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  1. KPITSnow

    Alberto remnants

    Please don’t laugh at me, but if this was later in the year, and tracked directly over Lake Michigan, could that possibly strengthen a system that is still this well defined? I know there is the “brown ocean” effect, but o would have to imagine that an actual, warm body of water would be more conducive if it could thread the needle and track due north over Lake Michigan?
  2. Surprisingly almost no lightning with those heavy showers west of the city, though the atmosphere probably was stabilized by the initial rain and it now being cloudy. It seems that that every day the severe storms have started to form directly over us then ramped up to our south and east. We we will probably see the watch canceled over our area in the next hour or two.
  3. Hah. I think your round of golf is pretty toast.
  4. Radar is exploding right now.
  5. Near whiteout in north hills with this squall.
  6. So two storms to track..in April? Over the last 3 weeks we’ve had more decent threats than we had all winter. Ill be shocked if the storm this weekend doesn’t bump north into us.
  7. Watch issues, but does not include AGC.
  8. One thing this last week dispelled for me is sun angle destroying a snowpack in a day. Even though it has been 40 everything stayed mostly covered up until yesterday. Bottom line, unless it is 50 snowpack will stick around.
  9. It it is funny, and I’m sure not a coincidence, that all of our troll posters always seem to live in in the ligonier/Latrobe/greensburg vicinity. Pghrants, psunate, thisguy. I’m sure it is a complete coincidence!
  10. KPITSnow

    Central PA - March 2018

    I know this is central, but KPIT recorded .56 liquid equivalent today, but 8.6 inches. That is remarkable for a late March storm.
  11. Also, this is kind of astounding for a late season storm. Kpit recorded 8.6 inches of snow in .56 liquid equivalent. Quick math says that is 15 or 16 to 1? That is remarkable to be honest this time of year.
  12. The set up reminded me of 2/5-2/6 2010 but without the front end. The radar appearance today was almost identical to that storm after the coastal took over.
  13. Finally! This has been a long time coming!
  14. They are REALLY going down with the ship lol. KPIT reporter 5 inches at 7. They have to be betting close to 9-10 inches at this point.
  15. Heaviest snow I have seen so far right now.