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  1. A good thing to note is the wild fluctuations all the models have been doing run to run proves more data is needed, hopefully there's more sampling for 0Z tonight and tomorrow
  2. Always gotta have one model run that makes us think of 1978 beating dreams lol
  3. Reminder we're still 5 to 6 days out and to not get too disappointed or overexcited at this point
  4. Looks like they did that to the whole of the Great Lakes region, it's on for here too
  5. Track fluctuations this far out are super expected, liking the massive amped look though
  6. Roads are a mess around here, as soon as the changeover happen stuff got bad. All local schools are closed
  7. FWIW, the HRRR is having the changeover earlier and earlier in MI. We could get snuck up on. Temps are also lower than forecasted right now.
  8. HRRR gets the good totals into MI. Gonna be interesting to see what IWX and GRR do
  9. If we actually get the full 7 inches here the Euro is saying, I'll eat my hat.
  10. SE trend continues. Some of the places in IWX might end up back in the money.
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