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  1. This has been one of the most incredible stretches of early summer I can remember.
  2. I still don’t think I can remember the last time we had highs in the upper 80’s with few points in the 50’s and 40’s, or hell 30’s
  3. Maybe climate change can turn us to a semi arid climate and have wet winters. Let’s get the flagstaff climate! 100 inches of snow, summers where dew point is always under 50
  4. I’d like to see the temps. Can’t imagine many if any of those had 80+ temps
  5. I think it’s breezy enough to not let things stagnate
  6. Not sure I’ve ever seen those swings around here outside of spring or fall when we get a massive cold front. I said elsewhere that it reminds me of flagstaff where you often get highs in the mid 80’s and lows in the 40’s, but that is usually reserved for more arid climates
  7. In all my life here I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a high in the mid 80’s and few points in the 40’s, let alone the 30’s.
  8. Low of 52 last night. Pretty unusual to continue and see these low humidity conditions and it’s honestly really unusual in the summer to see highs pushing the mid 80’s then crashing to the low 50’s overnight
  9. This heat is going to be a rarity, as usually 90 means 65 plus dew points. It isn’t forecast to get over 50 really in this timeframe and honestly it’s the weather I’d expect in flagstaff az not here. I would also think there is a rather high fire risk incoming. It’s been dry, and you’re looking at 90 degree temps, 40 degree temps, and a fairly consistent 10mph breeze.
  10. Enjoy this weather now. We are probably only a couple of weeks away from 3 straight months of 60+ dew points.
  11. Yeah watching the pirates in Boston right now really drives home that point
  12. Well I mean if there was going to be a high tornado threat they’d likely have continued east with the tornado watch instead of severe thunderstorm
  13. Honestly it feels wonderful out today. With the breeze and 52 dew point if our summers were like this it would be great. problem is if it’s 85 in the summer it almost always means 65 plus dew point
  14. Severe thunderstorm watch to the west is a good sign for those of us that don’t want tornadoes
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