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  1. This by far is the most annoying thing in the threads, whether it is Harvey, Irma, or Maria. No one cares that you, as an amateur, guessed what would happen and got lucky.
  2. I am so sick of the same people saying that it won't weaken with no evidence, and the same people saying it will weaken with no reasoning. It doesn't really matter to me, both sides are extremely annoying...especially when they make a guess and then thump their chest that they were right.
  3. Seeing the first pictures from the lower keys, and it is complete devastation. the bullet was not dodged. A question about surge, did the keys, much like a barrier island, possibly break the surge of the mainland?
  4. I really disagree, but ok. Have a good one.
  5. IMO, all he has been doing is thumping his chest, and saying "I don't think it will strengthen."
  6. Good god, just stop acting like children in general. The mods can't possibly deal with all the crap posts, so try to act a bit like adults. Also, is 40/70 benchmark like this in the NE threads...he is unbearable to read. Just like the folks that keep saying "bombs away."
  7. I saw a couple people upthread mentioning dry air being ingested...is that true? I'm not really seeing it, but I'm also far from an expert.
  8. Just stop. The main thread is maddening right now, and folks on both sides are being idiotic, and wishcasting both ways. Good points have been made both ways..and obviously the cards will fall as they will. Please though don't disregard the analysis of mets like LEK, stebo, and snowgoose off hand.
  9. Wait a minute...and I'm sorry I go off on a tangent, and I am not criticizing the NHC...but as of last night, they forecasted the storm to not be really weakened by Cuba, and stay 150-155 mph storm. We also have several METS on here saying they believe this could be about to RI, so I would generally say cool it here.
  10. God, so many people in the main thread trying to wishcasting based on their forecasts.
  11. That is odd. Almost makes it look like the last advisory was wrong?
  12. That looks like the inner eyewall might be on its last gasp now.
  13. Harvey did this for awhile too...oew struggled to take over, and when the IEW finally gave out, harvey went from I think a 100 mph storm to 130 by landfall. if the IEW clears, a good chance this blows up.
  14. Might not have to wait long. Recon will probably give a pretty clear picture soon. I seem to remember you saying harvey was being torn apart right before it went from an 80mph storm to cat 3 lol.
  15. Lol. I have a feeling this might be a good post to bump later. Didn't you say you are a licensed met?