or Monticello? I saw 33-34 at my other house. Did any of those spots get colder than that?
  7. Yep I remember that asteroid hit even as we were watching another one make a close miss....another nightmare scenario, multiple hits at the same time. The one that hit Siberia came from the opposite direction and was shielded by the sun.
  8. Could you imagine if we ever had a giant asteroid or comet come in at a low angle, instead of a perpendicular one, where we didn't know if it would actually crash or just cut through our atmosphere? A large one just cutting through our atmosphere would cause severe effects but the uncertainty of not knowing whether it would hit land or just barely skim by would be enough to start a panic.- especially if it passed by at a low angle over a large continent. Chances of that are probably extremely low in our lifetimes, but who really knows. I think all the large and even moderate sized ones have been mapped though and none are in a position to come near us for the next 100 years at least.
  9. Yes, spotted over the Arabian Peninsula and crashed over the Indian Ocean near the Maldives? That thing had nuclear fuel on it didn't it?
  10. Thanks Don, now predicted to be over the Indian Ocean? How often do these forecasts change? Doesn't say much for our prediction skills, I shudder to think when we have to predict where and when an asteroid or comet is going to hit.
  11. wait, the three lines aren't three different model interpretations of its future path?
  12. wow these are more variable than weather forecasts. Could you imagine if an asteroid or comet were headed here, I wonder how well we can forecast those?
  13. Last year was historic, so I actually enjoyed that. May maxes in the 40s are my benchmark, how many have we had since 1978? In other news did you see the forecast for that Chinese space rocket? It's going to pass right over our heads before dropping into the middle of the Atlantic. If that forecast is off by only 30 min......
  14. wow the yellow line model has this flying right over NYC and Long Island on its way to the middle of the Atlantic, how much would that have to be off to actually hit the east coast here?
  15. I cant stand Spring either, although this one hasn't been as bad as last year, less rain so less allergies for me. But now this drab overcast stuff is something I really hate, when did NY become the new Seattle? NY is supposed to have a lot more sunshine than this, it's May not March.