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  1. LOL - that's why I'm supposed to get the facts before responding. I didn't follow my own HR 101 protocols.
  2. Weak sauce - mowing in what appears to be a coat plus long pants. Haven't done that since...not sure I've ever done that. MA posters were talking over the weekend about their "snow mows" that they do in advance of the first seasonal snowfall. Glad I have lots of company with that. My mower's ready...just waiting for go time...
  3. Elliott shared the following over the weekend: "For anyone thinking that Greenland blocking (a -NAO) guarantees snow and cold for the mid-Atlantic States, you need only look back to last #December. The NAO was - for the last two weeks of the month, but temps were still 8°F above normal for the month at @millersvilleu.." And he went on to say this: "By the end of next week and beyond, uncertainty in the forecast increases significantly. A large-scale pattern change featuring the development of pronounced, high-latitude blocking will get underway this weekend and continue to mature next week. The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is projected to turn strongly negative as a large, Jet Stream ridge develops over Greenland. How the strength, location, and orientation of this "Greenland Block" evolves will play a crucial role in determining how our weather plays out during the middle of the month. These blocking patterns traditionally support a greater likelihood of accumulating snow in the I-81 and I-95 corridors, but they don't guarantee it. In addition, numerical computer models are notoriously bad at handling Greenland blocking and exhibit drastic, run-to-run differences. If you're a snow- or winter-weather lover, then you want the blocking high pressure system to ultimately shift to the south/west of Greenland and become oriented north-to-south. At this distance, only a fool would pretend to know IF and WHEN this might happen. There's plenty of "hype" on social media with respect to winter weather "potential" in the mid-Atlantic during the middle of the month, but just remember that you can't shovel potential!"
  4. A nice .37" of rain fell here. Currently up to 56 here with some breaks.
  5. I was gonna... It's a beautiful early December day out there.
  6. Maybe they think that after being away from it for a while you'll start missing it? That's all I got for that one.
  7. Yes - we have a ton of people out for all sorts of illnesses.
  8. I just saw that Lancaster had it's 15th warmest November going back to 1914...there you go. Not bad - 15th place out of 108 years.
  9. Me as well. Dealing with unprecedented sickness here at work.
  10. Lanco finished November 3.75 AN for the month. (MU) Currently, it's sunny and 41 with a bit of a breeze here at work.
  11. That...was a lot to digest. LOL Already patches of blue sky showing up here.
  12. It rained hard here at work...but nearly THAT hard. Delayed but not denied! Is there a considerable amount of variableness to the sunshine?
  13. Yep, line just came through here and it was pretty impressive for about 5 minutes.
  14. You've been watching Mike Tomlin press conferences or somethin'?
  15. It's a shame that the wheels fell off the cart against the Buckeyes or it could have been a special season. Led Michigan at halftime but they had no business being in that game. OSU was winnable. Rose Bowl has an addendum that they can select a school that travels well and hasn't played in the game recently...OSU has been out there twice since our last visit. Could happen. We need Georgia to beat LSU or else our destination will be Orlando instead of Pasadena or Dallas. I came on here to say that it looked like you were getting the goods. I guess radar looks more impressive than reality.
  16. 53 here right now - not at all enthused that my 63 for CXY will come close to verifying. LOL
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