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  1. It was 90 here near the south shore too. Regardless the hottest day will be Tuesday when it should be well up into the 90s everywhere. Take the whole week off, it will be a fun one.
  2. The hottest day will be Tuesday and that day it could be in the mid 90s everywhere. Most people take the entire week off so it doesn't really matter what day is the hottest.
  3. Agreed, but it won't be happening in May (or June).
  4. record heat for early June would be near 100 hopefully deep westerly flow or some more of this onshore stuff?
  5. I wonder when we'll see a repeat of what happened in the 1950s....that was some decade for east coast hurricanes.
  6. Whats the reason for the flip flopping? Is a piece of this out over a poorly sampled region?
  7. Chris, are the lack of these deep westerly flow events due to the high now pushing further north? Also, for the past two springs in particular, we've had a long stretch of dry low humidity weather, and as a result my allergies came to an early Is that because of more spring blocking in the last two years?
  8. but paradoxically what causes warmer waters makes the land cooler lol. when is the peak of SST-- in September?
  9. They are actually becoming less common. Not only that major hurricane hits north of NC are also less common than they used to be. Most of those go into the Gulf or Florida. When we do get hurricanes at our latitude now they are Cat 1 or just TS.
  10. But what about for our area, are they still warmer than normal for this time of year? When do we typically see 60 degree sea surface temps? But in terms of what effects it has on coastal areas, they wouldn't have any effect if we had a land breeze correct?
  11. What I like about our area is that it usually corresponds well to the astronomical seasons-- last snow is usually around 3/20, summer weather usually kicks in around 6/20, fall around 9/20 and first snows around 12/20. Screw "met seasons" astronomical is where it's at
  12. ah that explains why they're in the 50s. The ironic thing is that which keeps the coast the warmest also makes the SST stay cool (upwelling.)
  13. the size of 350 giraffes? couldn't they come up with a better comparison? Because I totally can't picture what 350 giraffes end to end look like lol
  14. why are the SST so cold this year--- cold spring?
  15. Is this an extension of the climate warming the most the further north you are that started with the Arctic warming? If so doesn't that mean the warming begins from the "top" down"-- that is the most extreme warmth will be the further north you go-- I believe this was well predicted by the climate models.
  16. wow you must've been away from the sea breeze today
  17. Didn't we have a very dry May? Humidity was in the single digits for awhile.
  18. In Islip? It was cooler today here but more humid Cant use the word "cool" to describe this though lol I turned my A/C on earlier because it was more uncomfortable than yesterday was.
  19. Knowing our local climate helps in knowing it could hit 90 even on the south shore before the sea breeze comes in. The sea breeze usually comes in after 1 PM and we usually rise quicker than the city does before that happens.
  20. wow you must have some great sensors! I was glad we hit 90 right before the sea breeze hit too. Not all parts of the south shore are the same
  21. They struggled with Nassau County too it hit 90 here even on the south shore
  22. You guys get all the fun
  23. Thanks thats right when I hit 90!
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