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  1. They are open, but obviously the crowds are about 15% of normal (except for Saturday during that flyover). My metro is closed, so I've been taking a beating with Uber. I want this to be over, but I'm just not sure we are ready yet. I'd hate to rush things and then we do all of this sh*t all over again. Let's just be one and done. Like the snow events in our entire winter.
  2. Thanks man. I'm getting by. I'm essential, so my routine hasn't changed that much...been going in to the office..just odd seeing DC so quiet.
  3. I'm almost to the point of just saying just open everything up. If we're all willing to bet human life to settle the issue, then let's just do it? I'm mostly being facetious, but at this point, nobody can agree on what the best path going forward is. I'm on the side of just waiting a bit and stagger things. Also, I'm trying to figure out when all this became partisan? How does pro or anti lockdown means favoring one party over another. I dunno.
  4. Oh man..I'm so sorry man. Be assured, I have no intention of deleting this thread or moving it. I sincerely hope your other family recovers man. Keep us updated and we'll keep you in our prayers.
  5. So, I'm just seeing this thread for the first time. Going to be honest, I'm not real comfortable with the political stuff. Folks who know me know I can be really political, but here, not so much. We have a political board for that. I'll let it go, but it's making me kinda nervous. I like most of you all and I know politics can fray some relationships. I'm just sayin...
  6. Nobody believes it Most don't care anymore It's snow TV at best
  7. Come on. You know it's not going to be there tonight. When have we ever gotten two good runs in a row or something that holds.
  8. Man, you can tell we're in a year of no snow. Da fuq
  9. You are becoming tedious. I let you rant for a while, but we all get it now man. You think the models and people here suck. Ok. You're free to keep going, but move it over to banter.
  10. Y’all are right at the sun. Flying almost too close. Watch it suckers.
  11. Good to see that yall are not biting on this so much. I expected 5 more pages after the GFS. I'm proud of yall.
  12. It's amazing. But totally believable this year.
  13. Not sure how you could doubt this is going to happen with this winter.
  14. Now you're doing too much. If you add that in there too, we're talking legendary. Our hearts can only handle so much.
  15. There would need to be a Feb 2010 repeat PLUS superstorm of 93 to get this winter to an A.
  16. Euro sends the low flying off the SE Coast in 10 days. This stuff is comical at this point.
  17. It did at the end. Enjoy the next 12 hours.
  18. There is no .01 mb limit. Perhaps if you didn’t post 1 terabytes of maps without deleting your storage from time to time, you’d have more space?