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  1. KPITSnow

    Central PA Fall 2018

    So not much activity in my thread, but gfs was showing a couple of possible winter weather threats late next week. always exciting to start tracking the first threats of the year.
  2. KPITSnow

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    This is the second year on a row we have had storms hold onto tropical characteristics extremely close to Europe. Ophelia last year and now Leslie. Just an observation, but I wonder if we are getting to the point where a fully tropical land falling system in Western Europe is possible?
  3. KPITSnow

    Did Hurricane Andrew Hit As a Cat 5 Or Not?

    Was probably only a cat 2.
  4. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    Seriously, can you please just give it a rest. You have been proven wrong again and again, and in some cases proven to be flat out lying.
  5. KPITSnow

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Are any of them posting in this thread?
  6. KPITSnow

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Bad construction.
  7. KPITSnow

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Thanks. That was for the people who are convinced this was a cat 2 storm.
  8. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    Getting away from the lunacy, in the grand scheme of things we were relatively lucky where this hit. It is only a matter of time until a cat 4 slams straight into Houston, New Orleans, or anywhere in the Florida peninsula and will make every storm before it look like child’s play. I
  9. KPITSnow

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Do you want to remind everyone wind ranges on those?
  10. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    But guys, winds ONLY gusted to 119 MPH!!! Who cares if the station was knocked offline, that is all the proof we need!
  11. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    I think that as long as we let global warming continue to progress out of control, we will see more and more catastrophic storms like Michael.
  12. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    Meh. It is hard to tell...there are a ton of NYC posters that do go on and on and on about sandy and aren’t trolling. Saw it in the flo thread.
  13. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    Pictures are coming out. A couple of posters are looking really stupid.
  14. KPITSnow

    Major Hurricane Michael

    But he put himself in that situation.
  15. KPITSnow

    Michael Banter Thread

    I said it in the main thread but will delete it...I’d like to see him charged with B&E. Completely irresponsible, and copycats with even less knowledge will someday get killed because of this.