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  1. What a crap winter. Glad it’s essentially over.
  2. The reporting on the severe threat today hasn’t been consistent. I listen on the radio this morning and they are interviewing a met talking about one inch hail while reading the text discussions KPIT is like warm Gettomh on and off small hail up north
  3. Thus might be just me misremembering but I seem to remember 60 degree days in January and February being a lot less common growing up
  4. I ended around 3.5. Sucks that literally 3 miles south got close to double.
  5. I probably will end up right around three. I only got under the mega band for maybe an hour and was fringed the rest. Butler got one inch to highlight the gradient
  6. Reports of close to a foot in Tuscwaras county oh.
  7. Someone in Brighton heights probably will hit warning criteria.
  8. You have to get lucky. I’ve never seen a narrow band like this in a synoptic event. Someone under the band here will likely verify warning level but I’ve just gotten onto the fringes of it and have an inch and a half.
  9. Well at least on the edge of it. I’m on the Hampton Allison park border sI about two miles too far north
  10. Man I’m literally missing out on the nice banding by a few miles.
  11. I have less than half an inch. Band never made it up here
  12. I might eat crow here. Looks like the band in OH is angling more north and lateST HRR showing the same
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