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  1. It really is - though, it's not unusual for my temp to be at or above Dulles year round except for things like when it's snowing here and not there, etc. I'm not familiar with that area so I'm not sure how to speculate on the why's. LOL
  2. This year so far I've had 21 lows above 70, including 2 at 80.
  3. First time this year that MDT got to 90 and I did not. And yes, the forecasts for today did not verify well at all.
  4. 89 here. Currently 88. Wondering if the nearly 2" of rain last evening kept me a couple of degrees cooler than it could have been.
  5. 87/75 here = awful. Just finished mowing and I feel like I just spent 2 hours in a sauna. Making a run at another 90 degree day.
  6. I thought maybe you would catch part of the storm that went through around 8pm. I was coming home from Mountville on 30 and drove out of the rain on my side of Chickies. That had to be a close miss for you.
  7. Yes...feels humbling to get that much water when so many others need it a lot more than I did.
  8. You got that right. Both CTP and MU think tomorrow will be much more active than today was. If we get under something similar tomorrow, the historic district will suddenly be waterlogged.
  9. Suddenly, itstrainingtime week in Maytown. Over 3.5" of rain and counting.
  10. I uh...umm...ended up with 1.73" from round #1. It's pouring again.
  11. Pouring here in Maytown. One lonely cell in the region and it's sitting right over me. Temp down to 76.
  12. 90.2 here under full sun. Day #25 in the 90 degree club.
  13. Skies are slowly clearing here-temp is now 85. MU has been steadfast that our area gets close to 90 today.
  14. Back home now. 0.00" of rain yesterday here. Currently it's partly sunny, 83, and ridiculously oppressive. Just unloaded the car and I'm miserable.
  15. I now know where that is...right up the road from the Frosty Putter!
  16. Cabin overlooks the lake and I can't see it. Near zero visibility.
  17. I'm at Pinchot this week and we've had heavy rain but zero wind here. Trees are barely moving.
  18. 93/73 at home. Here at Pinchot...well, it's hot. Highest dewpoint that I ever actually recorded was 81.
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