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  1. I've heard people arguing about whether there's dry air of if it's just the radar, anyone got a clear answer?
  2. Another nice burst of convection just went up
  3. Officially a Hurricane Nice blowup going on rn
  4. 5 AM advisory says they could be too low, now peaks at 90mph
  5. Just wanted to say I miss the ALL CAPS days where the NWS would put a nice long synopsis of what's going on and causing an event in warnings/watches/advisories.
  6. Webberville got super lucky, the worst part of it went through wooded and cropped areas with insane ground scouring, but even then the city part of it was given an EF-2
  7. Williamston [Ingham Co, MI] Emergency Mngr reports Tstm Wnd Dmg at 24 Aug, 9:35 PM EDT -- Multiple cars flipped over on I-96. Possible tornado.
  8. Honestly hilarious, at the 11 PM advisory they said it was dying and it immediately blows up and becomes a storm
  9. Perry, Michigan was hit by a tornado. Pretty decent damage in half the town.
  10. The Michigan part of the line got completely eaten by the crapvection
  11. Multiple injuries in a campground near Chicago, tree landed on a tent and camper
  12. @SteboThink it's gonna make it to our neck of the woods?
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