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  1. I'd like to see 100 degree heat minus the humidity, so a west to northwest flow summer
  2. This warm up is serious, looks like even Marquette is going to lose all their snow.
  3. Sounds like the mountains just to the north may have had more
  4. Or is it sunny and 40s and rainy and 60s lol
  5. This doesn't sound like a snow pattern at sounds like a more typical spring pattern with rainy and 40s and sunny and 60s.
  6. Must be a mid island and points east thing, it's just sunny and windy here lol
  7. 12-13 was pretty lackluster here, Nemo was actually less interesting here than the storm we had this February. The Groundhog Day storm as I'll call it dropped more snow.
  8. wow thats how close we were to a foot of snow...ended up with 5 here in SW LI....about the same in April 1996 when we were supposed to get like 8-12 lol, up to 16 in Suffolk County and eastern CT. April 1997 was another big bust, we were supposed to get 8-16 and the joke was on us with only 1-2 with 8 inches or more both to the south and to the north.
  9. Ironic thing is with how cold this February has been purported to be, March 1960 was colder than this...... Back in the 80s this would've been considered an extremely snowy month with slightly above normal temps (or right around normal, since normals back then were 31 in Jan and 33 in Feb.)
  10. I think this should be classified as a bookend winter with December and February both being very good.
  11. March 2014 we missed snowstorms to our south that hit DC to PHL, we made up for that in 2015
  12. it's been categorized as an "extreme" winter for NYC on the WSI
  13. welp I guess it's time to shut the heat off then you know who is probably going to say it lol
  14. Chris why are there two sets of numbers?
  15. April 2003 and April 2018 were both very decent all day snowfalls, did you shovel either of those?
  16. I wont forget 2015 either, best March I can remember and February was amazing too with record long lasting cold through both months. I actually rank it above 2013-14 although they're both As in my book,
  17. holy hell your Januarys sound like what ours were back in the 80s....we had cold and dry Januarys back then avg temps in the 20s and no double digit snowfalls. Do you have any records from the 80s for your area for January?
  18. You've been getting a lot of weenies lately lol
  19. Thats what lowers this winter in my book.....if we had our regular big storm circa Jan 20th this winter would've been a lot better even if we get shut out in March. Based on my own criteria I'd give this winter a B, if we get one more moderate snowfall in the 4-6 range I'd raise it to B+
  20. the weird thing is these warm springs seemed to be much more common during the 90s up to 2002.....remember 1991 (earliest 90 on record up to that point, later broken by 2010), 1993 also had a very warm spring and both years are tied as the years with the most 90 degree days (should've been broken in 2010). And 2002 had that amazing three day heatwave in April to match 1976 but unlike 1976 we had a very hot and dry summer that lasted well into September! Weird that summer is heating up faster than spring is (maybe because of warm mins) since theoretically summer anomalies in the positive direction should be the most difficult to obtain.
  21. hopefully this wont be one of those stupid cool/rainy springs and be much more like 2010
  22. wasnt that the coldest march on record by a wide margin?