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  1. I remember these events being pretty common in the past even in November... not so much I’m the last 10 years or so. Nice to have a bit of early season snow for sure.
  2. Good lord...look at the nws area map..we are surrounded by advisories. So typical.
  3. Another tropical system in the far northeast seems every year we get closer to Europe with these systems and with climate change I have to think we will eventually have European landfalls.
  4. Pretty sure Juan was the strongest and this is right there with it.
  5. This is going to be an awful hit for Nova Scotia. They are not used to having a cat 2 hurricane slam into them.
  6. My favorite posts have been some posters who were convinced that a Florida landfall was coming, but then yesterday were saying “I don’t know why anyone expected a direct Carolina landfall.”
  7. Welp, so much for that sub 950 pressure njwx was basically wishcasting for last night.
  8. Also...a slight eastern component now to the movement which is good news.
  9. I’m not going to go into it here...but I think it would be a good discussion in the banter thread.
  10. Man, that damage in Abaco looks like cat 1 damage at best!
  11. I think you should try standing on interstate construction when they are blasting a road through a mountain.
  12. You do realize just because it is moving towards the coast now doesn’t mean it won’t eventually recurve away from the coast? I could make a post about a hurricane somewhere 1000 miles SE of Bermuda and say “it’s moving west towards the east coast” but that does g mean it’s going to make landfall.