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  1. Reed posted a Facebook screencap of it Was pretty damn big, especially for MI
  2. Looks to quickly go back to a much warmer than normal pattern with lots of chances for rain and storms. Morch incoming?
  3. Southern Lower MI is in prime position to get slammed from this LEWP
  4. Tornado otg on the La Salle storm too on Reeds stream
  5. Storm motion is going way more easterly than forecast which will be more tornado producing
  6. That supercell that went up in the Quad Cities CWA has to be one of the fastest formations to SVR Warnings I've ever seen, around 10 mins
  7. 10% sig tor introduced for South of Chicago into NW Indiana
  8. lol the SPC basically ignored Michigan in the text
  9. 10% sig for tors and 30% sig for wind in Southern Indiana too
  10. Suns coming out here which wasn't supposed to happen til like 3 PM today
  11. Spc holds with a slight risk with 5% Tor and 15% sig hail, cams and high res models are showing a higher end event with the 0Z suite however
  12. Models are hinting at potential for severe weather on the 27/28th with wrap around snow after
  13. What are some lesser remembered events that formed you all's love of weather? For me it's January 7th, 2008, going from a zero risk at all locally in the morning to being under a Tornado Watch by the evening and losing our sheds roof to the storms that came through. Event is also notable for having a PDS watch issued in 5% TOR areas.
  14. Had an unexpected popup thunderstorm roll through here about 900 pm tonight with pea sized hail and lightning
  15. Spc kinda dropping the ball with no watch in effect with this many supercells popping
  16. GFS finally has storms in the fantasy range again, the most boring stretch is almost over
  17. The models have been showing a very small winter storm from a clipper Sunday night
  18. In an odd localized pocket of freezing rain like the event last year, hoping it switches over to regular rain soon
  19. Not on radar but it's freezing drizzling here already
  20. IWX upped amounts, calling for a potential Ice Storm Warning upgrade in the AFD
  21. Might as well get a thread started for this, both the GFS and GEM have been slowly increasing the amount of ice and how long it takes to change to rain, with a swath from Central Illinois to Central Lower Michigan
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