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  1. Yep, but for the rest of the corridor things look precarious. The GFS is basically OTS for anything other than Eastern Mass.
  2. Not that it wasn't really expected but the weekend storm looks dead. It has shifted almost too far east for even the 95 corridor.
  3. Also, the models are already showing a pretty bombed out low. Earlier phase likely means even stronger so wouldn't you have to have some ridiculous type monster for this to track up west of I95? Not to mention that Miller A storms aren't something we generally do great with, again unless they are historically strong storms.
  4. Today looks much like yesterday where butler county will see more than AGC.
  5. Don't shoot me for saying this, but it seems to be extremely rare for a coastal like this to be depicted 5 or so days out and adjust enough that it gives us significant impacts.
  6. It was a bust for me. ONe of the most disappointing storms I've experienced. If you enjoyed it, good for you, but it was a massive let down for me. But I'm done talking about it.
  7. Like I said, I'll shut up. I was wrong today. I ended up with nearly 3 inches even though it looked like earlier we might not get more than an inch. It doesn't change the fact that last weeks storm massively underperformed. But you jump down my throat immediately, the minute I say that a model trended the wrong way. So maybe you should also simmer down?
  8. I'm probably going to end with about two inches. Not a bust, but I would imagine places near butler got 4-6 inches.
  9. Ok all, since I am obviously ticking all of you off, I will TRY and tone it back a bit. Just for the love of god, if I mention a model shift don't lose your minds on me.....but I will stop the constant bust talk.
  10. What is your problem dude? I'm hoping the radar fills in. I don't have an inch as is probably the case in most of AGC. We will see if we can catch up a bit. I doubt it though.
  11. NOpe, it was a great December, and I didn't complain the rest of the winter even as the rest of the winter sucked. That December made up for it. This last storm though was one of the worst I can remember though as far as showing a foot or more the day before to barely get 6 or 7 inches.
  12. Radar looks like it might be backfilling a bit. Will see if we can approach 2-3 inches across the city.
  13. Lol. The reports from the storm last week all had areas right around the city at 6-7 inches. I am not making that up. Today, again, I have an inch at most, and I think most people around the city and south would say the same. Last December I had probably over a foot while the airport got less than 10 inches. I had more with that one and was a great storm but was our only really good storm in the last decade. Everything else has been a whiff. Also, to add on here, yes I know I can't control, but I hope none of you that are complaining about me complaining ever complain about a sports team because you can't control that either.
  14. You're in Beaver county where there was more snow. The NWS office was correct at 9 inches. In the city and around it 6-7 inches was pretty normal as we dryslotted forever.
  15. Telling the truth is not trolling. I had 7 inches last week and I don't even have an inch right now. How is saying that trolling? THe only people trolling are the ones claiming I am lying.
  16. Lol, ok troll. I'm here because I love snow, and consistently I can go even 10 miles away and places have double the total I do. So go ahead and say what you want troll. I'm sick of alway having less than places nearby. Oh, and far as driving, I'll stay home if I can, but I don't like drivers that think they can still go 80 MPH in because they have a jeep. Also, it is weird you are stalking me.
  17. You got me! I'm in Philly! Glad you are in a good spot! I am not and will end up with a half foot less than you this week even though you are 10 miles away. It's been a bust of a week and winter here
  18. I have about a mile visibility right now. It is light snow.
  19. Must be nice! I've watched the higher radar returns miss me by 10 miles all morning. I don't even have an inch.
  20. It was the case for most of the county. You are welcome to look at the totals. The 9 in Moon was one of the highest reports with most people getting around 7. It was a big old bust of a storm that wasn't even warning level for most of us.
  21. Their graphic had a foot right over the city and me. I got 7 inches. It was a bad bust of a storm especially since just about every model except one had us getting a foot plus until about 24 hours out.
  22. Great! I’m not at the moon NWS office. I was forecasted to start a foot literally six hours from thee we start of the snow and got 7 inches over like 18 hour. It was a bust of a storm.
  23. I haven’t even come close to that. I got 7 from the last storm and I might get 2 from this. The last storm was an absolute bust and didn’t even hit warning level for me,
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