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  1. The media sucks. They are talking about heat index but it's presented as actual temperatures reaching 125. Smh
  2. I'm talking more about the crops tending to put a lid on high end max temps in summer. How many times have the above cities reached 100+ from 2013 until now?
  3. From a rainfall perspective, Carla might be the benchmark storm in your area?
  4. That would be cool. Climo is even more against getting sig tropical remnants in your area than mine though.
  5. I feel like all of the corn, etc in the Midwest is helping to save us so far. Puts out a lot of moisture which makes it more difficult to heat up. A way around it would be to get a drought to set in early enough to take out a good amount of crops, like what happened in 2012. Maybe there will come a day when the corn effect gets overridden by what's happening in the background, but we're not there yet. Until then, I think we're going to be more prone to ridiculous warmth in the other seasons.
  6. I checked out the BTL obs... brutal stuff for this time of year. Feel fortunate that it got into the 70s here.
  7. Can't really help ya but hopefully somebody can. Don't have too many posters from those areas though.
  8. I'm in I'll believe it when I see it mode, but I wonder if there's a possibility of December actually rocking this year. 3rd year Nina. Last time that happened was 2000-01 and I think many will remember what that December was like.
  9. I'll tell ya. If I had to pick any month of the calendar year to place my bets on for exciting wx, it would be September.
  10. Sure got cool this morning. Made it down to 53 here.
  11. I ran the stats and since ORD became the official ob site in 1980, 26/42 years have had at least 1 day of 90+ between August 16-31. So climo is in favor of it happening, but not necessarily overwhelmingly as it means that nearly 40% of back halves of August have not had a temp of 90+
  12. Spartman West That's a lot of days left to cover. Could easily stumble into one or two at some point, like out ahead of a storm system.
  13. Wait, rainstorm is ldub? I thought they were different people.
  14. Yeah, I'm using the new 1991-2020 averages.
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