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  1. Every model now has a different solution, we're in wait and see territory now. Actually excited to see the 06Z NAM now
  2. All the FV3 is in, it's south... but is north with its totals
  3. Still time to turn it around, bad runs happen and no need to freak yet this far out
  4. The GEM is probably the most amped it's ever been on this system
  5. Would be funny if the ensembles end up north again
  6. The level of inconsistency the OP GFS has been showing is still going, wait for the ensembles again is the motto of the night
  7. This is a good learning lesson for everyone: Dont freak over the operational runs, wait for the ensembles
  8. Nice, with ratios everyone would be in for a treat still
  9. Also a good thing to note, the snow area on this storm is massive on all the models so we do have some wiggle room
  10. Agreed, everyone needs to calm down over the little shifts one way or the other this far out
  11. GFS is a tick south but the highest snow is a tick north
  12. FV3 looks even more amped then the operational, widespread over a foot
  13. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if someone in this sub gets a Blizzard Warning out of this. Winds and what will be heavy rates, especially with lake enhancement in LOT will make them prime candidates.
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