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  1. mgerb

    11/15-16 Coastal Storm/ULL Discussion

    It's below freezing up to around 850.
  2. Getting a few CoCoRaHS reports this AM. The 14.25" is as of 8:30 AM and apparently may be an underestimate as the gauge was totally full at measurement time. Not sure where this lies in relation to the USGS gauges, but at least makes their totals more plausible. https://www.cocorahs.org/Admin/DataEntry/ViewDailyPrecipReport.aspx?DailyPrecipReportID=0b230c32-4195-46d8-b55b-670698c50688
  3. Tipping bucket gauges tend to be biased low in heavy rain events. Is there some aspect of these gauges you're aware of that would cause this? Or wind-induced tips? Edit: Just saw the post above about the wind effects.
  4. Yup, not much here either. Maybe 0.01".
  5. Look again. Storms popping nearly overhead
  6. New development to the southwest. Think we'll be rocking and rolling in the Piscataway area before long.
  7. Pretty prolific lightning, and assuming the strike locations are accurate, a number of strikes some distance away from the parent storm. Those are really dangerous.
  8. mgerb

    Harvey - Main Thread

    The hurricane? That's a tough sell. But there is research suggesting that climate change can lead to enhanced blocking, i.e., slower moving systems. Not saying that's what's going on here, but it's not totally far fetched. http://www.climatesignals.org/climate-signals/increased-atmospheric-blocking
  9. I'll let you know. Haven't taken a report since this morning. Gonna be a bit tricky....
  10. mgerb

    December warm NOT White

    65/65, with 0.81" in the bucket.
  11. mgerb

    Cat 5 Major Hurricane Patricia

  12. That's composite reflectivety and DPs are in the 30s. No one is picking up a quick inch.
  13. Everyone, don't forget to use mPing....especially when prcp types change! http://mping.nssl.noaa.gov/
  14. mgerb

    Friday 1/9 Light Snow Event

    0.3" in Somerset. Ho hum.