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  1. Storm motion would have the couple of counties to your south like me getting slammed, fun night ahead
  2. Models show it building up into Wisconsin as it moves further east in 2-3 hours
  3. Considering the mcs was originally forecast to die before reaching Lansing, I'll gladly take this
  4. Enhanced risk for 30% wind introduced for our WI friends
  5. There's a lot of hand wringing going on in the media about the Livonia tornado being "unwarned" since it was only a SVR with a TOR possible tag, some media people are saying tor possible warnings should just be tornado warnings. What's you all's thoughts?
  6. Sadly the Livonia tornado killed a two year old baby from a tree hitting a house
  7. Wonderful pics, very very lucky it didn't hit anywhere big at peak strength
  8. That tornadic storm that moved into me I think only died because of crossing the front which is parked over the county, I was sweating bullets
  9. How has IWX not put a TORR on this?
  10. That hook is headed right into the Kalamazoo area
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