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  1. Ok. When's the next time you plan on randomly insulting me?
  2. Well someone on here does. I'm guessing you or Tim since you are both so incredibly obsessed with me. Can't go two damn posts without bringing up that MLK even that was a bust.
  3. You and ahoff are probably stalking me over there. I don’t know what the hell you two have a problem with.
  4. All you do is troll, so you’re welcome not to interact with me. It was a busy btw.
  5. Why Why is it ok for you to bring it up but if I say anything about it you have a mental breakdown?
  6. Did this end up the biggest event of the year? Did KPIT hit 10 inches?
  7. This band parked over Butler County looks amazing, especially since you don't usually see these sit over areas and dump like this for this long that far from the lake. Someone under it might get 4 inches judging by the reports out of butler and looking at the 422 traffic cameras.
  8. I'll 100% take an overperformer like this any day over a storm that had big potential and mixes and dry slots. I don't know why you care to argue about this with me so much?
  9. What a great overperformance this one was. Last night and this morning ripping heavy snow and a general 6-9 inches from that, then windy artic weather that felt much more like January and March, and some of the best drifting and blowing I've seen around here in a long time. Then to cap it off, tonight another inch or two in places from the LES event. Official total at the airport will be the biggest of the year and will likely go over 10 inches and honestly may approach 11. I can say with confidence that I got 10+ out here in the North Hills as well between the initial synoptic event and the trailing LES. This will absolutely go down as one of our bigger March event I would imagine? The rest of the weather was pretty meh, but we got about 8-10 inches of unexpected snow this week and a great 10 inch storm to close the season. Overall, this ends up not being a bad winter at all.
  10. One person absolutely won't let it go. I said this was the best storm of the year, and someone had to jump in "maybe for you I got more on MLK day."
  11. I showed you the snow map and you blew it off. Not doing it again.
  12. Just eyeballing it I’d guess just north of 8 inches
  13. I feel like you could tell around midnight this had a great chance of pushing 6 inches. Not a huge deal, but I agree should have been upgraded.
  14. AMazing that the "biggest" storm of the year failed to verify warning level while this one was the best we've had this year and it was an advisory. This makes up for the MLK storm.
  15. Agree. 2018 was so long and drawn out. I don't think it even accumulated on any pavement really. This is a pretty darn dynamic storm and the mini blizzard at the end here is pretty awesome.
  16. 29 years later and it looks like 93 outside right now. Crazy it did this for like 12 hours that day.
  17. Absolutely ripping right now. Visibility probably under 1/8th of a mile. You can see the lake enhancement working in. Honestly a near whiteout right now.
  18. Just went outside, and eyeballed maybe 6 or 7 inches? Great overperform, and amazing the best storm of the year is a march frontal passage.
  19. Just saw that as of 230 AM 5 inches at the airport. Going to be a couple places, including me, that push 8 inches. Shocked they didn't up this to a warning. Total overperform, and this basically does save the winter.
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