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  1. Wondering if IWX, DTX and GRR are gonna have to do some upgrades
  2. Took the words out of my mouth as I was typing them lol
  3. 18Z GFS is another better run for southern MI
  4. 18Z NAM is much better for southern MI and extremely better for northern IL
  5. IWX issues WSW for Berrien and Cass, ups totals in the other counties
  6. I actually wonder if the NWS offices are gonna possibly put the "THIS IS A PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION" tag on some of the WCW's that get issued
  7. Brace yourselves, Mass Wind Chill Watches are coming
  8. They've been backing off on the dry slotting some, so I think it should be fine knock on wood for you all.
  9. Euro and GFS basically same spot over IL, might finally have reached consensus
  10. The cold also keeps dropping further south run to run, so even if it keeps going south we'd still be good
  11. WPC update is out, leans towards GFS but says a Euro scenario isn't out of the question, only average confidence.
  12. If the south ticking continues, they all got it wrongish
  13. The CMC is the definition of spreading the wealth
  14. 12Z 3K NAM is a little south in Wisconsin it looks like
  15. 12 NAM might be north, but is wayyy stronger with the precip
  16. Unless the 0Z suite changes, probably will be able to throw in the towel locally
  17. IWX says all the weighted ensemble means remain south
  18. WPC update: --18Z UPDATE--- No change to the initial model preference. The 12Z ECMWF slowed down the trough over the Gulf further, but the same preference in that area (timing compromise) is still preferred. With the clipper system, the 12Z UKMET trended closer to the GFS for the low track, but the ECMWF remained closer south and was joined by the GEFS Mean. The preference there is to continue with a non-NAM blend, with a slightly higher weight on the GFS. The GEFS is in more agreement with the Euro according to them
  19. Yep, it's even colder than the GFS at times
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