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  1. That storm ~150 hours out... If only it could pull its shit together just a little bit
  2. I think we're all going to be watching faithfully to see if these predictions come true. Given your uncanny track record, my hopes are high they they will. Please, Mother Nature, just give us one nice white Christmas.
  3. The chances of me sticking my fingers in a socket increase every time I read one of your comments. Yes, I do realize that you can disagree with something and still do it. What I want to know is what exactly am I supposed to be questioning? What do you think, exactly, that I just sit here and drool onto my desk and listen to everything? Cause that's not the case. What I choose to question are people who deny the truth of science. I really am rather confused by all of your comments about "following blindly". What big hoax am I unaware of that you're not?
  4. If I, personally, claim that I don't like fingers in my butt, but openly suggest that all people with nice butts put fingers in theirs, then I am clearly in favor of people having fingers in their butts. Either grow a pair and mean what you say or just stop. It's so hard to actually say shit on here because every time someone tries to, you just say "STOP PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH". The words may not be in your mouth but if they're tattooed on your forehead, then it's fair game dawg.
  5. Okay. If we're gonna play the "google sites and link them and call it effort" game, then here you go. "In addition to the paper from Bhatt and his colleagues, Nature also published a separate study from the Global Policy Lab at the University of California, Berkeley. That study analyzed lockdowns in China, South Korea, Iran, France, Italy and the United States. It found that the lockdowns in those six countries averted 62 million confirmed cases." The WHO article you linked states immediately before your quote that "WHO recognizes that at certain points, some countries have had no choice but to issue stay-at-home orders and other measures, to buy time." The WHO article you linked states immediately after your quote that "Governments must make the most of the extra time granted by ‘lockdown’ measures by doing all they can to build their capacities to detect, isolate, test and care for all cases; trace and quarantine all contacts; engage, empower and enable populations to drive the societal response and more." Let's analyze that last bit there. In your opinion, exactly how good of a job did the United States Government do of engaging, empowering, and enabling populations to drive the societal response to Covid-19? Let there be no mistake. If it weren't for the "shutdown" that our country entered into at the start of this pandemic, we would have had a ton of overflowing hospitals. I don't care how many articles you can find that argue otherwise, that's just sheer common sense. You're right, I must admit that ideally, the lockdown wouldn't have gone on for nearly as long as it had to, because ideally we would have been unified by this threat like we were by 9/11 or a catastrophe of that sort rather than being divided. But we, the American People, chose to fuck ourselves instead.
  6. Please explain to me how you know that "wide scale lockdowns" didn't work. Are you the Flash? Did you travel to a different timeline to check what things would be like without the safety measures we put in place?
  7. People seem to be forgetting that all of the data we have available to us thus far was generated during a legitimate quarantine. What I'm trying to say is, if everyone but the 1% who are at greatest risk of dropping dead (not being severely ill, which could be anyone, but dropping dead) suddenly stops taking the virus seriously, then you can be DAMN well sure that those hospitals are going to be extremely overwhelmed. And in this case, transiency - or a lack thereof - is entirely irrelevant, because the second that there are people in this country who are unable to obtain adequate medical attention because of a lack of space, we'll know that we have failed as a nation.
  8. Because sadly, like ALEK pointed out yesterday, there is an appalling number of sociopaths in our society who couldn't be Fucked to wear a piece of fabric.
  9. How about we improve quality of life by permanently implementing mask wearing? If it helps prevent all viruses, then let's go.
  10. I must be challenged. I can't find any current spotter information on any NWS site, nor can I find anything on satellite. Thanks anyway homie
  11. That's what I'm confused about. It just dawned on me that the Red Flag Warning is basically a "don't set shit on fire" warning. Good point.
  12. Is fire chasing a viable thing to do? I'm thinking about doing it. Where can one view an active list of ongoing wildfires?
  13. In terms of temps? I don't see a huge cutter anywhere unless I'm tripping
  14. The difference between ALEK's comments and those that you guys make is that with him, it's obvious that he's being sarcastic. With you guys, not the case.
  15. Screw 30" we're going straight to 30' babe
  16. What really pisses me off about people who deny the benefit of wearing masks is that it's so obvious that they work. Like Christ. Put one on, light a candle, and try to blow it out. You won't be able to. It's really that simple to understand how face masks work. They absorb the larger, more dangerous water droplets from your breath and limit the range of the smaller ones. You really don't need a study to prove that wearing face masks is beneficial. If it were a "hoax" then why the hell are "surgical masks" even a thing?
  17. A surprising amount of consensus on some kind of system occurring in the Midwest around 150 hours out.