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  1. I really hope not. I hate severe weather.
  2. That is the dream storm that will never happen, but that is a 93 redux if i’ve ever seen it.
  3. Reading the central PA thread...some of them have had foot plus storms each of the last two years...in March... As far as the pattern, we lament this every year. We go from 10 degree up to 40 pretty consistently. We also always have close calls where we get an inch plus of qpf but have mixing issues or rain. Our typical pattern seems to be cold and dry or warm and slip/rain.
  4. Wait, you’ve had a foot plus storm in the month of March the last two years????
  5. Completely unscientific rule of thumb for us in the PIT forum...always forecast 2-4 inches.
  6. Back edge rapidly approaching. Probably will end up at about 3!!!! Great!!!! I really wish it would have just missed us to the south.
  7. Every winter blows where I’m at, so i understand how you feel.
  8. This is going to be another massive let down for us.
  9. I hate when he calls everything “snowshower.”
  10. Euro actually gives us 5 inches. That is a surprise.
  11. That’s the best I’ve seen my way in awhile for this storm.
  12. Which model? Everything I’m seeing shows maybe 3 inches max, maybe 4 in souther AGC.
  13. It is really tough for me to get excited about a 2-3 inch storm.
  14. NAM is really bad. Super fast...it only snows for 6 hours. 1-3 at most my way and 2-4 also everywhere else. edit: maybe 3-6 SCPA. And a bit more in SEPA. Sorry, I don’t really know where everyone on here is.
  15. NAM is UGLY. It only snows for 6 hours. We might get 1-3 inches. Yikes.