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  1. The slower motion *could* allow more time over water, but still only a moderate chance per the NHC.
  2. I think a Cat 2 is very possible down there. The waters are boiling and the models seem to show a good upper level environment. As long as it doesn't race too fast or get easterly shear.
  3. Interesting that some models are showing a system forming near Texas, maybe a weak tropical storm. If that occurs, that could affect the ridging above 94L by the time the system would be in the Central or Western Caribbean. Another thing to monitor.
  4. I remember Claudette in July 2003. A long tracked hurricane that never did much until the end. It slammed into Port O'Connor, TX as a 90 mph nastycane.
  5. Dark and rainy here in Stow. No school closings yet.
  6. It's a whiteout right now in Stow, OH. Some of the heaviest snow I've seen this year, honestly! We're caught in a small snow band on radar.
  7. Lots of schools closed today. Lucky kids.
  8. So when are the long-range models showing another blast for NEOH?
  9. My sister measured about 9-10" in Cuyahoga Falls.
  10. This is gonna be one heck of a storm if this future radar holds true.
  11. Careful. Summit County Sheriff just issued a snow emergency.
  12. All schools starting to shutdown again for tomorrow.
  13. These videos don't do it justice, but we have heavy sideways-blowing nasty snow in Stow.
  14. Wow much bigger and fatter flakes coming down now. This is more like it.
  15. Getting heavier and windier here in Stow.
  16. It's snowing decent but small flakes in Stow. My girlfriend in North Royalton says it's a whiteout. If it picks up the pace and continues until tomorrow morning, we should pick up some good accumulation. It does seem to be lacking that "storm" feeling though.
  17. 29 degrees in Stow right now. Walked out on my second-floor balcony. Eerie quiet, crisp and clear. No rain or sleet or snow right now. Might be in a dry slot.
  18. Currently not seeing any precipitation of any kind in Stow, OH as of 12:45am
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