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  1. Got a pretty decent drink earlier.
  2. I found the storm I was talking about. June 14, 2010 if you're interested. Would've been crazy if this rolled through a more populated area. https://www.weather.gov/lot/2010jun14
  3. No idea when this was confirmed, but there was another tornado with the Chicago area supercell. It actually occurred before the other one, in Hoffman Estates.
  4. Dang. There was very little wind in my case so it wasn't really a window problem except for anybody with a skylight or a vehicle outside. I can't remember the exact year (maybe 2010 or 2011) but there was something similar to what you described that struck a rural area well south of here. Softball size hail and winds estimated at 100 mph iirc. The buildings that were in the way obviously got beat up pretty badly and the crop damage was breathtaking... just decimated in a swath for miles.
  5. I had golf ball+ several years ago. Had to get a new roof but there were some pre-existing problems with the roof so it was going to have to be replaced anyway. Went with somebody I had never heard of before (they were walking around the neighborhood in the days after the storm, looking for work) and was a little nervous about that, but it worked out. My cousin has been in construction for 30 years and I had him take a look at it and he said they did a great job. Don't think I've had anything bigger than ~dime size hail since then.
  6. Not a true severe wx weenie. You root for the hail despite potential cost to property.
  7. With a monthly departure of -0.3F. Kind of a pathetic stat for DCA.
  8. LOT radar looks a little interesting. Can see the lake breeze boundary crashing southwest while the area of rain/storms moves east.
  9. As mentioned in an earlier post... with only 0.31" of rain, the June 16-30 period was the driest for Chicago since 2005. Some may recall that Illinois was in a pretty good drought in 2005. The dry pattern continued in July and probably contributed to the high of 102 at ORD on 7/24. Besides 2012, this is the only other year in the 21st century to produce an official triple digit high for Chicago.
  10. Could get a good swath or two of rain near/south of I-88/I-80 today. Don't expect widespread heavy rain though.
  11. June finished +1.6 at ORD and +1.1 at RFD.
  12. I've been 1-2 degrees too high at the airports like 3 times in a row now. A little annoying, but that is probably easier to "fix" than missing in both directions. Noted for next time.
  13. 92 MDW, 90 ORD Something I noticed is that dews are still in the upper 50s at the Chicago sites. The more aggressive guidance had them mixed out into the mid 50s by now. Not a huge difference, but I wonder if it's an indication of mixing depth lacking just a hair up to this point.
  14. I was contemplating 95 and 93 but ultimately went a degree higher. Can't really go wrong too much as tomorrow is a pretty high confidence/low potential spread kind of day with full sun (or almost full sun) and good mixing. I would be a bit surprised if the highs are anything other than 93/94 at ORD and 95/96 at MDW.
  15. Midway is killing it. 850 mb temps around 15-16C, not even getting an opportunity at full heating with the lake breeze moving through and they're still flirting with 90.
  16. What the heck, I'll take a crack. Deep mixing and dry(ing) ground should allow for getting the most out of this airmass even with 850 mb temps probably just below 20C. I'll go 96 at MDW and 94 at ORD.
  17. Mid 90s look to be in play on Thursday around Chicago, probably even at ORD but certainly at least MDW.
  18. I absolutely would. This isn't a case of being a drought buster, so might as well root against a spoiler.
  19. I'm curious about what happens out around mid-July and beyond. There are some signs of more persistent hotter wx then, but it's so far out and subject to change.
  20. Pretty hefty to have 2 inch deficits in 2 weeks time.
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