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  1. You were all saying that about the storm last week, and it shifted around this much. Calm down.
  2. GFS a touch north, I seriously doubt the rain its showing though
  3. IWXs AFD on this is beautiful, the perfect mix of warning and geeking out
  4. IWX about to do the same as LOT, they're expecting more freezing rain now
  5. Got almost 10 inches here in Litchfield, that F-Gen band last night was a great help
  6. Have gotten almost 2 in already from the moderate snow here
  7. IWX holding onto watch, reveals why models might be weird right now Pacific jet streak and attendant shear vort max were only partially sampled at 00Z. Will get a much better sample at 12Z that should provide more clarity and confidence in forecast details.
  8. 06Z NAM is further north again too, here we go again. I do not envy the NWS offices right now
  9. In terms of reliability you can basically say "At least it's not the JMA"
  10. If the Euro shifts north, I wonder what the reaction in here would be lol
  11. If the 12Z tomorrow shifts north, I think we're all gonna explode
  12. 0Z GEM has a weak first wave followed by a very nice snowstorm for some and ice storm for others
  13. Ahh well, it might not be the blizzard of the year like a couple days ago but I'll happily take a high end WWA/low end WSW event
  14. At hour 27, the 3K looks to be a smidge north, what a mess lol
  15. Local news said on their weather report that they asked and the reason the IWX counties of Michigan had a watch and the other's haven't is because "The first tier of counties have a higher risk for more significant accumulations, as well as more blowing and drifting"
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