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  1. I just looked up June 29th 2012 and what a miserable day. Low was 82, and high was 99.
  2. Yep…looks like we will split the gap here at least with this first cluster. Really good news.
  3. We MIGHT get lucky. The northern cluster will miss us to the north and that cluster in Ohio likely will go south. There is still rain and convection in between but not to the levels of those two other groups. Just will have to watch how it develops.
  4. Looking at the HRRR and RAP they aren’t really showing much if any convective development this afternoon. Hires NAM shows it a bit more, but all of the models show a very broken line and large breaks right over us.
  5. Last night missed, which is good. I don’t like storms and like overnight storms even less.
  6. That a punch shouldn’t be allowed to punch someone. no, I’m not.
  7. It was stupid. THere was a thread about a cop punching a protestor in east liberty. People were defending it, saying the cop should be allowed to punch someone if a person gets in their face or the cop feels threatened, or just in general if a cop feels like it. I responded along the lines of "fine, you're annoying me, since it is acceptable behavior lets meet and I get one shot at you" and some snowflake reported it as threatening violence. Since reddit doesn't understand nuance they perma banned me.
  8. Please, you whine about if it is 89.9999999999999999999999999999 degrees instead of 90.
  9. Roads are actually getting covered here. Tells you how intense it is. NWs doesn’t even have a special weather statement lol. honestly completely asleep at the wheel. Quarter mile vis and snow +
  10. Man, two months ago this would have been a nice thump.
  11. I went to the baseball game and was pretty stunned how much like summer it felt
  12. The one on Sunday morning that was a near whiteout yes.
  13. Does Pittsburgh NWS not want to use the snow squall warning?
  14. Maybe March is the new LES season? Thus feels like a lot of November days growing up with off and on squalls all day
  15. Heavy band in the north hills and windy. Feels much more like January than late March
  16. Ok. When's the next time you plan on randomly insulting me?
  17. Well someone on here does. I'm guessing you or Tim since you are both so incredibly obsessed with me. Can't go two damn posts without bringing up that MLK even that was a bust.
  18. You and ahoff are probably stalking me over there. I don’t know what the hell you two have a problem with.
  19. All you do is troll, so you’re welcome not to interact with me. It was a busy btw.
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