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  1. Very anecdotal, but I’m 35. Maybe it is just kid me, but I seem to remember clippers being unbelievably commonplace compared to now 10 years ago and when I was a child, and also LES events here in the Pittsburgh area being far more common. U don’t mean huge events but squalls, bands that would set up and drop a few inches, etc. what really stands out is that getting a few clippers/LES events in November and December seemed common with 1-2 inch type events. Those haven’t happened recently. Finally, I think what really stands out is that when I was a kid the lakes froze and shutoff for LES by January. That generally isn’t the case anymore.
  2. I was in the laurel highlands and it was intense. Visibility was honestly a couple hundred feet at most.
  3. Sorry, sick of this garbage. I know it is uncontrollable obviously, but tonight is junk. Just rain.
  4. One, there should have been a special weather statement. Roads in the north hills were a mess. two, these are awful events, and of course I had plans. The conditions getting to McKnight were pretty scary. Bring on spring...this is the Pitts
  5. I will say this, I prefer this winter to the 30 one inch dusting we usually get that are just annoying. If we can’t get decent storms, just don’t snow. Also, this has been much better than the usual slop storm where we get killed by WAA GM then a week of temperatures hovering in the teens or less and it is dry only to repeat with the warm tongue.
  6. Oh please...they have had such a great run of huge storms. All those east coast subs suck. If they don’t get a 20 inch storm they melt.
  7. Meh, it’s hard to be thrilled with this knowing that a couple hundred miles away they are getting a foot. We missed timing on this by a few hours...of this got its act together sooner we would have been crushed.
  8. I’ve said it before on here...employers need their feet held to the fire for not being more understanding of people have to come in late on a day like today. I tried to call and say to my employer I’d be there around ten and was basically told no
  9. I think regardless tomorrow morning’s commute will be a nightmare. Obviously not the same setup but there was a storm last year we got 3 or 4 inches, but it came at like an inch an hour rated starting at 5 am? Was a total mess. I’ll probably delay heading to work if it all goes to hell.
  10. 0z HRRR dropping. 1-2 inches over pittsburgh...every direction 50 miles from us 2-4 inches. Can’t make this up.
  11. I was in Syracuse last weekend when they were prepping for a complicated situation as far as snow/ice vs rain. The level of detail they go into in their discussions puts the Pittsburgh office to shame.
  12. It figures...after dealing with everything cutting all winter the next storm looks like it could be south or East. ive said it before, but it seems literally everywhere in a 50-100 mile radius of us has had a good 12+ inch storm the last 5 years but us.