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  1. The issue, IMO is volume. It obviously is more deadly than the flu, mainly driven by elderly deaths, but it is too many sick at one time more than anything else.
  2. Oh I completely agree. I’m not trying to downplay it. We should be completely locked down till May then reevaluate. I don’t go out anymore. I stocked on food to last for a month. I just think fear mongering is really a massive problem right now.
  3. The hype sucks.The downplaying also sucks. There is a middle ground between “we are all going to die” and “this is fake news!”
  4. I’m worried too. There is a difference between that and what the one poster on here is doing.
  5. The issue isn’t that one post. The issue is that EVERY post he makes is doomsday type scenarios. There are a ton of people enjoying trying to spread panic right now, and it’s beyond disgusting.
  6. 1% CASE fatality rate. There is a big difference between that and actual fatality rate.
  7. You mean like the people making absurd claims and playing it out to be the apocalypse, right? You certainly mean the people that are have full on panic attacks, right? You certainly don’t mean the people who are trying to be reasonable about it, I assume?
  8. Are you a mod, if you don’t mind me asking? And frankly, if anyone needs a timeout it is people like you who are breathlessly posting to try and scare people.
  9. You’re correct, And the other side that completely downplay it are just as bad. Ive been for social distancing and shutdowns since probably the first week of March. I felt we were too slow. But there is the opposite side that is borderline rooting for a apocalypse which I think is just as bad and cause a ton of panic. I’m not sure what your point is? I’m not comparing this to the flu, but up to 60k die a year from it each year and we don’t panic. There is a big difference between taking proper stepson this case, and being completely panicked like some people are.
  10. It is reality, it is grim. the fact is though 200k+ people die every single month in this country, and a lot of people dying from this as that will die were very likely almost to that point. It doesn’t make it less tragic, but you playing it up and being incredibly fascinated is a huge problem, and a problem that is rampant right now on all social media platforms.
  11. Because he is in some morbid way enjoying this.
  12. I’d heavily agree with this, and driven by deaths over 60 and 70. The CFR is pretty low everywhere for those under 60 and especially those under 50, and it is likely we are a far magnitude off when accounting for not tested cases.
  13. No, would be the opposite. As we start testing those that are more sick only CFR will actually rise.
  14. I though it was 100-200k is what they said, and that the worst case scenario was initially millions?
  15. I think May is the right timeframe to reevaluate. I do agree though people will get fed up and go out.