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  1. Further into the run is north north in general, Chicago looks to actually get some decent stuff
  2. FWIW the 06Z Euro is a bit north and more amped, at least for as far as it goes on Pivotal Pro
  3. I don't normally like to crap on the NWS offices, but them writing literally one small paragraph about such a potentially impactful storm because of one run of the Euro that doesn't even have support of the majority of its ensembles just seems a little silly.
  4. GRR is riding the Euro hard while IWX and DTX say it is way too early to call
  5. 06Z GFS is a tad bit north, and is much more spread the wealth, everyone from Indy to the Thumb and Chicago gets well above warning criteria
  6. Honestly as of right now the GFS does have more support, the NAM is similarly looking at 84 hours and the GEM came north. The Euro is being uncharacteristically weird rn, it usually doesn't flip flop this much.
  7. The gif posted above is of a football kicker punting Punting around here and in weather circles usually means you're giving up on the highest snow being in your area or even getting anything.
  8. Not really like to punt considering the Euro is bouncing massively run to run lmao
  9. The 0Z GEM is coming in with a pretty decent shift to the north
  10. Times like this make me wish the WPC still did the model diagnostic discussions lmao
  11. Punting this early out for anybody is a bad idea, we still have lotsa model runs to go
  12. Nearly three feet of snow in that time period with winds and rates like that would probably be a complete blizzard for a while for much of the subforum. One of the funnest runs in a long time.
  13. This run would give nasty nasty ice to our Ohio folks
  14. No matter who gets the highest totals, rn it looks like most of the subforum will get spread the wealth warning criteria at least
  15. The 06Z GFS is a touch north, clobbers Detroit
  16. It's just one run of the Euro this far out lmao, anyone could still get the highest amounts
  17. At least the 0Z GFS and GEM show a train of clippers in the medium range, so we have a chance for something
  18. That guy literally had a tornado hit his front door, he got lucky it was at the weaker part of it's life or he'd have had a faceful of glass
  19. Being near the cutoff in so many models sucks, hopefully the cold overperforms
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