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  1. SENC in 3, 2, 1 to say this is TS damage.
  2. Ok, hurricane hitting greece. Tropical system hitting Portugal. Can we get the trifecta and have a great lakes STS?
  3. Well you don't see an NHC advisory on a tropical system of any kind landfalling in Europe very often.
  4. Broken clock is right twice a day.
  5. Are you referring to the "Perfect Storm?" I know I will get weenie hit for this but this would be fun a month later and we could pull down some artic air during that transition.
  6. If you go out to Coney Island you might see some of the outflow over you.
  7. If it pulls a florence can we get a replay of NJWX or whoever it was in the florence thread that predicted a cat 4 then proceeded to scream after every frame on the satellite that the intensification?
  8. Odds on this making a hard left into Boston? Will the surge be higher than Sandy? Maybe we will get a Cat 4 into Maine!
  9. Because it is an extremely rare and unusual solution that does show up on the models from time to time but rarely actually comes to fruition.
  10. Not exactly sure when people are going to realize that with landfalling storms you can't judge the far side of the eyewall based on radar. We do this every damn time there is a landfalling storm, and amazingly it is always the further side of the eyewall that is open not the near side.
  11. Can someone tell me if the end of Paulette's forecast track is exceedingly rare? I don't think I have ever seen a near 90 degree due south turn? Also, what the hell is up with the disturbance NE of the azores that the NHC says has a chance of tropical formation?
  12. I love when there is a hurricane forecast to track within 500 miles of NE or NYC...always leads to some of the best comedy in this sub.
  13. Turtlehurricane's call of category 4 is looking great right now!
  14. Still concerned about approach angle and surge into NO.
  15. I would still be extremely worried about water just piling up into Lake Pontchartrain with the angle it would be approaching at.
  16. Given the approach angle we also should not even dismiss surge. The angle it is approaching at could be very problematic for NO even asa cat 1 or cat 2.
  17. Correct me if I am wrong, but this track as forecasted is about a worst possible track scenario for New Orleans, correct?
  18. Agree. When I think of fall on western PA I think of varying between beautiful 60 degree days and random days in November that are cold with LES snow. The last ten years I really don’t remember falls like this, and I especially haven’t seen LES events in the fall at all.
  19. You're going to be unhappy this year, I am guessing.
  20. I might be way off, but I feel like the destruction from Charley was pretty close to Andrew. This is all about WHERE these storms landfall. Laura landfalling in homestead would have been every bit as bad as Andrew, minus maybe the improved building codes from today.
  21. LC is also 25 miles inland. You can't compare that to Homestead which is a few miles inland.
  22. If this would have run into a populated area it would have been potentially one of our worst natural disasters of all time. We have gotten lucky with this and Michael that they hit rather sparsely populated areas.