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  1. I'd estimate 15 mph with gusts higher. It's been ramping steadily all day.
  2. @Bubbler86 the winds have definitely arrived here...flags outside are straight out.
  3. You got plans to go back this year? I'll be at the next 2 home games after this week.
  4. Incredible. I need just over 1" to get there. And yes...my Orioles do bad very good.
  5. I was aware of that - I wasn't trying to be argumentative, it's generally fair to say in baseball that bad teams will beat good teams at least a few times. There are situations where it does not happen hardly ever. Yankees were something like 28-2 at Camden Yards over a 3 year period.
  6. Looking more and more like a couple of inches of rain...perhaps a little more coming this week. I should end up comfortably over a foot of rain for the month.
  7. Sort of agree...BUT, The Orioles are 1-18 against the Rays this year. The Orioles recently snapped a 17 game HOME losing streak to the Yankees.
  8. Understood. I'm just saying that you lost to a very good pitcher on a very bad team.
  9. Meh, let's not overreact...John Means is a very, very good pitcher who is unknown due to the team he pitches for. The guy can flat out deal. I mean, he's already thrown a no-no this year and has been close a couple of other times. He's a legit 15+ game winner (easily) on a good team and when healthy. If there was a game in the series we had a chance to steal, last night was far and away the best opportunity. I suspect that the results will be drastically different the rest of the series.
  10. 59 here. Fair amount of cloudiness with very little in the way of a breeze.
  11. The woeful O's shut out the Phillies on their turf!
  12. 10.88" of rain for the month, 10.68" of which has fallen on the previous 3 Wednesdays. Why not more?
  13. Thanks, appreciate the info. I was hoping for 3:30...oh well, it's going to be awesome nonetheless.
  14. 53 this morning in the historic district when I left for work.
  15. Yeah, I know. I grew up surrounded by passionate Phillies fans...parents, extended family, and friends. They were everywhere. Spent the first several years of my life going to the Vet (this was in the early/mid 1970s) and my path was set. Until... My dad worked for an outdoor advertising company that does billboards. His company had season tickets to the Orioles, seats were literally front row behind home plate. He took me to my first O's game in 1976 and that was it. I was hooked. I never looked back, been a die hard fan for 45 years now. At that point it became "fun" to go against everyone I knew and started rooting against the Phillies. Nothing was sweeter than beating the Phils at the Vet to win the 1983 World Series. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago and the great moments have been few and far between ever since. A lot of baseball fans today do not realize how great the Orioles organization was back in the 60s and 70s. "The Oriole Way" was something that most organizations tried to emulate (unsuccessfully) for many years until the Hoffberger family sold out to Edward Bennett Williams and then eventually, the despised Angelos family. That family has ruined a once proud organization. It's sad.
  16. Sunny and 79. Thought I might stay in the 70s today...likely not.
  17. What a spectacular day! Sunny and 72 at 11:30. Can't wait to hit the trail later this afternoon.
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