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  1. I'm at 2000 ft NW of the city through Monday so I'm excited about the storm but I'm also excited about when I get back because it looks like we'll have about a 10 day window between Dec 10 and 20 when it could get quite wintry at the coast.
  2. well it's ended here now but looks like a winter postcard scene outside
  3. some of my favorite storms of all time, but I think Jan 2016 tops the list. That infamous Feb 1922 storm would be the best of all time by far if only it was all snow..... Feb 1961 is up there too!
  4. 2020 could still be the warmest year on record and that would be amazing in a La Nina, let along a strong one.
  5. I was thinking of that and/or the Millenium storm, super lite version.
  6. revenge of the Millenium storm, super lite edition
  7. New Zealand was the first nation to declare a climate emergency and has pledged to go green within 5 years (for all government vehicles and power sources) and says that corporations cannot be relied on to do it themselves and that leadership must come from the government. Way to go, New Zealand and Jacinda Ardern! She's my favorite world leader by far.
  8. He's a regular George Carlin lol.
  9. Yes...the winter that comes to mind for me is 2005-06 where we had a cold early December (and snow from the city on west) and then a mild latter December and January with a minor snowfall in January and one big snowstorm in February surrounded by warmth and then a cold and dry March and a renegade early April snowfall to get us to 40"
  10. Hell you dont even need a big threat for people to get excited around here lol. They're happy if a model ANY model shows what they want to see, even if it's one that shows the planet upside down..... It's the same people who would measure snow with the ruler upside down if it made them think they got more snow.
  11. It reminds me of summer lol. How much do the high temps in the Atlantic have to do with this, Chris?
  12. Historically do patterns that evolve in the latter part of December lock in for the majority of winter or are early December patterns more likely to repeat again during the winter, Don?
  13. But Don aren't thaws normal? If we have a cold first half of December that could return in January after a thaw in between. Maybe we'll have a back and forth pattern with chances of snow when switching between patterns?
  14. It was colder in Florida than it was in Maine yesterday.
  15. Got an inch on the ground here with a red fox playing in the snow. Nice prolonged light to occasionally moderate snow.
  16. I believe in superdeterminism. There are no accidents!
  17. In Eastern PA it's been snowing all morning and there's about an inch on the ground. Varying rates, usually light, moderate at times. Also saw a red fox with a big bushy tail wandering through my yard. Looking for wabbits?
  18. Yes I never understood people who love eating turkey, I've had seaweed that tastes better.
  19. Doing my regular update on the latest episode of Cosmos: Possible Worlds, since it's the only thing I'd ever watch on FOX aside from sporting events. Just watched the latest mindblowing episode of Cosmos: Possible Worlds with Neil Degrasse Tyson and he talked about the dual nature of light, quantum mechanics, possible parallel universes (MWI style) and higher dimensions. When discussing entanglement and instantaneous action at a distance and how it violates classical physics and how two particles entangled together though billions of light years apart can change spin at the exact same moment, until an observer interferes by the mere act of observing (and violates relativity for that matter), he brought up the idea of superdeterminism, something I've been considering for awhile now as the only way out of the quantum paradox, that the entire history of the universe was actually decided at its inception (no free will,etc.) I've always believed free will to be an illusion, and that behavior at the quantum level shows that instead of cause and effect, the entire history of the universe was decided when it was rebooted. His point though was just because free will is an illusion it doesn't mean we should behave as though we know it's an illusion.
  20. I think you guys would find this interesting. TWC posted a color coded map showing where snowy Novembers led to snowy winters, or not-snowy winters or no correlation at all. Around the Great Lakes it was a positive correlation, for the east coast it was a negative correlation and for the middle of the country there was no correlation.
  21. Who knows, maybe we'll get the elusive triple phaser this year! Has any research been done to see which ENSO phase is most likely during triple phasers?
  22. this line is turning into a nothingburger as it gets closer to the coast, which is typical behavior for thunderstorms.