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  1. Honestly, and this is semantics, I hate when anyone says “the town is under water” when it’s like a foot of water. Ft myers beach was under water. New Orleans during Katrina was under water. This is inundation but not under water
  2. What’s your point? The angle of approach facilitated that?
  3. SPC map looks like a classic snowstorm fringe job
  4. In Cape Coral and ft myers? Most people can.
  5. Turtle already told us it was a catastrophe there too
  6. You aren’t poor in Cape Coral
  7. And it’s one thing if you’re poor and can’t afford to leave like with Katrina in New Orleans. These people are not poor.
  8. It looks like Sarasota/Bradenton is going to get blasted by the western eye wall
  9. Sounds like it could be the worst of both worlds. Side that gets less surge gets worse winds
  10. Just a quick question, since when it moves onshore winds will be blowing over land rather than water will that reduce maximum winds on that quadrant or will it really not matter
  11. The high ground makes you invincible. Ask Anakin Skywalker
  12. The Reddit anti work sub would have a field day
  13. Good god, I can’t stand when people call storms beasts, monsters, he/she. It makes me want to punch a kitten
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