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  1. If I looked at 200 hour models on a regular basis and took them verbatim I'd have 200 inches a year. This has been such a bad winter, so I will believe it when I see it.
  2. Yeah, if we don’t anything else significant it’s pretty much a D or worse for me.
  3. I’m not sure why everyone is ready to just go to spring. When we get to March, fine because with sun angle you have to get a real monster for a good storm, and 2-4 events just kind of suck and don’t even really accumulate on roads. I do not want a February torch though as it is usually our last best chance at storms, and given that just a few days ago the GFS was signaling a pattern with a bunch of potential and now it looks like a crap sandwich and that winter is basically over outside a March Hail Mary…and if it ends like this it will go down as a really awful winter.
  4. Yes. Considering that my Reddit account is being trolled on a doordash sub and you made that post it’s pretty obvious
  5. Let it go. I thought it was a bust.I'm glad you were ok with you7 inches when 12+ was very possible. I wasn't.
  6. I'd be fine with a few inches and not being teased by the models to think there will be a massive hit only to have it pull back the last 24 hours.
  7. My god, I posted the maps multiple times. Most of the county had an advisory level event. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was one of the worst event I've experienced.
  8. Not for many in the county. It was a bust. Stop worrying that I think that.
  9. Just because the airport got 9 doesn’t mean most people did. that map literally shows a snow hole right over us and every direction you go 50-100 miles had more snow.
  10. I’ll bring this over here out of the main thread. Forecast was basically around a foot county wide, then changed at the last minutes. IT WAS A BUST.
  11. The map came out at 1pm, and we were done at that point. Just freaking stop brining it up in every post. You thought it was a good event, great. I think it was one of the worst busts I’ve experienced going from models days on end showing a foot and only getting 7 inches, dry slotting, and mixing.
  12. No, I literally did not bring it up. For the 30th time Tim had to once again insult me for saying it was an underperforming bust.
  13. I don’t get why you guys keep bringing this up? At least half the county got less than 8 inches. That means a lot of us didn’t verify warning criteria. I’m not blaming the NWS, but this storm underperformed on a big way. and to your point in 1/19/19 it was raining and 35 before warnings were dropped.
  14. 7 inches in the 18 hours it fell is not warning criteria. I’d say maybe half the county hit warning level.
  15. Actually, most areas in AGC did not meet warning criteria. 7 inches was pretty standard in much of the county. https://twitter.com/NWSPittsburgh/status/1483177652714237954/photo/1 I don't know why you keep bringing it up when you are wrong.
  16. In perspective I'd give it a C. Disregarding that MLK did underperform a bit, no matter what anyone wants to say, it was a decent storm. December was an F, and January an A so it evens out.
  17. Oh, we had a 6-8 inch snowstorm on Halloween in 1993. Just off the top of my head, we had a foot storm before xmas in 92, the blizzard of 93, the halloween storm, the 20 inch storm in January of 94, then the 96 blizzard.
  18. I remember in the 90's getting into the 60's in February was outlandish. I asked my mom to let me wear shorts, but I think she just didn't want to wash them haha. In general though, we get less cold snaps, less big storms, and less snow in general. It used to be not unusual at all to get squalls and clippers in November and it just doesn't happen anymore. I remember PIrates games in September with snow mixing in. Now we often don't see our first flakes till mid november. That may all be anecdotal, and maybe it is just weenie kid me misremembering, but from the early 90's till the mid 2000's it seemed we had more big storms, more front end thumps, more LES events, and more overperforming clippers. I can't remember how many miller b's we had that gave 3-5 of snow, then ice, then maybe rain at the end. I can't really remember the amount of clippers we had that were consistent 1-3 or 2-4 events. I also absolutely remember tons of days where LES set up over us so we got a couple inches, and days where squalls popped whiteout conditions and dropped an inch or two in an hour in the fall. Again, this is anecdotal, but it feels something has 100% changed.
  19. Fun story. I was at citi field to see the pirates the night of the infamous queens macro burst. Was a bit concerned we’d be stuck since we took the train.
  20. Glad you agree. Most baseball fans though adamantly disagree. I’ll give you pirates fans as example. They CONSTANTLY want to throw stupid money at people even though these contracts for anyone over 26 or so often are disasters. They wanted to sign cutch to an 8 year 180 million dollar deal 4 years ago. They want to extend Bryan Reynolds, who I think is one of the best OF’ers in the game, to an extension without understanding he will command a 250 million dollar deal. They wanted to give ke’bryan Hayes a Tatis like contract based on 100 plate appearances in 2020. baseball fans are pretty dumb. They think bad owner of they don’t spend stupid money, and yeah some owners are cheap, but all one has to do is look at teams like the Mets, Phillies,rangers, or when San Diego a few years ago tried to buy a good team to see it rarely works.
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