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  1. Wind is absolutely ripping here. Trash night fail coming up later...
  2. Seriously - some of those comments are in horrible taste. It saddens me to read that stuff... I hope some of them are shoveling snow up to their arses in the coming weeks.
  3. Yeah, my point was rather extreme to be fair. Interesting conversation though - I really don't, and have never paid much attention to what MDT reports. While I enjoy very much reading what others get, what matters most to me is what's outside my window.
  4. Fair enough - but if I get 18" from a storm and MDT gets 6", I will remember that I got a foot and a half and not that the airport got a half foot.
  5. For sure, but I've said it before many times - I am a fan of weather first and foremost. A lot of people are drawn to this forum as a result of a big snowstorm. My love of weather began with Agnes. I really do truly love rainy days no matter the season.
  6. Isn't it more important what you have in your own yard? If MDT reports 30" for the season and I measured 40"...I had 40'' for the season.
  7. Haha! That might be a fun little direction to take my little saga. I will say that I take no issue with what they reported. Temps were above freezing for the "event". Being ON the river in a marginal situation will usually yield less snow than surrounding areas. As I said yesterday, I've been traveling along the river to work for nearly 25 years now, and there have been many times where I've had an inch or so at home only to see little or nothing right along the river. Low elevation plus the marginal temperatures and it's not a good recipe for snow accumulations. I only measured .7" myself, so a trace along the river seems right. Even our good friend in Carlisle had basically nothing, so it's not like everyone surrounding the airport were scoring significant amounts. Even the .4" measurement from Middletown makes sense if you get away from the river and add some elevation. I believe they know what they're doing and I think they do it right.
  8. There's potential for a significant weather event next weekend somewhere on the east coast.
  9. I recorded a T for yesterday (which is what I had) so I would fully expect them to report that. I also wonder with this being such a marginal situation with temps if they record a trace total - being on the river doesn't help in these events. Many times on my way to work I'll see virtually nothing between Columbia and Washington Boro - it just isn't quite cold enough.
  10. I was up until 2:40am when I flipped back to rain. I measured .7" at the time I flipped. Still have a light veil of slush in a few spots now. Season total is 32.7"
  11. Stephen, I think we mixed over at pretty much the same time!
  12. Giant asteroids are falling now- some of the biggest parachutes I've seen in some time. SN+ reports down in northern MD, we'll see what happens...
  13. Yeah, I thought we'd clear out tomorrow afternoon for a while before system #2 arrives late Saturday night into midday Sunday.
  14. Yes...that's why I posted originally the way I did. That was my impression as well.
  15. Since you brought him up...many years ago there was someone with the same name...might be the same person, maybe not. But years ago, the person who had that name was incredible knowledgeable and when he posted, everyone listened. Not sure what the story is there...
  16. I hope the mid-Atlantic gets buried in the coming weeks and all the weenies that bailed come crawling back. And I hope that losetoa6 trolls the crap out of every one of them.
  17. I think HM (the good one) said that the pattern is close enough for late next week to pay attention...
  18. It's not a good look but who knows? As long as there are still shortwaves traversing near/close to us, we follow. It's getting to be the time of year when we'll start needing things to align better, however.
  19. Mods say "no banter" immediately followed by multiple banter posts from the same people. And don't you dare point that out... It's not easy I'm sure, there's no glory in being a mod, no incentivized reason to be one...but for crying out loud, be nice and treat others fairly.