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  1. Now we start the trend back up at 18z bahahaha
  2. AccuWeather just released a notification about this storm "possibly being the largest of the season", with 6"-10" amounts. Bit late to the party I'm afraid
  3. Dude yeah. Like, it's one thing that it's trending south of Chicago and all, but the fact that the heavy snow was once modeled in Wisconsin is mind blowing.
  4. This isn't a shot at the model -this is me trying to further get everyone's hopes up- but the storm has regained some substance on the 00z ICON
  5. I think we all need to take a step back and relax. At least for those of us in Chicagoland. We've done it. We're in the game.
  6. I feel like you and I switched souls now. Suddenly, I'm the one worried about the weakening trend while you are the voice of confidence.
  7. Kinda worried about how the ICON just shit itself ngl
  8. Genuine question, can someone please explain why the Kuchera method outputs more snow on the Euro, but less on most other models (for this storm)?
  9. Don't have access to Kuchera maps, but 10:1 for the Euro, though not quite as impressive as 12z, isn't totally lame.
  10. We still have at least two more major models to wait through tonight
  11. Even for 10:1, those are some pretty high totals. Let's just assume this storm (as depicted by the NAM) occurs... what would ratios, winds, etc. look like?
  12. CMC hasn't budged a whole lot Edit: so commences the true model-hawking