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  1. A couple of heat storms popping up near south bend
  2. At this rate our lawns are all gonna be dead soon lol
  3. Musk and Twitter support said it was intentional, you only get 60 free tweets a month on a bot account and then have to pay for Blue, which the iembot guy obvious can't afford and he won't give an exception to the NWS.
  4. I don't know how anyone who's even slightly interested in the weather can defend Musk's changes, he completely broke many warning and spotting dissemination APIs and resulted in the banning of 16 IEMbot accounts for "spam"
  5. Pretty moderate snow shower coming through here right now
  6. Saturday and Sunday look to give some severe, especially in Eastern Iowa and Western/Central Illinois
  7. B, the storms were few and far between but the couple we got were memorable, especially the damn overperforming ice storm
  8. Some rotation starting to appear on the portion of the line near you rn in Marshall
  9. Sun has actually came out here for the last 30 mins
  10. The cold front already being over the lake is wayyy ahead of schedule and is probably why the risk is a little less now
  11. Waiting for that Tornado Watch, wonder when they're gonna do it
  12. Those isolated storms before the main ingredients move in are already packing a punch. Dangerous day ahead.
  13. Day 1 out, 10% sig tor slightly trimmed back
  14. A lot less convection on the map tonight than expected, could this boost todays severe threat?
  15. The other 0Z models still have supercells before the front and are slower, the HRRR has been having a lot of issues today dealing with the warm front placement
  16. Morning AFDs states that the NWS knows about these issues, the HRRR and other CAM are underplaying the environment according to IWX and others,
  17. IWX with one of the most strongly worded AFD's I've seen them issue in years
  18. They mention a possible upgrade could be needed and mention a potential for many sig tors. Could be a long day Wednesday.
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