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  1. Not every day you see a strong Cat 4 with an open eyewall lol
  2. The eye going perfectly circular in the last few frames is astonishing to watch in real time
  3. House across the tree from mine got smashed by a tree, damage is widespread in the rural parts of Hillsdale County
  4. It's bad when the little rain and storms Sunday are gonna be the most interesting weather in three weeks
  5. Shocker: The Day 3 Outlook is greatly trimmed back
  6. IWX decided to implicitly disagree with them in their afternoon AFD, citing models being all over the place
  7. Wondering if the less convection tonight could make tomorrow more interesting
  8. Some of us could see some interesting stuff on the 4th
  9. More cells starting to fire over lake Michigan
  10. New outlook out, mentions possible moderate risk upgrade for lower MI later
  11. It would be nice to actually get something further east for once, Minnesota has been slammed all spring
  12. I think it could be also argued they could've easily issued a Tornado Emergency for it, considering it was a large tornado, directly hitting a populated area. A lot of the Southern offices have been a little liberal with them this year, but some of the northern offices, like Gaylord, have never issued a single one
  13. Day one slight risk introduced, mainly for lower Michigan. 15 wind 5 tor
  14. The severe threat and winds with the frontal passage could be interesting at least
  15. Widespread blowing and drifting tonight with the frontal passage too
  16. IWX thinks the dry slot is gonna fill in as the super heavy snow out west in Illinois moves east
  17. Pretty decent rates here rn, only gonna pick up throughout the evening
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