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  1. At least 3 viable opportunities to end this season with a bang. Let's do this.
  2. His window of opportunity is roughly Labor Day through Memorial Day, so...yeah. Looks like yet another active afternoon in store for the LSV.
  3. Looking ahead to the next 10 days or so, it looks like we have at least a chance of some rain on about 7 of them. Saturday looks like the nicest of the next several though it'll be windy and somewhat chilly for the end of April.
  4. Wow! We had a brief shower around 7:30 last evening and nothing after that. Didn't even see a distant flash of lightning...
  5. Spectacular out...hard to find anything wrong with a day like this... ...well, unless it was 50 degrees colder with +SN :)
  6. Felt a little cooler than I expected at lunch today. NW flow for the win.
  7. Yes - Chamber of Commerce would take pictures on days like today to put in their brochure(s) for eye appeal to attract visitors.
  8. I have extended family that live in the mountains down their. Above 3000' snow in April is fairly common though it doesn't happen every year. Above 5000' snow can and does fall into the first couple of weeks of May.
  9. Thing is...there was an isolated cell that popped pretty much right over me yesterday around 1pm. I was on the board before just about everyone else in here. That was the heaviest ran I saw from the event. After 2:00pm I picked up about a quarter inch. Everything of significance ran up just west of the river.
  10. I just finished with less than half an inch. Fine by me.
  11. That's impressive! I'm at .20" for the day.
  12. lol...that stopped 2 years before I was born...
  13. Talk about tropical weather...raining again.
  14. You're giving away your generation. I grew up in an era where self service didn't exist. Or they were few and far between.
  15. Pouring rains here now. Picked up about .15" so far. Sun is out and it's brighter than its been all day.
  16. Raining pretty good here now.
  17. Hey at least in Jersey someone else pumps your gas for you.
  18. Friday evening might be very wet.
  19. Wow. That was a long day. At least you're home safely.
  20. Did you make it home?
  21. This is not the typical setup...these storms won't weaken with the loss of heating, unfortunately.
  22. E. Horst, MU [email protected] A couple of cells in northern MD look worrisome...moving into soYork soon...then Lanco in a hour or so. Lower-level rotation will be hard to detect with radar issues (poor low coverage) here. #stayaware
  23. First line of warned storms will be through in the next hour or two. Then it appears there will be a break before the squall line hits after midnight. Maybe you sneak in between them? TOR warning up the M/D line now below York county. Way too close for my comfort.
  24. Hopefully things work out for you and you make it back tonight. Doesn't look like the actual squall line reaches the Susquehanna river until around 3am.
  25. @Blizzard of 93 I think everyone east of the Mississippi is focused on tonight's severe threat and yet you've found snow. Well done!