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  1. LibertyBell

    Major Hurricane Michael

    You're right, typically the winds are about 15% lower over land then they are over water, and typically gusts are 15% higher than sustained winds.
  2. Feb 2015 was the last time we had every min below freezing in a month.
  3. thats crazy, how many Novembers in that dataset? and the average Dec snowfall was less than 2" wow
  4. I remember that lol. Tshirts and Bermuda shorts in mid March and then snow in early April lol
  5. no snow on Nov 29 and Dec 2?
  6. thats weird- was it Philly that had 34 straight days below freezing? Snow wise I remember a bunch of very small clippers and one missed big event that rained when it supposed to snow lol. Matched the previous February, except then we got virga instead of snow. In both cases we were supposed to get 8-12 inches.
  7. and the predictions were for a great winter and neg nao and all that- glad to see that November at least is radically different from that season.
  8. Yes, and I believe JFK got 1.5" in the October 2011 event while LGA only got a trace. In the November 2012 event, JFK had about 4.5" while LGA had just 1.5" and remembering posts from back then it was snowing but not sticking to anything.
  9. Ed I noticed in early season events the south shore does better than the north shore does. More examples of this are October 2011 and November 2012 JFK vs LGA.
  10. Yes and just as I read that I heard a report in the media about this being forecast to be the coldest winter in the area in the last 50 years lol- I wonder who made that forecast?
  11. I remember Isotherm did some research on this before, but very cold Novembers actually seem to be negatively correlated with snowy winters- I hope that doesn't happen this time. Considering how November 1987 and 1989 went and the winters that came after that.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if FOK or HTO or MJX go below zero, would that be the earliest time?
  13. Reminds me of 2001-02 with how the Carolinas got hit with snow and we almost got a 0 that season.
  14. I thought I saw a report of 2.6" at Logan? The 0.1" must be a typo or error
  15. Sounds like the famous Feb 1899 snowstorm, 2" of snow in Tampa and 34" in Cape May