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  1. Wow, 100 degrees on an island surrounded by water on all sides is amazing! For some reason 1975 doesn't get mentioned for heat in New York City-- I wonder if it was actually cooler there than ACK was? The only two July 4th weekends that I can remember were anywhere near as hot as 1966 was were 1999 and 2010. 1999 hit 101 on back to back days (5th and 6th if I remember correctly) and at JFK we had three out of four days above 100 around the July 4th weekend in 2010. 1993 would have been another one but the extreme heat came the week following the July 4th weekend (three straight days of 100+)
  2. Yep was lucky to keep power. How much rain did you get? Heavy fog now
  3. Not getting to 100 is rather annoying. How much climate change do we need to get at least 1 100 day every year on Long Island?
  4. lol 104? you should show the map for that day
  5. It's why Rapid City and Spearfish fascinate me, they get all these extremes in a short time.
  6. I remember you once said that once our source air gets drier, we would get drier too. How far east would the dryness need to get before it impacts us? Might be something 10 years out maybe?
  7. I heard Denver is going from 90 to Winter Storm Warnings and 6 inches of snow?
  8. Lol they have 87 for Monday? I thought Monday was supposed to be much cooler.
  9. I thought we were supposed to get very warm again for Memorial Day weekend and perhaps hit the 90s again?
  10. I think the rain might be coming Sunday night. This afternoon's update has 93 for Saturday (to tie the record from 1996) and 92 on Sunday.
  11. Wow I've heard that the March 1888 blizzard was undermeasured at Central Park. This really makes me wonder if this was the case and to see what other local snowfall measurements were around the area. I've also heard that a few years before snowfall measurements started being officially kept at Central Park, NYC actually had close to 100 inches of snow in the 1860s, I would love to see what stations in the area were keeping records back in the 1800s and what they had for that year.
  12. Something I'm really interested in is when the atmosphere snaps back. You can only go so far before the planet's self-regulatory processes tilt things in the other direction. I've noticed that drought is spreading across large parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the western part of our own continent, etc. I fully expect that eventually we'll also get into the drought that large parts of the planet are experiencing right now. I think that will make the temperatures spike much higher than they are right now. I think you've noticed the drier springs the last couple of years too, I believe within a few years that will extend to summer too. Hopefully we'll get into more of a mid 1960s type pattern with much drier years. Higher dew points tend to place a cap on how temperatures can get, but I think we'll break through the cap once we get into the kind of drought being experienced by large regions of the globe.
  13. thank you! do it for the GFS too
  14. Rather get the high temperature records, higher dew points aren't all that exciting and they make the sky really dirty. Water Vapor being such a powerful greenhouse gas-- is there any way to remove the excess from the atmosphere with some kind of giant dehumidifying machine?
  15. delayed frontal passages remind me of the 90s, 1993 was full of those, that's why those summers were so hot
  16. Looks like urban areas could be in the 90s on Sunday too?
  17. That might be what separates this from May 1996 heat. That year we went to a warm humid summer with no 90s until the last day of August (the total opposite of August 1995 when we had no rain the entire month until the last day of the month!) In May 1996 that was pretty much it for the heat for the whole year.
  18. Yep where that ring of fire hit the NE, there were some amazing convective events. The front sometimes just stalled over C PA to upstate NY, while it baked east of there. And going further west, the rains and flooding near St Louis was historic.
  19. I feel like May 1996 was the last remnant of the hot summer of 1995, because after that it was just humid warm weather, we didn't even hit 90 again until the last day of August. In August 1995 we didn't have any measurable rain until the last day of August. Such radically different summers.
  20. Yep, in 1993 it didn't happen until July lol when we had a 10 day heatwave with 3 straight days over 100! A week before that it was rainy and in the 60s!
  21. Didn't we have something like this in April 2010, the day we had our earliest 90 degree reading....NYC reached 92 while JFK hit 89 and Long Beach was only in the upper 60s? The models underdid that heat!
  22. Thanks Chris, so would you say this event would be roughly comparable to May 1996, like the April 2002 extreme heat was comparable to April 1976? Interesting that 2002 had the much hotter summer-- one of our hottest as a matter of fact!
  23. Reminds me of some of our hottest summers when that happened. 1993 comes to mind.
  24. I think we had a similar heat event in 1996 on almost the same day? Eerie, like comparing April 1976 and April 2002. Interesting that the summers that followed were so different, Summer 2002 was one of our hottest.
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