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  1. Now when we wanted the southern vort to hold back, of course the GFS kicks it out ahead on this run.
  2. The Great Blizzard of 2022 has become nothing but northern stream vort passing by. That was a fun 6 hours. See yall at 11!
  3. Hmm, the Tuesday thing is still there, but notable changes h5 behind It
  4. oooh, that's the only time that storm is acceptable. Mixed that in and I think we'd be golden
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't try to do something funky in the 144 to 180 period.
  6. You were good until '93. But averaged out, track should keep DC mostly snow
  7. What are the guesses on the new solution the 18z GFS shows? Im going to make a safe bet: It won't be the superstorm blizzard like 12z.
  8. Yes, precip maps are the only thing you need to look at.
  9. Euro not gonna get it done..but it's close enough. Northern stream drops in...trof does go negative, but it's too broad..axis too far east. but it's close enough at this range.
  10. I'm out to 192...Euro trying something. Lets see what happens
  11. You act like you don't know how this goes if it happens at all. You and your roof will be under severe strain. Mine would be just diet strain. There's a storm coming folks! Psu is worried about fringe!
  12. Yeah, agreed. This digital dopamine hit has been fun. But this is a perfect solution and there's no way its going to go down like that, if at all.
  13. I would call it a winter if we could just get that to happen. Man oh man
  14. Hasn't the GFS been showing something for this time period? Keeps finding different ways to get there, but there has been a storm signal on it for a few runs.
  15. And of course that being said, the GFS looks loaded in the fantasy time frame.
  16. Honestly, at this point I don't want the GFS to show anything pre 160 hours or so. Shit changes every run.
  17. Northern streams is just brutal on the GFS 6z and now
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