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  1. If you don't mind me asking, what does the second part mean?
  2. CAW all the way Cold and wet, in case there was confusion. Wet as in snow.
  3. You're definitely right, but the weenie in my is still curious yk? Probably not a good thing for it to strike Aurora/Naperville Thing looks pretty neat on radar
  4. Two inch hail in the storm due west from Aurora? My oh my if that could only hold together
  5. Let's settle for enhanced days then. Most of my chases have been on slight risk days, or maybe enhanced for wind
  6. Really hoping the tail end storms can keep it together, can't tell you the last time one of these didn't disappoint locally
  7. I'm just glad to have some experience chasing on lower risk days so that I'm not a total fool when the next high risk day arises
  8. Happy that this thing looks like it's gonna roll through earlier in the day, instead of right after nightfall like they have a tendency to.
  9. Honestly, I never considered Alek as mod but the more I think about it, the more I think he'd do a great job
  10. If September can stay 70-80s, that would be neat provided it rains
  11. Pardon my ignorance but what does "IR" mean with regard to hurricanes?
  12. Unless you guys think that there's actually a chance those supercells stay supercells long enough for me to drive up there, which I doubt
  13. I almost wanna chase but Jah knows those Nader warnings are a pipe dream
  14. That's good to know, I need a pair of good hiking/outdoor stuff boots
  15. Well, if anything that'll work better for me so I guess we'll see
  16. Idk, FSD and MPX don't seem that enthusiastic
  17. Say less excited to SCP hawk the next few days. Definitely gonna do this one right if I do it at all
  18. How are things looking out west for Saturday?
  19. The little cell popping up a mile or two north of my house has produced quite a lot of lightning
  20. If there's a profound Nader shot I'm taking it
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