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  1. Cool thanks.
  2. How about l’artusi?
  3. Midtown, willing to trace around though. I’m open to anything but my brother would want steak, seafood, or Italian.
  4. Way off topic guys, but I am going to be in the city next week for one night and looking for a place that is in the 30-50 range per person for dinner. any suggestions are appreciated!!
  5. I'm saving a couple of the graphics just because I don't really think we see this again anytime soon, where we have a storm still classified as tropical off the Iberian peninsula. Honestlu too it looks like it is still holding onto a small center of convection, so still looks at least to be holding onto some tropical characteristics. Still just really impressive to watch and definitely one of the most unusual places I have seen a tropical system.
  6. Yeah this would be a huge problem if it was going to track into the Iberian peninsula. Likely could still be tropical and quite strong in an area that is not equipped to handle it
  7. These are storms that always interest me...ones that move into unusual/atypical areas. Right now it is forecast to stay tropical up until 24 hours out from landfall in Ireland. It will be interesting to see how long it will hold onto tropical status. Even the forecast right now is unusual having a hurricane with a hurricane near 15w and 45n. Finally, this could be a rather bad hit for Ireland.
  8. The 6z GFS looks like it wants to maintain it as a TC very near to the coast of Portugal. Could be a very unusual storm.
  9. I think both sides are terrible. I'm just glad that njwx85 hasn't been in the thread.
  10. Why does every tropical storm thread have to turn into an argument about who is right and wrong on intensity? I don't blame mods, btw, I blame the posters that have to act like they are 10 years old.
  11. What does this mean? I'm no expert but I don't believe forward speed rules out intensification. Now there isnt really time though.
  12. This by far is the most annoying thing in the threads, whether it is Harvey, Irma, or Maria. No one cares that you, as an amateur, guessed what would happen and got lucky.
  13. I am so sick of the same people saying that it won't weaken with no evidence, and the same people saying it will weaken with no reasoning. It doesn't really matter to me, both sides are extremely annoying...especially when they make a guess and then thump their chest that they were right.
  14. Seeing the first pictures from the lower keys, and it is complete devastation. the bullet was not dodged. A question about surge, did the keys, much like a barrier island, possibly break the surge of the mainland?