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  1. This weather sucks. This is one of the most prolonged heat waves I can remember.
  2. Lol, I'm done. It you want to look at who derailed things it was the people who politicized things like mask wearing and reopening. If SNE wants to start the thread again but only allow people from the sub to post I will gladly not post and enjoy the daily postings as it was a great wealth of info.
  3. Lol. All I am going to say is that at the beginning of this whole thing you were the biggest scare mongerer in the thread. I thought reasonable caution was appropriate and was truly concerned about the motivations to want to reopen and that I didn't think people could handle it. I always thought that the worst case was overblown but I think people were rushing to reopen. I was also there for 3 months and the issues only started when a couple pepole showed up. That all said, you went from calling it apocalyptic to a hoax almost overnight.
  4. The constant politicalization of it was the problem. Turning it constantly into a left vs right fight, turing reopening decisions and mask wearing into a left vs right thing, turning wanting to be caustion into you are are scared liberal...that was the issue and why it went away. There are a lot of things with this virus that should cross political lines, but unfortunately one side especially has weaponized it and denied it and it was spilling into a ton of the posts.
  5. Friend in burgetstown sent pictures of near golf ball sized hell
  6. The tornado warned cell is about as strong as a signature as you’ll see in this area.
  7. That’s a really strong radar signature for around here.
  8. Tornado warning WV panhandle heading into PA. South AGC is where it is heading. Was looking at the radar, thought it looked like a possibility ...then a warning immediately.
  9. Went for a drive Saturday and badly needed a distraction. In any case ended up driving back to Pittsburgh from I-68 to route 40 around 2 or 3 I think? It had just started snowing but was coming down pretty good. How much did you end with?
  10. Way late on this one, but at least with that we had an epic 2nd half of the winter. Recently when we get screwed over we follow it up with nothing. we haven’t even had storms to track this year outside of fantasy storms 2 weeks out
  11. Very anecdotal, but I’m 35. Maybe it is just kid me, but I seem to remember clippers being unbelievably commonplace compared to now 10 years ago and when I was a child, and also LES events here in the Pittsburgh area being far more common. U don’t mean huge events but squalls, bands that would set up and drop a few inches, etc. what really stands out is that getting a few clippers/LES events in November and December seemed common with 1-2 inch type events. Those haven’t happened recently. Finally, I think what really stands out is that when I was a kid the lakes froze and shutoff for LES by January. That generally isn’t the case anymore.
  12. I was in the laurel highlands and it was intense. Visibility was honestly a couple hundred feet at most.
  13. Sorry, sick of this garbage. I know it is uncontrollable obviously, but tonight is junk. Just rain.
  14. One, there should have been a special weather statement. Roads in the north hills were a mess. two, these are awful events, and of course I had plans. The conditions getting to McKnight were pretty scary. Bring on spring...this is the Pitts