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  1. You can tell a storm has you peak interested when you're staying up for even the 06Z runs lol
  2. GEM is only a little west, nowhere near as west as the GFS
  3. For a lot of people in the sub this could be their first Blizzard Warning since 2011
  4. Meanwhile the GEM is a start off as rain before a 4-8 snow transition event
  5. It's in the lol range but the GFS the last couple days has been hinting at a big system just before Halloween, would be fun to get a big october storm for once
  6. I'd just like to get actual blizzard conditions or one of those rare lake effect systems that actually gets this far inland
  7. IR appearance has rapidly improved in the last 30 mins
  8. IR presentation is the best it's looked in a while
  9. Lots of lightning in the new eyewall in the last 10 mins
  10. FWIW the EWRC looks like it's almost done
  11. AF308 is doing a buoy drop but other than that we have no recon for a few hours
  12. The hurricane models now have it staying a high end Cat 3 up until landfall in Florida
  13. Pressure falls continuing, down to 959
  14. Recon shows winds are starting to catch up to the pressure falls, Cat 3 winds higher up now
  15. IR presentation is looking a lot better now
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