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  1. Wonderful pics, very very lucky it didn't hit anywhere big at peak strength
  2. That tornadic storm that moved into me I think only died because of crossing the front which is parked over the county, I was sweating bullets
  3. How has IWX not put a TORR on this?
  4. That hook is headed right into the Kalamazoo area
  5. The OKC supercell turned into a line instead
  6. There's also some new cells going up southwest of the line now
  7. If we somehow outperform the OK event that would be something
  8. Okeene cell with a strong circulation is about to go
  9. Off to the races now with extra initiation happening
  10. From the new MD In addition, VWP data from KOUN and KVNX depict a notable increase in low-level flow over the last hour, with some modest backing of surface winds noted in recent Oklahoma Mesonet data. 0-1 km SRH of around 200 m2/s2 was noted in the 21Z OUN sounding, with values expected to increase above 300 m2/s2 into this evening. The combination of strengthening low-level shear and strong to extreme instability will support a rapid increase in potential for strong and possibly long-tracked tornadoes as storms spread east-northeastward this evening.
  11. Southern extent of the supercells looks a little less than expected rn maybe
  12. Northern Indiana upgraded to enhanced for 10 sig tornado
  13. Looks to be a seasonal start to the month with frequent chances for rain and storms but with lotsa nice days too.
  14. That once cell in NE Indiana really tried to drop a tornado but got choked out by the rain around it
  15. That enhanced was such a screw up, there's been more Tor Warnings in the marginal areas down south
  16. Kinda like the last two days where they went too high and busted
  17. Skies look to be clearing from Kentucky into Central Ohio
  18. Areas affected by Tornado Warnings between April 3rd and 4th 1974 Share any memories and stories you all have here Mine is that I've heard from many locals, is that the EF-2 Tornado that hit Hillsdale sent the statue outside the Big Boy restaurant flying through the air and it landed over a half mile away on a house that wasn't even hit by the tornado.
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