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  1. Meanwhile though, the center of the country is baking as is most of Europe and even parts of Southern Asia.
  2. It makes you wish for school starting in October lol. We never saw a September that hot after that.
  3. That would be an amazingly long time for this blocking to persist wouldn't it, Chris? What brought on this historic blocking? We never had a real SSW. Also do you think the models err on the side of persistence and it's much more likely that we flip back to a lack of blocking just in time for winter?
  4. Don't forget September 1983 which featured 5 90+ days including a 99 on the 11th and a 95 on the 24rd.
  5. It makes sense that unless we get strong westerly winds the greatest heat will always be to our west as our extremes will always be modified by the ocean. But doesn't it look to you like the extreme heat is migrating eastward (along with the drought)? Last summer it was in the NW, this summer it's in the middle of the country, maybe our turn will come next summer?
  6. those westerly flows of heat are like heaven, I wish the entire summer was like that
  7. A special conjunction of all 5 visible planets occurring on the morning of Friday June 24th in the SE sky about 45 minutes before sunrise, they will all be in a straight line-- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
  8. Millions of tiny ice crystals in cirrus clouds created this amazing prismatic effect.
  9. Also came close to a record low this morning! I wonder what the shortest interval is going from a record high to a record low?
  10. Very nice at JFK This is the type of heat we all need!
  11. That can happen at JFK too!
  12. Yes this is the low humidity clean air type of heat most of us cherish
  13. Guess what though, more often than not blocking now means lack of blocking in the winter. I want the 100 that Chicago had last week, not the mediocre low mid 90s BS
  14. 100 is awesome. We got close to 95 here, second hottest day this year. I hope we hit 100 in July!
  15. Nice! The second time JFK has hit 94 this year. LOL @ NYC "88" The equipment at Central Park needs to be relocated or decomissioned.
  16. It's the best part of summer! Hopefully we can hit 100 in July when this happens again
  17. Do you think the heat of 1999 was underestimated? July 1999 had some amazing heat, 20 90 degree days and 2 days over 100!
  18. the good old fashioned scorcher summers! lol can you imagine Bridgehampton hit 100? That means Westhampton must've hit 100 too? I wonder what's the farthest east 100 degree temps have ever gotten on Long Island? To my knowledge Montauk has never reached 100, but Westhampton has. Not sure about East Hampton or Block Island.
  19. they must have adjusted that temp on 7/11/93 downward back then I distinctly remember it was reported that EWR had 5 straight 100+ days while NYC had 3 straight 100+ days and JFK had 2 straight 100+ days. EWR had 9 100+ days that year Ah the good old days....
  20. and NYC tied their 90 degree record at 39 with 1991 I think 1991 was another seabreeze summer but JFK did not reach 100? Also was 1993 the last year before the NYC foliage issues cropped up? I'm trying to remember....I think NYC was doing well in 1995, 1999 and 2002 also, so maybe the issues came after 2002? 2002 was our last drought/yellow lawn year if I remember correctly.
  21. wow I love these deep blue skies
  22. thats what I'm thinking it's a compromise between the heat ridge everlasting and constant ring of fire activity lol
  23. Was that a sea breeze summer? It felt significantly hotter than the summers we've had after the 2010-2013 era ended. And even hotter than, say, 2005, which was a hot summer but also sea breeze influenced. None of the recent sea breeze summers or 2005 for that matter hit 100 degrees at JFK.
  24. Hopefully that drought feedback ridge progresses east over the next few years and we get more 90s/2002/2010 type summers.
  25. Interesting so that linkage was what caused that nice westerly flow that brought the heat all the way out here?
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