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  1. FV3 dumps over a foot for most of Indiana, Ohio and Southern Michigan
  2. I'm betting that because of the uncertainty IWX will eventually go for a CWA wide Winter Storm Watch with amounts as 4-7 for now
  3. Those NAM totals are the best we've had in Northern Illinois and Michigan in days
  4. The SREF has a tendency to go up and down run to run, focusing on a single hours one isnt the best idea
  5. At this rate, me and Stebo might actually get some good stuff lol
  6. Better than before, I think at this rate you'll all be back in the money soon
  7. Low almost gets into southern Indiana now, we're on track to end up where we were yesterday morning at this rate of north per run
  8. Will be interesting to see the EPS, everything else was north
  9. IWX and CLE just tweeted they dont think there will be a clear idea on track until tomorrow's runs, the sampling is going on right now
  10. 06Z GFS coming in a little north, stronger and a little slower . Edit: A little north is a giant understatement, the low tracks through northern Kentucky now instead of Tennessee
  11. IWX think's it'll correct north With that said, it is common for models to weaken/suppress a storm in this time range only to slowly adjust back to stronger solutions shown 6-10 days out. The main southern stream wave of interest is still out over the Pacific ocean and doesn't look to enter the observation network until Thursday for better sampling. Bottom line...the potential for a more significant winter storm (6" plus snow and blowing snow) remains on the table. Stay tuned for updates as there are a lot of moving parts still to be resolved going forward.
  12. Still cautiously optimistic for changes, if it flipped this big one way, it could again
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