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  1. I thought being progressive is good because it means the energy gets ejected sooner?
  2. I mean it helps when you've experienced several 20 inch storms like we have. Anything we ever get from now until we die is gravy. I honestly dont care if it ever snows again, because we've experienced the best and worst winter has to offer.
  3. I didn't even know there was any sleet with that storm, just snow or rain.
  4. yes once you're in the middle of it you forget all the travel time and it's like being at home... home is wherever the snow is as the "new" saying goes.
  5. March 2007? thats when we had 5 inches of sleet
  6. Was March 2014 a bust too? I heard it went from a forecast of a foot 6 hours out to an inch?
  7. they werent so good for March 2001 either
  8. whats causing the energy to be left back? The opposite should be happening with a faster flow no? I have a new motto for our forum: NO SHORTWAVE GETS LEFT BEHIND
  9. whats the reason the energy is left back in the west? the faster flow should eject it faster no?
  10. The great Herm Edwards! He became a coach because of that play lol
  11. Yeah but that's only if the people who are in authority positions are still making the decisions by then.
  12. I truly wish humanity had the balls and the brains to control the weather. There are so many good things we could be doing to it.
  13. when will the data from those airplanes be ingested by the models? 0z tonight?
  14. You always talk about traveling, get on the LIRR or drive to eastern LI. It's not that far away and I think a lot of us should do it to experience a really big snowstorm. Then we can all rub it in snowman19's face lol. Who cares whether it snows in the city or not, it looks like dirty toxic stuff in a day or two anyway, let's go east to see the snow where it will actually look pretty.
  15. Exactly, that and the April blizzard are the only two things of note that happened in the winter in the 80s. Okay maybe the Jan 1987 snowstorm too and the Thanksgiving 1989 snowstorm. But 1989-1990 is remembered far more for winter suckage than that early season event.
  16. Might be worth it for a trip out east. The east end isn't far away and it's silly not to go. Then we can all say we had our 2 foot snowstorm lol.
  17. only thing we can say is perhaps the new data being ingested has had an effect? But those planes went out today- so wouldn't it be too soon for that? Might need to wait for the 0z runs overnight for that.
  18. we had that in the 80s too, again no one cares about cold and dry... the pattern has been BAD- period end of discussion
  19. Yes, these are imperfectly modeled systems, I would expect this actually.
  20. My other home in the Poconos has had a consistent 8-12 inch snowpack for the entire month. That place has a snowpack in ANY pattern. Says a lot for being above 2000 ft in elevation.
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