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  1. It's just one run of the Euro this far out lmao, anyone could still get the highest amounts
  2. At least the 0Z GFS and GEM show a train of clippers in the medium range, so we have a chance for something
  3. That guy literally had a tornado hit his front door, he got lucky it was at the weaker part of it's life or he'd have had a faceful of glass
  4. Being near the cutoff in so many models sucks, hopefully the cold overperforms
  5. A smidge south to get us out of the mixing issues would be golden for here
  6. Sadly they still think the statewide total will probs end up at around 100, but it's better than the likely 200 total if all the people in the factory had died like they originally thought
  7. The worst case scenario we all think of when we see a tornado hit a town has sadly happened, and this doesn't include all the other towns that thing hit either. May all of them rest in peace.
  8. Warnings (Severe and Tornado) now extend all way from Texas to Michigan
  9. TOR possible on the storm in Northwest Indiana right now
  10. Downtown Benton was likely spared but the hospital likely took a hit
  11. Tornado is on the other side of town now, directly hit and now the debris ball is even bigger. The biggest I've seen in a long time.
  12. Potentially something around December 8th, we'll need the cold air to actually get into our area though
  13. 18Z GFS is actually showing a nice heavy burst of snow across Southern Michigan now
  14. Delayed reports into the NWS makes me think we might've had a brief touchdown here last night, multiple houses with roofs torn off
  15. Observed a very brief funnel cloud with it at its strongest, it tried
  16. Chicago proper looks like it's gonna get missed unless that gap fills in
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