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  1. 2/5-2/6 2010 was pretty intense. Basically got our best snows in a 12 hour window from 5pm-5am. Rates in that period were pretty consistently between 1-2 inches per hour as we got under multiple deform bands. Hopefully one day we can get a storm with rates like this morning over a 12 hour period.
  2. Measured 4 inches...in about 3 hours. Not bad.
  3. I’ve actually flipped back to snow, which is surprising.
  4. Just started getting sleet in Bellevue. Damn it.
  5. Nope as soon as I said it sleet
  6. I’m a bit north of the city and getting crushed. South is mixing with sleet.
  7. Because it is Pittsburgh... I’ve managed to hold onto all snow so far.
  8. Also, I think we can officially say, at least for us, the GFS was totally out to lunch.
  9. Maybe, but they keep showing Washington on wpxi...and it is still snow.
  10. I think I’m AGC, especially northern part, we overperform a bit. The radar returns indicate inch plus per hour rates for the next couple hours, so I think 3-5 inches is a pretty good call.
  11. It is REALLY coming down right now.
  12. This is one of those days I wish employers would close down or have some consideration for employees not making it in to the office.
  13. Where would you put your eggs on this one mag? There are extreme differences between several of the models. Also, are these discrepancies between models getting worse. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the gfs and NAM this far apart so close to an event?
  14. If that happens...we’ll, let’s just say I won’t be pleased.
  15. I’d say everywhere. The short range models aren’t even close to the GFS, and the euro is a pretty significantly different solution as well.