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  1. Sitting at 7.5 here in Hillsdale, I'll gladly take it, nice little event
  2. Sunday looking like it could be another system like the one tomorrow but more spread the wealth-y
  3. Last couple gfs runs are hinting at a clipper in a couple days, could drop a quick couple inches in spots
  4. The extent of the fatalities from the blizzard is way more than I think anyone expected, they're still finding people dead in Buffalo
  5. January 3rd could be interesting, temps in the 60s from Michigan to Kentucky
  6. This storm has been impressive in the fact that you either busted super low or got absolutely goddamn demolished by blizzard conditions with no real in-between
  7. If trends hold up we could see some flooding and maybe even some severe weather on new years day
  8. fwiw GRR thinks the lake effect will be pretty damn strong later today in their new AFD once the pressure gradient really kicks in
  9. Some of the stuff from the southwest will wrap around it looks like
  10. Chicago jumped from like 1 inch to 6 inches, clawing their way back no matter what
  11. GRR held off on expanding any headlines, I think they might in the morning
  12. IWX just expanded the blizzard warning one county to include Saint Joseph MI
  13. FWIW the early runs deepening faster makes sense considering the low is deepening faster than forecast out west right now
  14. DTX, GRR and IWX def need to up the totals in their warnings and consider upgrades if trends continue, a couple more inches with the winds forecast will be the difference between intermittent whiteouts and full blown blizzard
  15. IWX on the other hand is considering upgrading more counties to a Blizzard Warning later if the higher winds verify
  16. The 12Z gfs was definitely a run for people east of the lakes, absolutely dumps snow on Michigan
  17. That was a very very odd run to say the least, it was also late, wonder if it had some issues
  18. I just more am full of hopium in the hopes that you guys further west don't get shut out, I'd take less for more spread the wealth
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