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  1. I woke up just now and was quite shocked.
  2. Yea, it stinks..overall though white Christmas, and the January storm was a better storm than anything we had in the last 3-4 winters. also, this hasn’t been as painful because we haven’t been watching the mid Atlantic get 3 twenty inch storms.
  3. Do you remember the January storm where it looked like up till a day before it was going to be 2 inches, then ended up getting 6-8????
  4. Gfs looks decent too. GFS looks more than decent actually. Might need a WSW for AGC.
  5. Euro basically bulls eyes Pittsburgh to butler.
  6. This was always a low probability for a 6+ storm. 3-5 and slop sounds pretty dead on and always has.
  7. I have to say that going with advisories is odd to me. 3-5 inches of snow with a tenth an inch of ice on top seems like it should merit a warning to me.
  8. The 12z NAM is disastrously warm lol. The 850 line makes it up to I-80. nice front end thump though.
  9. That might be one of the best euro runs honestly. It has been warm the whole time. Remember, the storm several weeks ago up until 48 hours out showed rain, and an inch 1-3 inches on most models and we ended up 6+
  10. What? Define awful? literally a 25 mile shift puts all of AGC in a 6-10 type event based off that. Probagly more like 4-8 with ratios, but the euro is not “awful” by any means.
  11. I’d imagine we get a watch this afternoon. With the combination of KPIT already expecting 2-4 inches plus ice on top of it that should be sufficient for a watch. They can always adjust later if need be to an advisory.
  12. I just want storms I track. The last couple years we haven’t even had many teases on big storms. I feel like we haven’t had many of the big Miller b storms where we get slop. It has been mostly coastal that we never have a chance on.
  13. Gfs looked pretty good this morning with about .25 qpf. Could be a decent 2-4 clipper
  14. It is impossible to tell, but just looking at other observations from around me I’d say I likely got 6. KPIT ended with 6.3! We finally got a 6+ storm!! I think changing over 2 hours early really saved us.