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  1. This. Always good to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Granted it's tough especially if you've lost your job or are struggling financially.
  2. From the article about Regeneron's treatment: "Last month, the company released early data from the trial showing the treatment reduced viral levels and improved symptoms in non-hospitalized Covid-19 patients. The new data confirm the initial findings, the company said." ......... When it is released, won't it have to be administered in a hospital setting? I don't think you can pop a pill.
  3. New high of over 3600 new cases in IN. Per capita it's like having 7,000 cases in Illinois or almost 12,000 in Florida. Also, ICU bed availability statewide has dropped into the 20s percent. The total number of ICU beds is less than it was in the spring though, so they should be able to add more if necessary.
  4. Pritzker is banning indoor dining in Chicago and Mayor Lightfoot doesn't like it https://wgntv.com/news/coronavirus/rising-covid-19-rates-hospitalizations-in-chicago-hit-illinois-limit-as-most-regions-see-added-restrictions/amp/
  5. We are actually running a little above the IHME projection... the model that has 2000 US deaths per day in late December. It had ~800 deaths per day right now, and the daily average from the past 7 days is over 800.
  6. Fwiw, the New Orleans airport (KMSY) is west of the city. So stronger winds likely east of there.
  7. It's fine to mention that the vast majority of covid deaths happen in people with preexisting conditions, but it's not fine to use it as a way to minimize things. We have a shit ton of people walking around with some kind of condition(s), and a person can live for many years or decades with preexisting conditions.
  8. Zeta doing some last minute work. May get an eye passage right over New Orleans. Not everyday that the eye of a cat 2 (maybe even cat 3, who knows) passes over a sizable American city.
  9. In Indiana there are still people who are mad about the entire state switching to daylight savings time about 15 years ago. Dead serious.
  10. Yes. Thanks. But my question was because I was wondering if Zeta has the potential to match or outgust Katrina in New Orleans.
  11. Anyone remember what the max gust was in New Orleans during Katrina? I know they were on the western end whereas Zeta is more of a bullseye.
  12. Have a friend in Metairie, LA (who is currently recovering from covid ) who has lived there for about 5 years. If my memory is right, this may be the most significant storm to hit there in that timeframe... basically a direct hit.
  13. I should mention that the 13 or 14 percent was on individuals tested. As you know they break it down into 2 categories on the dashboard... individuals tested and total tests performed.
  14. I think that is actually the cumulative rate. The weekly average has been higher (like 13 or 14 percent) and on the rise.