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  1. Same here. Also, my temp has been holding at 81 for 2 solid hours. Pretty much a lock that my low will be in the 70s tonight.
  2. East Petersburg got hit hard with hail earlier. Nothing close to me today to this point.
  3. 91.2 as the clouds have arrived. No rain imminent...yet.
  4. Pretty remarkable. Speaking of which...temp climb here has been impressive. It's already 90 at 11:35am.
  5. Barely made it to 90 here yesterday...today will likely be day #2, but overall, this particular "heat episode" is not nearly as impressive as it looked last week at this time. Certainly nothing close to extreme. We'll see what happens going forward. Today will be day #11 at or above 90 here...still, this season has been quite pleasant overall.
  6. It's 87 here at 11:05. Despite how high it is at this time of day, not sure we get much past 91-92 this afternoon.
  7. They look a little more widespread right along the border - you might get wet fairly early.
  8. Scattered storms have fired in the central mountains and heading east.
  9. 90 was also my high yesterday, eked out a 69.4 here this morning. CTP has 92 for me today and 87 tomorrow. Some bust potential tomorrow dependent on how soon or late in the day clouds and storms arrive me thinks.
  10. I'm glad you mentioned that - looks like I experienced something similar. I viewed my home station and saw 87 and figured it was the high for the day at that point...but no, it actually reached 89.8 at it's highest when I checked. It's now back up to 90 again, and this time it's a "real" 90. 90.3 on the readout.
  11. It sucks for sure. Then again, there is no good time for severance.
  12. Still only at 87. Might come up just short of 90 - we'll see.
  13. I work closely with our IT department, and having gone through this drill a couple of times over the past several years, it's both stressful and busy. Sorry you're going through this.
  14. I always feel "better" about hitting 90 when I'm at 80 by 10am. At 9:30, it's 78.4. Should be "on pace" for a 90 degree kind of day. Would be #10 if it happens.
  15. Overnight low of 62 here in the historic district.
  16. High today was 88 here. Don't know why but I thought it felt hotter than that.
  17. Everything I've been reading lately has been about Brunson heading to MSG...wouldn't mind see him come back to Philly. I think his style fits in well with team and fan base.
  18. May you smoke cirrus for the remainder of your day...
  19. You're right - I looked out no more than 30 minutes ago and I didn't see a single cloud. Now, it's more than 50% cloud cover.
  20. Just doing some parsing myself and it "seems" like the best chance of dry weather is Monday, and the best chance of rain is on Saturday. Sunday is a complete crapshoot.
  21. Milling around 83 degrees here not far from the tarmac.
  22. I think it was Bubbler that mentioned Tamaqua - I was referring to other areas in Lancaster county.
  23. She's starting to sizzle...just reached 80 on the home station at 10:40am. Seems like upper 80s is quite possible, though we'll see if any clouds later dampen that somewhat. CTP even has a slight chance of showers here later on today, which is new to the forecast.
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