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  1. Pitt game tonight....weather gods were on Pitt side as that narrow band of extremely heavy rain and wind rolled through right during UNC's OT possession.
  2. This time of year? I wouldn’t be shocked if it was one of the most significant outbreaks since 85. We had an ef2 which was borderline ef3 which is almost unheard of here. also, how was the ball so horribly dropped on a watch?
  3. Didn’t we get three feet of snow around thanksgiving that year?
  4. Confirmed tornado near mt nebo and in Hampton. Rough go this year in Hampton as that’s the same area where there was a microburst that likely had 80-100 mph winds earlier this year on wildwood CC.
  5. 100% sounds like there was a tornado in the north hills, only a few miles from me which is disconcerting
  6. Damn. I’m listening to north Allegheny county fire scanner and reports of roofs missing in Allison park. That’s way too damn close
  7. Also omg is weather Twitter idiotic. A bunch of morons screaming “omg strong tornado on the ground in Allison park!!!”
  8. Looking on Twitter at pictures of some of the velocity radar shots there was very likely a spin up somewhere in mccandless tracking into Allison park. Just would have missed me.
  9. I’m in Ross near northway mall. Windy but nothing unusual
  10. Small pea sized hail in those showers. Love fall weather!
  11. Is it just me or are fall LES events more and more rare recently?
  12. Question…not to start a political debate but could climate change impact models being able to sniff out long term pattern changes since part of modeling will be based on historical norms that maybe no longer apply? I mean just anecdotally, but I remember growing up October days in the 40’s and some snow flakes weren’t all that rare and I remember multiple times in November we would see either clippers/LES drop an inch or two of snow in my area. These things seem almost non existent the last 5-10 years and I honestly can’t remember the last Alberta clipper we had.
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