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  1. This is great. Full letter raise for the winter from d to c
  2. It's all fun and games to me at this point. I think I've finally hit that point in my weenie character arc where even little clippers like this truly make me satisfied, at least for a while. That said, the 11th of February is my birthday so you know I'm rooting for being snowed in the days before
  3. I triple dog dare you to not look at the end of the Euro
  4. That's very true, but there didn't seem to be anything odd about the patch of road that she started braking in. I was like a hundred feet behind her and didn't change over until it was clear she was losing control so I figure I would've seen if something extra dangerous was up. She hardly even spoke English at all so I actually haven't the foggiest what happened. We exchanged information, fist bumped, and went our seperate ways.
  5. Lady in front of me managed to lose control of her 4wd Mercedes SUV on a completely straight road. Changed lanes and tried to slow down, but she ended up slamming into me anyway. She managed to damage only the already dinged parts of my beater so this was probably about the most convenient car crash possible.
  6. You have a promising career in creative writing awaiting you
  7. The issue is that both of these conflicts are generated from percieved slights it seems to me
  8. Gonna have to do better than trying to bake me by implying that I play with the best toys on the planet. I wish I had the time for that
  9. Same old comment as always, but I'm rooting for y'all. It would be nice to see a storm truly overperform even if its not imby
  10. Finest flakes I've ever seen. Super light but almost looks heavy because of it
  11. I just realized the dangerous territory I strayed into
  12. No shit, I'm actually really excited about my 1 inch prospects
  13. Glad to hear it's doing okay How do they fare with drought?
  14. It be like that man. Our dream unites us... one day we'll all cash in together again
  15. I'm not even asking for much, just not a complete shutout. I never really considered this to be even a medium-dog
  16. Fear of underperformance with southeastern extent is real
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