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  1. If medicanes keep becoming a bigger threat over the next decade, I imagine the EU would start a forecasting agency for them. Rest in peace to all those who died, Libya was a terrible place for this to hit
  2. If you think this is bad, just imagine if the OP GFS would be right and we'd get that Cat 3 into NYC at 360 hours lmao
  3. Wednesday could be our first chance at some severe in a bit
  4. Impressive to watch the new eyewall filling in over land rn
  5. Lowered to Cat 3 125 mph due to the EWRC
  6. It was def Cat 4 but like an hour and a half before they did the 5 am advisory
  7. The eastern eyewall is starting to look healthier again
  8. Probs cause of the moat SE of the eye, a lot of the tropical storm conditions will be behind the center
  9. Eye looks to be recovering from whatever that was
  10. Newest pass missed the center sadly
  11. " The hurricane still has a few hours left to intensify before it makes landfall." From 5 am discussion
  12. Those new blowups are so intense they're completely blocking the eye on satellite
  13. They've already found Cat 4 winds lol and with the amount of lightning and blowups it'll probably deepen a bit more
  14. I've heard people arguing about whether there's dry air of if it's just the radar, anyone got a clear answer?
  15. 944 mb extrapolated, 101 knots SFMR
  16. Another nice burst of convection just went up
  17. Officially a Hurricane Nice blowup going on rn
  18. 5 AM advisory says they could be too low, now peaks at 90mph
  19. Just wanted to say I miss the ALL CAPS days where the NWS would put a nice long synopsis of what's going on and causing an event in warnings/watches/advisories.
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