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  1. This squall rolling in means business. Visibility dropping to near 0
  2. Man, I know these last two events were irritating, but looking at the tragedy in Texas puts things in perspective.
  3. I'm getting the impression the HRRR is really overdoing the warm air intrusion at the surface. Per the 0z we should be changing to plain rain right now but KPIT is still sitting at 29 or 30 degrees.
  4. SOme perspective here....a lot of places around the country are in for a lot of hurt from this storm. The deep south, MA, and pacific northwest were all pretty paralyzed by it so I guess we got off a bit easy at least. TX, LA, OK, AR...they are all looking at a ton of power outages and near 0 temperatures. I am still amazed that Houston is going to hit the single digits tonight. Ths was an epic artic outbreak, one for the record books, just not for us. It is going to be -5 in little rock tonight. -12 in Oklahoma City. 2 in dallas. By any measure, this is still historic and amazing to watch.
  5. North of the city still may have a chance for a quick burst of snow. though from an overall Icing perspective putting down even half an inch on the roads then ice would be a mess.
  6. Looking upstream from us in this case it’s still only 30 in Parkersburg and Morgantown, so it’s going to be awhile before we bump up over freezing.
  7. Seeing blue skies right now...probably the first be seen that in weeks.
  8. Just cleaned the car. Show underneath very light and fluffy but on top it was heavy and wet. Guessing we were fairly close to a flip.
  9. Ehh rain and 35 won’t make too huge of a dent in the snow pack.
  10. NAM showing no snow Thursday essentially...all ice. I know it’s easy to dismiss but the NAM was dead on for this storm.
  11. I know it’s the long range NAM, but it was absolutely the first model that sniffed out how progressive this system would be.
  12. I don’t quite get why anyone is surprised by this, other than this winter hasn’t had one of these...but it is a consistent theme. We’ve seen plenty of times that 2-3 days out all models are showing a foot but the progressive nature of the primary is under modeled and it ends up being a Cleveland storm. Heck, here have been times where I’ve seen us be worried about being fringed to the south and we end up mixing. this is par for the course, and anytime you have a primary riding up the valley I expect it to be modeled 100-200 miles south.
  13. My god you’re worse than me. What was your former name on here?
  14. This still is going to be a pain in the ass ice event and the WSW is extremely valid still.
  15. Yep I’ve said it multiple times...if December didn’t happen, especially the mid December storm this would be incredibly frustrating. I still don’t understand why it is so damn impossible to get an apps runner ad why we are always living right on a cutoff.
  16. Lol I did the same thing with the news. I do seem to remember more storms with solid front end thumps of at least 2-4 inches. Mainly now we seem to be going to straight ice immediately.
  17. Ehh it is Climo here. These events we always see an adjustment northwest as we approach the events. I know I can remember events where we went from 10 degrees to over 40 in a 24 hour span. This still looks like a major winter event though, just not likely to see much snow.
  18. You say this...but how many times have we gone from artic cold to 50 in 12 hours lol.
  19. If this happens, he may not have power to open his business. Lol Ice is one thing that is a hard no for me going out in.
  20. Well, it would be nice if my employer delays opening our business Tuesday morning if this happens.