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  1. Lightning show already getting started here
  2. Hands down never had a worse storm here in my recollection. The wind is so loud it's insane.
  3. Some poor farmer is getting hit by like three or four severe thunderstorms in a row in the span of a couple hours. Not sure I've ever seen something like that before
  4. Very nice roll cloud looking thingy going on south of Plainfield
  5. Yeah fair. I'm probably head back east a little
  6. Really unsure which cell to bank on for now
  7. Chilling at starved rock now, getting ready to get on the road again
  8. Yeah 39 looks really appealing. Thanks for the confidence boost
  9. LaSalle still sounding good to everyone?
  10. If you had to choose, where would you start the day off? I'm probably gonna head east south eastish from Aurora and keep on my toes. Figure I'm only gonna get one shot, maybe two so
  11. Eager to get a mini chase in today. Not quite sure where to position myself yet but hopefully I'll have a better idea in a couple hours.
  12. Someone needs to go watch a high school chem lecture on significant figures
  13. Literal parachutes here now, like 2"+ flakes. Edit: Never considered now cool it would be to see the shadows of snowflakes cast by streetlights onto a snowy road.
  14. Simultaneous heavy rain and snow.
  15. I'd be glad to get ahead of any potential droughts and ensure a great growing season
  16. Ready to be saved in nowcasting time NW bump for the win
  17. ICON was north, the truth has been revealed
  18. Definitely at least a nudge in the right direction though on the gem
  19. I'm cool with however this pans out because for whatever reason, I never really bought into this storm to begin with. If it trends right, great. If not, whatever. No skin off my back this time.
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